Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hidden Gem

Every once in a while Forever 21 comes out with something I just have to have. Although the quality of their clothing isn't always fabulous, you can find some pretty cute hidden gems in that massive, overwhelming store. Case in point:

I have been searching for a mustard yellow colored skirt ever since I missed the boat on the Refined Cord Skirt from Anthro last year so when I came across this skirt online I jumped on it. I mean, it was a whopping $20 (a little less even if I remember correctly) so what did I have to lose? Turns out it's pretty cute!

-Volante Tee-Anthropologie
-Pleated A-Line Skirt-Forever 21
-Snakebite Belt-Anthropologie
-Stormy Seas Tights-Anthropologie
-Chiseled Wedges-Anthropologie
-Earrings and Ring-Forever 21

So did you score anything on sale this morning at Anthropologie? I may have jumped up a little out my seat in excitement when I saw the Stacked Strap Heels were FINALLY on sale! Needless to say they were in my cart ASAP and they are now on their way to my doorstep. I have been waiting for them to go on sale for forever it feels like! I love hearing what everyone gets, so chime in!

Just as an update for those of you who read may remember I was on the hunt for the perfect fall booties to add to my closet. I ended up deciding upon THESE. After receiving them and trying them on in front of the mirror in my room a dozen times, I've decided they just aren't for me. While they are cute, they're a little more rugged than I think I want. They were also very uncomfortable, I'm sorry to say. So after deciding they weren't for me, I started looking all over again. I came across a pair of booties I've looked at several times before and liked, but this time they just really stuck out to me. How cute are THESE?!!

I am in totally in love with these and can't wait to try them on in person!

We're T-minus 9 days until my favorite day of the year...Black Friday! Do I know what I'm shopping for yet? No. But rest assured I will be out there with all the other crazies at midnight (Target now opens at midnight instead of 5am!). My kids need to sit down and write their letters to Santa soon so I know what they want! We're planning on squeezing in a 6am appearance at Anthropologie as well to see if there's any good deals to be had. I'm sure we'll be beat by the end of the day, but many great memories have been made with my girlfriends on Black Fridays in the past...I'm certain this one will be just as fun!

Thanks for reading...hope you have a great day!!


  1. I love that skirt, what a great find! And I also got the stacked strap heels but have never tried them on so we'll see if they work when they get here. Love the new booties you got too, I've had my eye on those as well.

  2. I am in love with those shoes!!!! Can't wait for Black Friday. Speaking of ... do you know of any good sales yet?

  3. Agreed about F21...the skirt is too cute!

  4. I totally missed that skirt too!! You're the second person in the past 2 days to rock that skirt. The color and the length is perfect! I love it with the purple top.

  5. Great find on the skirt! I LOVE it.
    The booties are great too, I like that they have a wedge.


  6. I'm loving how you styled the mustard skirt...gray + purple are absolutely perfect with it! You look beautiful!!
    And the booties are so chic. Can't wait to see them in an outfit post!
    XO - Marion
    PS - just found your blog and really love it!

  7. I adore those shoes. They look very Jenni, imo. Hope they work out :)