Monday, June 20, 2011

Start of Summer!

Hi all! Today is our first official day of summer vacation...woo hoo!! The warm weather has been in full force and this week will be even hotter. We were super busy with fun activities this past weekend, including my son's 5th birthday party that turned out great, which is why I haven't posted anything...but I do have some pictures of what I was wearing to share with ya so on with the fashion show:


-Batik Maxi Dress-Forever 21
-Open Cardigan-J Crew Factory
-Belt-Forever 21
-DV By Dolce Vita "Dauphin" Sandals-Nordstrom
-Earrings-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Pree Brulee

I have three of these Maxi dresses...two that are solid colors, and then this printed one. They are super easy, comfortable and the price was definitely right at only $15!


-Top-DownEast Basics
-Artist Crop Jeans-American Eagle (Authentic Dark Wash)
-Sandals-Old Navy
-Necklace-J Crew Factory
-Earrings-J Crew Factory
-Ring-Nordstrom (BP)

These are the cropped jeans I mentioned in my last post. I went to American Eagle last week to check them out and really liked the way they fit! I ended up sizing down in these as I know American Eagle denim tends to stretch out a little during the day as you wear it. After wearing these, however, I didn't find they stretched out too much at all! I would still say size down though, just in case.


-Loosened Shelby Blouse-Anthropologie
-Tank-J Crew Factory
-Cardigan-Loft Outlet
-Artist Crop Jeans-American Eagle (Clean Rinse)
-Seychelles "Purr" Wedge
-Necklace-Nordstrom (BP)
-Earrings-Banana Republic
-Ring-Pree Brulee

This was what I wore to my son's birthday party. I knew when this top was released online at Anthro, I had to have it...I love it! Just think of all the colors you can mix and match with it! I'm also wearing my new Seychelles sandals with this outfit which happen to be super comfortable. They are the perfect pewter shade that can be paired with silver or gold jewelry which is what I was looking for. Yes, I'm wearing the AE Crops again, but this time in a darker shade...I picked them up in two colors. If only they had made them in white...I would have grabbed those too!


-Curated Tee-Anthropologie
-Glowing Leaf Skirt-Anthropologie
-Seychelles "Purr" Wedge Sandals-Nordstrom
-Double Torsade Necklace-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Banana Republic

I don't quite know why this combination never dawned on my before....the color of the top goes perfectly with this skirt! Thanks to Polyvore for helping me come up with this remix!

Wow, you can definitely tell by the amount of curl in my hair in these pictures whether or not I took it at the beginning or end of the day! Just this past week one side of my hair has been holding the curl better than the other...weird? I think so, and kind of frustrating. Not sure what the difference is lately. Anyone else have this problem?

I'm off to get ready for the day....we have our first day of swimming lessons for #1 and #2 today in just a few hours. After that we'll be coming home to build some pretty sweet creations with son got a ton of them for his birthday and he is obsessed! Tonight we're having friends over for dinner, and then after the kids go to bed I'll be settling in to watch another episode of the most DRAMATIC show on TV...The Bachelorette! =) Also hoping for a sale at Anthro tomorrow...I'd love to get a few of my wish list items crossed off my list so I can stop obsessing over them!

Hope you all have a great day! Stay tuned this week as I'll be celebrating my one year blog anniversary...anyone interested in a giveaway? =)


  1. Jenni that down east top with the ribbon on your shoulder is super cute when did you purchase it?

  2. Oooo I love all these outfits! The maxi is so nice for summer and the last pic with the anthro outfit is PERFECT! And I see why you like those new capris from AE! :) You are beautiful!!

  3. I got it about a month ago...maybe a little longer than that. It's still online last I checked.

  4. Loving all of the looks! And those crops from AE are so cute, I'm going to have to check 'em out. You are making me sad I missed out on the glowing leaf skirt now, it's really cute how you styled it here!

  5. you look adorbs in all outfits! love them. Sounds like a fun day planned. You and Tricia got me hooked on the Bachelorette- but I have to watch it on computer a day late b/c we don't have cable. It's so ridiculous isn't it? These people are so immature! Yet, I can't quit watching! haha

  6. I love that maxi dress!!!!! I also love that bow top from Down East Basics. I missed out on both items, but will just enjoy seeing them on other people :)
    Looking forward to the Bachelorette this evening...JP is getting serious already, so I'm anxious to see what happens next!

  7. Love that maxi dress, especially with the turquoise cardi! You look so great!

  8. I love that maxi dress - I crave all things 'maxi' these days; skirts, dresses - I need the maximum room!
    And that green cardi with your Shelby blouse? (sigh) great color combo!

  9. How come everyone always finds THE best Maxi dresses at Forever21!? I always miss out! Humpph. Maybe I will have to look online, because yours is ADORABLE.

  10. I love all these outfits, Jenni. I think my favorite is the one with the Glowing Leaf Skirt. I love mine, but have only worn it once (after stalking it for months on ebay. Can you believe it?). You know i"m a sucker for coral. The color is so flattering against your fair complexion!

  11. Congrats on your one year anniversary!!! I love all your outfits and it made me sad to see the glowing leaf skirt because I wish I had gotten it when I had the chance!!!

  12. That Maxi dress looks fabulous on you! Looking tall, girl! Great pairing with the bright coral and the glowing leaf skirt. Super fab. And those pewter'll wear 'em out this summer for sure. Darling as ever!

  13. Loving the maxi dress!! I really need to check out these F21 maxi dresses, because for $15 that's a steal!

  14. Hi Jenni, Just wondering what size you are wearing of the downeast top. There sizes are all over the place and I was interested in getting one. Thanks!

  15. Carie-I took the top in an XS. The small was HUGE! Good luck!

  16. Love your maxi dress outfit!


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  18. You look GORGEOUS!! All outfits are great and so colorful; loving the last two outfits - the best!! Also, incredible shoes in all posts, you always find cute sandals & wedges at Old Navy. =)

    I Love watching "The Bachelor" & "The Bachelorette" by the way. I have watched it from the very first show back 10-11 years ago. =)