Friday, October 21, 2011

Two Saturdays ago...

So blogging hasn't exactly been at the top of my priority list lately...which is ok. Life gets a little crazy sometimes and the great thing about fashion blogging is that it's just for fun...when I do it, it's because I have the time for that extra fun in my life. When I don't, it just means I'm way too tired to stare at a computer screen and edit photos! =) I was looking through photos I had already edited from the past few weeks and found an outfit picture from two Saturdays ago I forgot I had taken. We went on a little getaway that weekend so the picture was taken in a hotel room mirror...not the best lighting, but you get the idea:

-Top-Banana Republic Outlet (Fall 2011)
-"Set the Course Cardigan"-Anthropologie
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Anticipation Heels-Anthropologie
-Lucky Brand Necklace-Macy's
-Bardot Spiral Bangle-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Pree Brulee

I picked this top up a few months back on super sale. It reminded me of something Anthropologie would offer...for such a great deal I snapped it right up!

It's Friday! Any fun plan for the weekend? Hubby is coming home tonight after being away for almost a month so it'll be nice to have him back in the house for a few days. My two older boys are going to a Halloween costume party tomorrow afternoon, and then hubby and I are going out tomorrow night with all the other residents and their spouses to dinner in night! What to wear?

How about that sale at Anthro this week? Definitely some fun surprises! The one thing I wasn't so fond of was the fact that none of the west coast stores were offering an extra 40% off their sale items like many of the east coast/mid-west stores were...seems a little unfair. I decided to give a few east coast stores a call and see if they would give me the 40% off on the sale items I was looking for on a charge send, and believe it or not, no one even blinked an eye! They were all happy to honor the discount on charge sends, which I had heard they would not doing. Obviously that wasn't the case! I was able to re-buy a few things that were sitting in my closet with tags still on, and added a few more things as well with the money I got back. Win-win!

Anthro 40% off Sale items

I scored the moss green Pilcro Stet Slim denim, the AG Stevie Ankle Denim in Sulfur Plum, the Sidebent Tank in navy and the Frilled Echelons Peacoat in Turquoise all for $40% off their sale prices! Super excited to get them all and start wearing them the second the weather cools off again (hello 80 degrees again). What did you get? DO tell! Do you happen to be one of the lucky ducks that lives near a store offering the 40% discount off sale items?

I'll be back next week with a few outfits I snapped in the past few days, as well as my date night outfit from tomorrow. I'm also excited to head back to Anthro in about a week to do returns,etc and do some more fitting room reviews. I actually still have some reviews to share from my last trip so perhaps I'll throw those up this weekend if I get a chance. Catch-up time!

Enjoy your day!


  1. i have not been able to find anything i like that fits at anthro recently. i have a store by me, but its not even worth going :/

  2. cute stuff, glad you were able to get the 40% off! I was too lazy to call around so I only got that peacoat.

  3. No Way! Awesome sale finds! What stores did you call? Please let me know!

  4. It kills me that I don't have an Anthro store close to enjoy perks like the extra 40% off!! Very jealous up here in Idaho, where it's already cold weather! I feel for you, if I was in 80 degree weather still, I might go a little crazy. ;)

  5. Loving the Moss Pilcro Stet Slim Denim jeans. I want them, but just haven't pulled the trigger. What are you going to pair with them? I don't want to look like I just stepped out of 1989. :)

  6. Lucky lady to get the extra 40% off! I love the jacket.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. How did you find out about the 40% OFF???? SO UNFAIR TO NOT OFFER IT ON THE WEST COAST! Cool they did it for you!

  8. That top is so pretty....and happy for you that you scored some fab sale items!!

  9. Easy Petite Looks--I wish I had that problem! Unfortunately (for my wallet) I have an ever-growing wish list! =)

    Jessica--Can't wait to see you in the coat! It's so super it!

    Baird Family--Off the top of my head, all the stores in Massachusetts are offering 40% off,as well as San Antonio, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Wayne, PA and the one store in Rhode Island. You have to ask when you call to see whether or not they'll do the 40% off on the sale items on a charge send but every store I called, but one that was doing the 40% off, was happy to do it!

    Skylette-I live 45 minutes away from 4 different Anthros and I feel like that is too far! We're moving next summer and I'm hoping I'll be closer to one!

    Mindie--go for it! I played around on Polyvore with them so if you go up on the right hand, top of my blog you can click on any Polyvore set and it'll take you to my profile so you can see some ideas I had. I think they'd be cute with cream, purple and coral/orange, just to name a few options!

    Pamela--thanks girlie! You too!

    Jamie--I read about it on other people's blogs! I think it is so wrong to not offer the discount to all stores...but clearly that does not stop me from shopping there! =)

    Tara--Thanks! I love getting a good deal!! =)

  10. I love your outfit in the picture- the top is really pretty and I like the way you layered the purple ruffled cardigan on top! Very cute!

  11. Wow - a month? You're a strong woman!! I get so sad when my hubby leaves for a weekend trip with the guys :)
    Love the outfit. The purple and dark denim look great together!