Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visit to J Crew Factory and an OOTD

Hi there! We're nearing the end of the first week back to school here in our house and let me tell ya...I'm exhausted! It's been a good week so far though. In honor of the first day of school on Monday I played hooky from going to the gym and decided to head on up to the outlet mall and walk around a little with only one kid in tow. Just one!!! The outlets don't open until 10am so there wasn't much time to do too much damage (I have to pick up #2 from kindergarten at 11:20am), but somehow I managed to do a little anyways. I stopped in at J Crew to see if any of their new fall roll out had arrived, and turns out I picked a good day to go...they just got their first shipments in! I tried on only a few's what I found:

Look closely...there's some bling on those shoulders! This looks to be similar to the Confetti Striped sweater that the retail store carried, but the factory brand version has a lot less sequins and is a jersey-knit, t-shirt material. In all honesty, I much prefer the factory version...I thought the retail version was a little over-kill in the bling department. It came in a blue/white stripe (seen here), olive green/olive green stripe, solid olive green and solid black I believe. I tried this on in an X-Small and it was a perfect fit. It came home with me at 30% off!

I saw this cute top (that needs a good steaming to get the wrinkles out) and thought it would be such a great fall color to have hanging in my closet. Also a great layering piece! It also came in a pink well as one or two more colors I think...don't quote me on that though. I tried it on in both an X-Small and a Small and liked the fit of the Small better (which is what I'm wearing in the pictures). It was a bit longer and the elastic waist band that falls at your natural waist was a little less tight. The SA brought in a belt for me to try it on with and I loved the way it looked! I saw a deep fuchsia colored Jackie cardi hanging on one of the dressing room doors as I walked into the dressing room and went back and grabbed it to try on with this green top. Turns out I loved the color combo. Sold. Top, cardi and belt.

Before leaving I took a quick snapshot of what I was wearing:

-Tie-back Tank-Anthropologie
-Cardigan-Old Navy ($6)
-Artist Crop Jeans-American Eagle
-Seychelles "Purr" Wedge
-"Lucky" Necklace-Macy's
-Earrings-Pac Sun
-Ring-Pree Brulee
-Cute little boy in the background-mine! Love him! =)

I waited for FOREVER for this tank to go on sale...finally a few weeks back it did...hooray!

All in all it was nice to have a little break and just have #3 to hang out with while shopping. Much easier too! I missed my kiddos though...but it was fun to hear all about their first day when they came home. Now we're four days in and everyone still likes their classes so we'll call it a success so far!

Did you pick anything up on sale at Anthro this week? I grabbed a few things...the Gathering Tank in turquoise, the Winner's Circle Tee in Orange and Purple (good fall/transitional colors) and the Sun-Catcher cardigan which I was shocked to see go on sale already, but so excited as it was my favorite thing I tried on last time I went to my local Anthro store! It was all sold out online but I was able to track one down in Houston. I also may have found a few pairs of shoes on SUPER sale at Banana yesterday. Perhaps. More on that another time.

Hope you all have a great Thursday! So excited for Project Runway tonight!!! =)


  1. Loving the green and fuschia together. I never would have thought to pair the two colors together, but they look great together. Is that green shirt online? I want it in my closet. :)

  2. love everything you got! I have a top really similar to that first one and love it. And gotta love the jackie cardi in every single color!

  3. NO FAIR! i LOVE that striped jcrew top! NEED that striped jcrew top. thank you for your comment today. i wish there was more i could do. =(

  4. Mindie and Jenn--the striped shirt is now online at J Crew Factory this weekend...check it out!! I don't see the solid versions...only the striped.

    Jess--Yup! I adore the Jackie...I have a rainbow of them now! Is that bad? =)

  5. i am in love with that striped top from Jcrew! Lets just hope my store is carrying one in my size when I get to go visit our brand new outlet mall this next wk!!!

  6. The first top is supposed to be the factory version of the Drapey Bateau Tee I blogged about here, I believe.

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  7.'re right Rose! Thanks for pointing that out!

  8. Love the things you picked up at J crew. They're my favorite outlet store.

  9. Love it! I was sad I missed out on the Drapey Bateau Tee so it's nice to see them do a reincarnation of it for factory.