Monday, October 17, 2011

Polka Dots, Scallops and Bright Colors, oh my!

Happy Monday all! I'm dragging a little this morning...opted to sleep in rather than get up for my early morning run. Now I'm off to the gym to make up for it. I'm not a fan of the gym treadmills but today they will have to do! Before I go I thought I'd share what I wore to church yesterday. I was quite colorful, to say the least.

-Polka-dot tank-Forever 21 (Spring 2011)
-Whirl & Wind Cardigan-Anthropologie (Summer 2010)
-Pizarro Skirt-Shabby Apple
-Enzo Angiolini "Sully" Platform Pump-Nordstrom (Summer 2011 Anniversary sale purchase)
-Weave & Plait Belt-Anthropologie
-Dewdrop Earrings-Anthropologie (still available in clear)
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Ring-Forever 21

Although I was channeling Rainbow Brite just a bit I know when to draw the line. Had to go with some neutral shoes to balance it all out. I can't help but love bright colors, year round...they're too fun to pass up!

So are you hoping to see anything go on sale tonight at Anthro, if there is a sale at all? I have been waiting for what seems like forever for the Stacked Strap Heels to hit sale so I'm crossing my fingers for those, along with a few other things. I still have a gift card from my birthday burning a hole in my pocket that's dying to be spent, so give me good reason Anthro!!

Alright, I've put it off long to the gym I go. Hope you have a great day!


  1. I would love a good shoe or jewelry sale at Anthro! The fall collection has been really pretty but nothing's really caught my eyes - except a ton of the awesome heels and necklaces!

  2. Love the color and cut of this skirt...looks great with your long legs. I'm totally dragging today too...guess it's just in the air! haha

  3. Love it, you look fabulous and you pull of the length of that skirt so well!


  4. Love all the colors! Gorgeous on you!

  5. Such a fun, bright, love this!

  6. I was thinking the shoes were the perfect balance too. SUPER CUTE outfit Jenni. Love those colors...all of them:-)

  7. Love this outfit Jenni. You are an expert at mixing bright colors. And I love the scalloped detail on the pencil skirt -- gives it something fun and flirty!

  8. Love this outfit! I love how you paired all the fun and bright colors together. Very fun and vibrant! I thought the sale at Anthro was a bit disappointing. I did however end up buying the Pilcro Stet jeans in gold. How about you, did you get anything fun?

  9. Lisa--Looks like we'll have to wait another round...not much in the shoe or jewelry dept on sale this!

    Leah--You're so sweet! The skirt and heels must be doing the trick because I actually have short legs! lol

    Miranda--Hope today is going good for you...yesterday went from bad to worse for me (got in a car accident--someone hit me, nothing big, just annoying) but today is much better!


    Tara--love my brights! Thanks!

    Kara--thanks girlie!

    Jamie--You're so kind! I'm far from an expert but I have fun trying! =)

    Mindie--Thanks! I was hoping for some more things to hit sale from my wishlist but still managed to find a few things! I re-bought the Pilcros in gold and pink because I've never worn the ones I have and then added the moss colored ones to my collection as well. I also scored the Frilled Eschelons ruffle jacket in! You'll love the gold Pilcros...they are too cute!

  10. Jennie you look fabulous! Love the yellow and purple together. Congrats on your sale finds. I love the pilcros and am annoyed that I'm sized out. The jacket is a fab score too- enjoy! :)

  11. I have that tank too from Forever 21 and have yet to wear it! I might have to pair with with my purple cardigan :) Love your style, so cute! Now if only I could afford half of your clothes....