Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Girl's Day Loot and end of May OOTD Wrap-Up

Happy first day of June everyone! You wouldn't guess it's the month summer officially begins here in the bay area as we're dealing with cold, rainy weather today. Seriously, cold rain. What the heck? Thankfully it didn't ruin the weekend, or more importantly, our girls day in the city. San Francisco was a blast all over again. We were officially in the city for about 8 hours and only ended up going to 4 stores and lunch. I guess that's what happens when you spend three hours at Anthropologie and almost 2 hours at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch (we just ordered tons of appetizers and called that was soooo good! Oh, and Cheesecake for dessert too, of course). The other stores we made it to were the GIANT Banana Republic off Union Square, the HUGE Gap at the Cable Car turn-around at Powell and Market St and of course, the shoe section at Nordstrom. We had a great time and were all beat by the end of the day. I managed to get all my returns made and in turn came home with some fun goodies. Everything that came home with me this time are all keepers, for sure.

Here's what came home with me from Anthropologie:

Judy Tee:

Loosened Shelby Blouse:

First Light Skirt:

I took some pictures for some fitting room reviews so I'll get those up eventually. The four of us ladies fell in love with lots of great things we tried on...all of us came home with a few somethings and added a few more things to our wish lists as well (as usual).

At Banana Republic I tried locating a ring I had seen the weekend before but once again struck out in finding the size I needed (it's sold out online). I ended up locating the ring the next day from a list of stores they gave me to check with. I can't wait to get it in the mail! How cute is this:

I'm still on the lookout for a staple gold ring to wear on my right hand when an outfit calls for it...the two gold colored rings that I have been wearing are both from Forever 21 and are NOT standing the test of time (and no longer fully look gold in color--shocking) so the hunt continues for that.

At Gap I exchanged a pair of workout capris I had previously ordered for a different size and then picked up another workout top (for $11!!):

Fit T-back cami:

gFast Capris:

I love both these capris and the top...I highly recommend them! I grabbed the capris at almost half-off so look for sales before you buy them at full price.

And finally at Nordstrom I found a few pair of shoes I couldn't live without. My friend had grabbed a bunch of shoes off the sale racks and tried them on...these didn't work for her so I tried them on and fell in love. I'm actually in need of new pair of black flat sandals as the pair I have been using the past few years is on it's last leg...the elastic on the buckle has stretched out and my foot won't stay in anymore. These new sandals are now taking their place:

DV by Dolce Vita "Dauphin" Sandal

And then there were these cute wedge sandals that I just couldn't part with...another pair of black sandals. I know, I'm so boring! But these are really, REALLY cute! They kind of fall in-between the look of the "date night" black shoes I have and the "casual" black sandals I already own. These will work with Maxi dresses, skirts I want to dress up a little and not be too casual in and can even be worn to dress up a pair of rolled-up jeans. You like how I justified these? It was girl's didn't take much. =)

BP "Tee" Sandal

So that was the damage...but I have no regret about anything I got. I love it all!!

I do have a few OOTD pictures left from May...let's wrap it up shall we:


-Twist Neck Top-Loft
-Deco Page Cardigan
-Rah-Rah-Rumba Skirt-Anthropologie
-Snakebite Belt-Anthropologie
-Seychelles "Password Pumps"-Nordstrom (sold-out)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Bracelets-Tiffany and Co. (gift from hubby)
-Ring/Earrings-can't see and can't remember! =)

( was like 9am and lots of shadows were happening on my front door step!)

Monday (Shopping day!!!):

-Garden Rows Top-Anthropologie
-Merino Chiffon Placket Cardigan-J Crew
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Fossil Necklace-Macy's
-Earrings-Old Navy

I've worn this exact outfit Vegas I think. I say if you love it, repeat it!


-Volante Tee-Anthropologie
-Wide-Leg Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet
-Anticipation Heels-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Stella & Dot

So that's it! Good bye May and hello June! I sure hope the weather starts warming up a bit so I can pull out some short sleeves and sandals! I actually don't mind the in-between weather where I can still wear rolled up jeans and cardigans but the rain is where I draw the line...I'm over it!

So did you see Anthro's free shipping (for orders of $150 or more) kicked in again for the summer? Well, only until July half of the summer, I guess. There are a handful of things I am DYING to go on sale including THIS and THIS and a few others...please oh please, Anthro your sale magic in June!

Hope you are all having a great week so far!!!


  1. Love your Tuesday outfit! I also love the deal you got at the gap! I will have to check out my local gap this weekend :)

  2. Oh, I just love all of your outfits, you are so pretty in each one :) I was admiring the skirt you bought online yesterday... how do you think it fits?

  3. It has been close to 90 degrees here in IN...are you still having cooler temps?
    Ok, love the ring and the First Light Skirt - oh and the BP "Tee" Sandals!! Great finds. Sounds like such a fun day :)

  4. Shana--definitely check them out...I love them!

    Carly--I usually wear a size 2 or 4 in skirts at Anthro and I took a 4 in this. The 2 fit in the waist but was a little too booty-licious for my liking so I went with the 4.

    Leah--It's still a little chilly and it rained again this morning when I dropped my son off at school. I'm dreaming of warm weather!!!

  5. I fell in love with that ring at Banana as well. I was at the Banana Republic at the Plaza in Kansas City last night and they had plenty of sizes!