Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Field Scout Skirt

Don't you just love it when you score a great deal? It makes me so happy to get an expensive item for WAY cheaper than the original price. The Field Scout Skirt was one of those items for me. I was able to get this skirt for a whopping $19.95 when it hit second! I was so excited to get it and then wore it one time. That was about 6 months ago. Yesterday I decided to end the Field Scout drought and pulled it out to play in a new season.

-Field Scout Skirt-Anthropologie
-Perfect Striped Boatneck Tee-J Crew
-Looping Lanes Belt-Anthropologie
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Necklace-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Earrings-can't see and can't remember!
-Ring-Forever 21

Before this look, I had never worn a striped shirt with a skirt before...I think I'll be doing it again soon though! I like the dressy casualness of the way it all looks together. An added bonus was that a skirt is so much cooler to wear than jeans in this heat. Can't go wrong with that!

So the sale...OH, the sale. What a great one! Quite a few things I have been stalking went on sale this morning and yes, I surely grabbed them up before they all sold out! Among the coveted items I scored were the Blazing Blouse, the Alstroemeria Tee and the Chevron Cardi. I threw a few more things in for good measure so we'll see what works out and what doesn't. On top of that I was able to get a price adjustment on some bracelets and my Ackee Skirt...down to just $29.95! Love me a great sale day! Did you end up getting anything? Did you think this sale was better than the Tag sale weeks? I sure did!

Well, I'm off to bed. We've got swimming lessons again in the morning! Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Love the striped shirt with the skirt should totally do this again :)

  2. I love this skirt. I first saw it when it was on sale for $19.95 too, but the color scared me away. When I started seeing how bloggers were styling it, I kind of regretting not snatching up the skirt. Love the stripes!

  3. I really want to get a striped shirt (can you believe I don't really have one?)! I was cursing this trend all through this and last year, but now I'm sort of falling victim to it after seeing how cute it looks on bloggers. I definitely agree that skirts are the way to go in this heat. I couldn't imagine wearing jeans when it's 100 degrees outside with a heat index much higher!!

  4. I love the navy & white striped shirt with this bold color in your skirt! Great look on you, Jenni.
    How exciting that you found so many goodies at the sale. Hope they work out for you!

  5. I love the striped top tucked into a skirt! Perfect look for summer :) I had such fun shopping the sale yesterday... it's the first time I actually wanted to buy stuff on sale in a loooong time. I got the Gathered Hemlock dress, Alstroemeria top, Signal Flag shorts, Nostalgic Asterisks dress on a popback, and some earrings. Whew!

  6. Great outfit Jenni! I really love those color combinations, the red, navy blue and turquoise necklace, looks great! Perfect for summer especially since our California weather(I'm in southern California) is finally becoming summer. Keep up the great styles!

  7. Love this look on you. The colors are great. I wish I could find that necklace at F21. Did you get it recently?

  8. I absolutely love this outfit! The color combination is fabulous, and the necklace is the perfect touch.

  9. Oh the stripes are great with the field scout skirt and I love the contrast of colors with the necklace. I'll have to bookmark this for some inspiration

  10. Tara--thanks! I will! =)

    Jenn--I know what you mean. I ordered it never having seen it before and when I opened the box I was like "whoa...that's bright orange!" lol Now I like it though! =)

    Katie--get yourself some stripes'll love them!

    Leah--thanks so much!

    Carly--Fun haul! I love good mail!! We can be twinners in our Alstroemeria tops! =)

    Meg--thanks! And yes, summer is definitely in full force here in Nor CA...we've been in the 100's the past few days!

    Carolyn--thanks! I did get the necklace recently...a few weeks ago actually. My friend actually went back to grab one just like it and they were all gone though, and I never found it online either. My friend did end up finding a similar was two strands of beads instead of one but was the same color and just as cute! Hope that helps!


    spiffy--thanks so much! =)

  11. I really like this skirt. It looks great the way you wore it with the navy striped top. And your necklace!!! I love it!!

  12. I wish I could wear my field scout skirt. It would really satisfy my sunkist clothing craving. I like seeing it on you :)

  13. Jenni - you look wonderful! I love this outfit!! Such a hit!

  14. Thanks so much!

    Gigi--I totally thought of you and your love of sunkist orange when I pulled it out! =)

  15. I love this outfit! The field scout is one I really wish had flattered me, but it made me look frumpy dumpy. Love your pairing here!