Monday, September 12, 2011

What I wore on my last day of being 30...

Just in case you missed my latest Anthro fitting room reviews, click HERE to find them!

It's Monday! Usually I really like Mondays...I like having a fresh start and getting back into a routine. Today, however, I just wasn't feeling it. My run felt like it lasted forever, my gym workout was painfully exhausting (and I wasn't really trying that hard, trust me) and I just could not bring myself to make beds or pick up the house until about 4pm this afternoon. Guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Every day can't be fabulous I suppose! Tonight, however, I'm excited to be getting together with a few friends to watch the THREE-HOUR (insane) finale of Bachelor Pad. Yes folks, knowing the fun finale was tonight got me through the day. I'll admit it. Can't wait!

I have an outfit to share with you that I wore last week...last Thursday to be exact. It was my last outfit as a 30 year old. Now I'm old...big ole' 31 (no, I don't actually think that's old, but man, my kids sure do)! So here's what 30 looked like (just to remind ya)...haha:

-Floral tunic/top-Forever 21
-BP Three-quarter sleeve cardigan-Nordstrom
-"Winnie" cropped pants-J Crew Factory (Factory version of the retail "Minnie" crops)
-BP "Tee" Sandals-Nordstrom
-Bardot Hoop Earrings-Stella & Dot
-Bracelet-Silpada Jewelry (Birthday present from my mom and dad)

My 5 year old shot the picture with my IPhone...I lost my camera for a few days so I was left with the phone (thankfully I found my camera last night). Needless to say the phone takes blurry pictures when a 5 year old is operating it!

So I'd say I wasn't hoping for a sale tonight at Anthro but the truth is I'd love a few price adjustments so I'm hoping for a few 2nd cuts. I also got a fun surprise in the mail today...a gift card to Anthro from my in laws for my birthday! So nice of them. I love guilt-free shopping! We'll see what the Anthro gods bring tonight.

Off to get my kiddos to bed so I can get ready for Bachelor Pad! Anyone else watching? I don't even know who I want to win...I'm undecided.

Have a good night!


  1. I love your outfit and thanks for sharing your reviews and birthday haul. Seems like you picked up some great items and everything you tried on looked so great on you! I had a case of the Monday's today too. The gym was just torture today and I feel like I have no energy. I'm looking forward to Bachelor Bad tonight...oh it just started yah! I'm hoping for either Holly or Ella to win. I don't want Vienna to win it, that's all I know. :)

  2. oh my gosh bachelor pad reunion is CRAZY!!!! but i had to comment on your shoes! you are one great looking momma AND 31 year old :)

  3. Love your "last day as a 30 year old" look. Great colors and love the shoes.

  4. I love the pants and your outfit look fabulous! Do the winnie fit similar the the minnie? Happy Birthday!

  5. Hope you had a great birthday! This is such a cute outfit. I have to ask, did you recently purchase the top from Forever 21?

  6. Liz and Brittany--craziness on the finale last night!!! IT was a good on!

    Lisa--thanks! =)

    Inkmark--I actually am not sure about how they compare because I've never tried on the retail version myself...but I wuld imagine they're similar!

    Mindie--Yes, I purchased the top a few weeks ago but at the time could not find it online. I haven't looked again so maybe its there now??

  7. As silly as I act like Bachelor Pad is, I WATCHED EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!! These shows are (so far) the only reality TV that really gets me. I have to say, I'm intersted to see Ben as The Bachelor coming up next season :)
    I love this outfit on you. The floral top is a great piece and I like the red and dark denim you've paired with it.

  8. So pretty! The finale was crazy, wasn't it? I'll be 31 in December, so don't feel too bad lol!

  9. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Love your birthday haul and the outfit in this post! So fun to get some new loot :)
    Enjoy 31 -- I turned 38 this year (Eeeeks)!!

  10. I love this outfit- the floral top ads so much interest. I always steer clear of floral- but you've inspired me!

  11. You look so perky, colorful & cute. That tunic is BEAUTIFUL. J'adore it with the red cardigan. =) Your last day as a 30-year old showed your Fabulousity, for sure.