Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews-Early Sept. and my Birthday Haul!!!

Hi all! Since I last blogged I turned another year older! My birthday was on Friday and it was such a great day. My best friend Elise planned and carried out a surprise breakfast for me at Mimi's Cafe, I got a few really fun and super thoughtful gifts, I got to watch my oldest take and pass his yellow belt test in Taekwondo and then the night ended with two of my girl friends surprising me at my door at 9pm with an ice cream cake and some company...they knew hubby was out of town so they figured they'd come hang nice! I felt very loved, that's for sure. Hubby was back yesterday and we were able to go out on a date night for my birthday. Like I mentioned before he told me I could pick somewhere to go and get a few things for myself as my naturally I chose Anthropologie! I had already spent my in-store birthday discount so we just went to mainly walk around to help make my decision about what to get. I tried on a few things for hubby and got his opinion and then after date night was over I came home and made my purchases with my online discount and I am SOOOOO excited to get my order! More on that later...

So last weekend I was able to get away for a few hours for a girls night out! We happily found ourselves at Anthro to try anything and everything on without kiddos in tow...always a treat. I was able to try on a bunch of things I've been lusting after online and made sure to take lots of pictures to share. I did end up bringing home a few things...I used my in-store birthday discount on this trip which made it even more fun! ya go:

Artist's Study Cardigan-$98, Twisted Ascot Tee (Red motif)-$48 and Pilcro Stet Slim Straight Jeans (Gold motif)-$98

Let me just start off by saying I love this whole look! I tried the cardigan on in an XS and found it to fit perfectly. The sleeves weren't too tight at all and I loved the length. Wish listed for sale...or perhaps sooner now that there's a 25% off promo on full-priced sweaters going on!

I tried the Twisted Ascot Tee in both an XS and a Small and found the XS to be the better fit. Bustier girls may have to size up as it's pretty form fitting. I love the shade of red and think it will be a great piece to have in my closet year-round. I went ahead and brought this cute top home with me!

I grabbed these jeans on my way into the fitting room at the last minute and am so glad I did! I tried them on in a size 25 and they fit like a glove. There was a little extra room in the back-waist area, but not enough to cause me to shy away from loving them. The length was perfect on my shorter legs and went right to the bottom of my ankle. These jeans will be great with heels or boots and the color is fairly neutral so it can be paired with a lot of other colors. Overall I was super impressed. I also brought these home with me as I fear they will sell out before they make it to sale (just checked...looks like my size already sold out online).

Here's a closer-up look:

And here they are in the Pink motif which I also kinda love!!):

Leafy Crossing Tee (Dark Orange motif)-$88

I tried this top on in an XS and it was definitely the way to go. In fact, I wish there was an XXS! It is plenty baggy but keep in mind it's the type of top that's meant to be loose. I love the dark orange screams fall! I liked the way it fell and the material was soft. Wish listed for sale!

Renewed Folds Pullover (Red motif)-$68

They really should have called this the pink motif since it's totally pink! I love it! It also comes in a green color that I ended up liking a ton, to my total surprise. I took this in an XS. The one odd thing about this top that threw me off a bit was the fact that it comes with small shoulder pads sewn into it. Interesting. I think removing the pads altogether is definitely a viable option if you're not a fan. And I may do that after I get this. We'll see. This top reminded me a lot of last year's Floral Frappe top which I also loved and own in two colors. Big fan! Wish listed for sale.

Pompon Dotted Tee-$58

One word....PASS! Not a fan of this one...way too "Little House on the Prairie" for me.

Drapey Bubble Tee (Dark Orange motif)-$58

The opposite word from the previous item applies here...LOVE! I have tried this top on before in a different color and liked it enough to wish list it, but when I tried this one in the dark orange color, I knew it would be coming home with me. Love that it's short sleeved for warm weather and can be layered in the cooler months. Brought it home with me with my birthday discount!

Bolshoi Cardigan (Neutral motif)-$138 layered over the Tokonoma Tee-$98

First of all, I have reviewed this blouse before, but I wanted to try it on again in a different size to see if I would like it better. I didn't. I'm wearing a size 2 here and it felt too blousey. I would go with the size 0 in the end. Second, I tried this cardigan on in an XS and thought the fit was right-on. The detailing of the cardigan is clearly what you're paying for, but in my opinion it's certainly not worth what they're charging for it. I would even say I'd wait for a second sale cut on it before I would consider it. The color of this against my skin-tone just isn't my favorite so many the black would be better? Overall I feel like you could get this in a cheaper version somewhere else. Pass.

Short & Stitchy Cardigan-now on sale for $59.95

I tried this cardigan on in an XS and found it to be very boxy and unflattering. It just kind of falls flat and doesn't do much for my shape. I was bummed because I loved the gorgeous red color and thought it could be a great staple winter piece, but it just wasn't mean to be. Pass!

Hip Cinched Blouse (Gold motif)-$98

I tried this top on in a size 0 or 2...can't remember and apparently I forgot to take a picture of the tag...whoops! Either way, I don't think anything can change how poorly this top fits me. I had such high hopes for this cute gold top before reading some bad reviews about it and I'm sad to say my review will just be added to that long list of bad ones. The top of this blouse is HUGE! I don't care if you're well endowed up top or not, I'm not sure who this top will fit or look good on. It's fitted at the bottom but the top, as you can see, is crazy. Clearly a pass for me!

