Wednesday, August 17, 2011

'Wow Me" Wednesday!!!

Hi all! It's time for another round of "Wow Me" Wednesday! Here are five things that are making me say "WOW" in a good way this week:
"Wow Me" Wednesday!!!

1. Mad Men Collection "Animal Print Cardigan" from Banana Republic-$79.50
There is just something so classic about this leopard print and I love that it's not the typical brown's more grey. So darn cute!

2. "Honey House Necklace" from Anthropologie-$88
Oh how I love this so much. It comes in this aqua color as well as purple. This will be mine as soon as it hits sale!!

3. "Retail Therapy Skirt" from Ruche-$36.99
The name of this cute skirt in itself is calling out to me! I love the rich cocoa brown color and the fun bow at the waist. So many colors could be paired with this skirt and it would look darling in winter or spring...super versatile. I'm talking myself into it as I type!

4. Trouve "Remi Pump" from Nordstrom-$99.95
This sleek pair of dark chocolate brown pumps are gorgeous! I love the heel and the platform giving the illusion of more height. I'd love to try these on!

5. "Golden Horizon Handbag" from Ruche-$45.99
One thing I have wanted for a long time is a mustard yellow handbag and this one just might fit the bill! I love the unique shape and the shorter strap length. It's a color that works well for all seasons also! My birthday is coming up...maybe I'll have to add this to the wish list! =)

See anything you like? Do you own any of these fun items yourself? Do share! Have a great day!


  1. I found a striped skirt at Down East Basics that I just had to splurge and get with my bday $ -

    I'm going to try to work it into my Fall wardrobe! :)

  2. just found that turquoise necklace today on polyvore loving it!

  3. I totally have never noticed that necklace before and now I wants it!

  4. Love the yellow bag! You definitely need to add it to your b-day wishlist!!!

  5. I'm loving leopard print and mustard as well!

  6. The ruche skirt is so cute. I saw the leopard BR cardi yesterday. Very cute.

  7. All these 5 pieces are gorgeous - it's so hard to choose. I would probably choose the skirt, necklace and pumps as my MOST FAVORITE 3 PIECES!!