Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Start of the Long Weekend!

All day I've been thinking it's Saturday...lucky for me it's only Friday! Gotta love a 4 day weekend, for sure. We've had a good day so far. It started out a little chilly so I dragged out the boots again. Really folks, it's almost June and I'm wearing boots. Ridiculous. Here's a look at the whole outfit:

And in real life:

-Rise and Fall Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Finessed Turtleneck-Anthropologie
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Earrings-Banana Republic
-Rock Candy Bracelet-Anthropologie
-Ring-Forever 21

I received my Anthro order from the sale this week, today in the mail. I opened up the Retro Rose cardigan and am wavering about it.

On one hand I think it's really pretty. I think the colors are what I love the most. On the other hand it has long sleeves (it is almost summer) and kind of reminds me of an old grandma-ish print (but somehow I still like it). I'm confused about this purchase. I guess I'll try it on with a few things tonight to see what I think. Have you ordered this cardigan? Seen it in person? What do you think? Part of me really thinks it's cute but part of me is just not sure. I'd love your input. I'm trying to only buy/keep things I really LOVE so if I'm not wowed tonight by it I might be returning it.

Alright, off to figure out what's for dinner. Hope you have a great night!


  1. I understand your ambivalence. I saw the Retro Rose in the sale room this week and didn't even bother to try it on, even though I knew there was a lot of buzz around it in the blogosphere. I think the cardigan would work with a very simple and plain tank underneath. But even adding accessories would make it too busy. It did not appeal to me due to the length (I think longer cardis are more slimming and flattering on me), and like you said..I want to spend my $$ on spring/summer finds that I LOVE. I don't want to buy something and put it away with hopes that I will still like it and want to wear it down the road. What other purchases have you decided to return?

  2. Love that striped cardi...have a great weekend!

  3. I'm in boots today too...what is it with the weather this year!

  4. You look adorable as usual!!

  5. On the Retro Rose cardi - I say turn the sleeves into 3/4 length or shorter. I'm always in need of a short sleeve cardi for spring/summer and that print is darling. Just a thought... :)

  6. i ordered that cardi too and am taking it back.... IRL it looked to grandmaish. I love you striped cardi and that top together!

  7. stephc--I have two pairs of the "Dearie Me" Wedges to return, another top and a few bracelets that were way too big on my wrist from ANthro, and a few things to Gap and Banana. I have turned into a chronic returner! Things just look far different in the dressing room than in the mirror at home sometimes too.


    Shana--I know, right?! IT's been such an odd year for weather so far. I want to pack all the winter clothes away but just can't do it yet!

    Jess--thanks so much! =)

    Skylette--If I sewed I could do that...but after trying on the cardi again last night I decided against it altogether. It's shorter than I like and the print is just not what I want I've decided. THanks for the idea though! =)

    Tricia--all well, right?! There are plenty more pretties where that came from I say! =)

  8. First of all your outfit is adorbs!! Home run! I still love the Retro Rose! Debra tried it on when she was here and I loved it. It screams unique, vintage and Anthro to me so you can't go wrong.

  9. Love your outfit today - that cardi is so cute on you! I almost ordered that cardi when I saw my size online early on sale day but like you I only want to buy things I LOVE, LOVE not just lukewarm like...

  10. That cardigan is so cute!!


  11. That cardi doesn't inspire me either, but your top sure is cute.

  12. That striped cardi is so cute -- more than once I've regretted not picking it up, but then I curse the fact that long cardis still make me look about two inches tall, haha. It looks lovely on you though!