Pansy Corset Trench (Beige motif)-$198

This is such a fun jacket! When I went last weekend to do reviews only the floral print trench (not the red) was in my local store so I tried that one on. I went again last night and tried on the solid red version (forgot to take a picture) and decided that I truly loved the floral print better. I was way more wow'd by it than the red. Plus I feel like if you're going to spend a bunch of money on a coat you want to get one that you won't be able to find anywhere else...this is that coat. I tried it on in a size 0 and it fit really well. Because the back has a corset tie you can tighten or loosen it as you wish which is great. If you are bustier on top you may want to stick with your normal size but since I don't have that, uh-hum, problem, I sized down. Because it was my birthday my husband let me pick out a few special items as my gifts and this was one of them. I can't wait to wear it!

Frilled Echelons Peacoat (Turquoise motif)-$148

This was the other coat I fell in love with last's so cute! I read tons of negative reviews on it before trying it on, along with a few good reviews, and I happen to side with the YAY-sayers! It is definitely a more cropped-fitting coat and does have a lot of ruffles on the edges, but once on, I just love the way it looks. I also really like the color. I really liked the Turquoise motif and found it to be really flattering against jeans...I prefer it over the moss which is like an olive-brown (awful against my skin-tone). I tried it on in a size 2 and thought the fit was great so I would say it's true to size. I was trying to decide which coat I wanted to get for my was between the Pansy Corset Trench and this one but when all was said and done my husband liked the Trench coat better so I wanted to get something he was a fan of since it was a gift from him. Plus I think this turquoise coat has a better chance of making it to sale in a full range of sizes than the trench because so many people have said they don't love the fit. I plan to add this darling coat to my closet when it hits's just too cute to pass up. Wish listed!

Molten Blouse-$98

I tried this top on in a size 2 and it was VERY form fitting. I would possibly even size up to a 4 if I get this in the future, which I never do in tops at Anthro. I can't even imagine how a larger top half would fit in this without sizing up. I love the pretty colors of this top and I really do like the tailored fit. It is a little on the shorter side, but not too short that it bugs me. My one main issue with this top is the price. For now I've wish listed this top for sale time.

Colorblocked Sweater Skirt (Blue motif)-$118

I tried this skirt on in an X-Small and honestly could have sized down had there been another size to go down in. It was a little roomie, but not so much that I would pass altogether becuase I really loved this cute skirt! I felt like the material was substantial enough to hold up well on a daily basis but I wonder if it will ball-up and get fuzzies on you? I also struggle to come up with what to wear on top with this...yellow and cream would be the obvious choices but outside of that I'm at a loss. Any ideas? I am wish listing this for now and will revisit at sale time.

Liquid Acres Skirt-$118

This was another skirt I really liked and will defintely be adding to my closet at some point. I tried this cute skirt on in a size 0, 2 and a 4 and the 2 was the clear winner, so this skirt runs true to size I'd say. I love the print and colors...just a really nice, figure-flattering pencil skirt. Wish listed for sale!

Bojagi Pullover (Purple motif)-$58

I tend to gravitate towards tops like this (form fitting, embellished neck) so when I saw this as I walked around the store I knew I'd have to give it a try. I tried it on in the Purple motif (actually more of a cranberry color in real life) and really liked the rich, fall color. I tried it in both an X-Small and a Small and the Small was a much better fit all around. The X-Small was too clingy for my liking. It reminds me a lot of last year's Volante Tee, but the embellishment on the neckline is a lot less bold. Overall a great top...wish listed!

Thousand Carat Pullover-$98 (now $73.50 with 25% off full-priced sweaters)

When I walked past this sweater in the store the bright orange color caught my eye in a good way. It's even prettier in person than it is online. I grabbed it in a Small which was the smallest size my store had, and found it to be too big, so I would definitely size down to an XS for this. I love the longer length and the small scalloped edge on the bottom of the sweater. There is a zipper on the back that goes up at the neck, but I was able to put the sweater on and take it off without having to even bother with it. Overall I really like this sweater and have wish listed it for sale time.

There were a few other things that I tried on and apparently forgot to take pictures of including the Felted Colorbar Cardigan in the Neutral motif $118--now $88.50 with the 25% off full priced sweater promo (loved this...took it in a size X-Small) and the Peppering Skirt-$128 (I tried on a size 4 as that was the smallest they had and it was huge. My friends both tried it and had to size down 1-2 sizes each). Overall it was a fun trip and I found lots of new things to wish list!

So here's what I got to bring home from my girl's night out trip/Birthday haul:

Birthday Haul/Girl's Night out trip

I did make some returns on my visits to Anthro (around $200 worth) so that helped a bit! I finally returned a few items that I've been holding onto for months that I just hadn't worn. Time to take them back.

Hope the reviews are helpful...overall I'm really loving what I'm seeing at Anthro for fall. So many great pieces! What are you liking? Head over heels for anything in particular? Do tell!

I'll end this post paying tribute to all those who lost their lives on 9/11/01...may God Bless America and let us never forget. I know I never will.


  1. I have the Artists Study too, but have not popped the tags...
    I got the Frilled Echelons last weekend. I LOVED it!

  2. That trench is super cute on you! Good choice. :D

  3. wow, thanks for all of the (kiddo-free, lol) reviews!! i'm definitely tempted to go to my anthro and try a few of those on. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday celebration, too. Oh, happy bday!
    Amber @ Easy Petite Looks

  4. Oh I LOVE everything you got!! Thank you for the wonderful reviews too, my birthday is in a few weeks and I already have my wish list going!

  5. I love it all. The first look is my favorite. Belated happy birthday!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! How fun that you got another gift card and can continue shopping :)