Sunday, April 17, 2011

You Asked!

Hi there everyone! Hope your weekend is going good! I went through all the questions I received this week and have some answers for you now. Thanks for all the questions! I'll get right to asked, so now I'll tell!

Q. Your hair always look so great. What is your regular routine?

A. Wow, thanks! You're really too kind! My hair and I have not been the best of BFF's over the years...its the one thing that I critique the most in pictures of myself. I have very thin, fine hair which makes it fall flat as a board, and turn into weird mis-shaped waves in any humidity. Mis-shaped means that it doesn't look cute, by the way. =( I get my hair highlighted every 6-10 weeks...depending on if I'm aiming to have it look good for something in particular. 8 weeks seems to be the average though in between appts. I cut it every other appointment right now while I'm trying to grow it out. On a daily basis I wash and condition with Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner that I pick up at Target. Nothing special. I usually wash it every day or every other day. Because it's so thin I can't go any longer than that or it will look super oily. I use Catwalk Root booster daily before I blow dry with my Chi hair dryer. The Chi is FABULOUS! I LOVE it and highly recommend. It cost a pretty penny, but was SOOO worth it. It takes me exactly 4 minutes to dry my hair. If I straighten my hair I use my Chi 1" flat iron, and if I curl it I use my cheapo 1" (it might be 1 1/4"...not sure) Conair curling iron from Target. After flattening I use Biosilk serum to give it a set look and if I curl it I spray all over with Garnier Fructis (Full control hold) hairspray. I love this hairspray because it doesn't feel like I've sprayed my hair at all but it totally helps keep my curl in all day. All in all it takes me about 15-20 minutes to do my hair. That would be the one benefit of having thin hair...I can do it pretty quick.

Q. What is your hobby or passion outside of your family and clothes? :)

A. There's more to life than shopping? haha Just kidding, Of course there is! My first love outside of family, friends (and shopping) is running. I have been a runner since high school and find it to be beneficial for both my physical and mental self. It's my "me" time! I don't run marathons or anything...I'm not THAT into it. I've run in two 10K races and plan to run my third this Thanksgiving. I also like to be crafty, although I haven't done as many crafts as I used to since #3 was born. I love to create pretty things. Scrapbooking used to be a big love of mine also. I used to be a part of a few online scrap store design teams and even had 2 layouts published in scrapbooking magazines before #3 was born. When I was pregnant though, I got super-duper tired and just didn't have the energy or desire to do it and haven't scrapped since. I hope to one day get the desire back to dive in and scrapbook. I'm so far behind at this point that it seems too overwhelming, but if I just start from the NOW I'll be doing ok. One thing that I really want to learn more about is sewing. As I mentioned in an earlier post I am planning on attempting to make a few skirts. I think it would be a neat skill to have! I also love to bake, read Nicholas Sparks books and watch cute romantic comedies.

Q. I want to know your background! I love stories about growing up, college days, figuring life out you know, the juicy stuff!

A. Well, let's see...I grew up in Nor Cal and lived in the same town until I graduated from high school and went away to college. I have three younger brothers and no sisters. That makes me the bossy older sister. =) As a kid I was a dancer...I did it all: jazz, ballet, tap and even Polynesian. I was in a performing tripe for many years. In high school I was a cheerleader and served in student government (word to the wise...if you don't want to plan your class reunions, don't be a senior class officer!!!). I have always been a super social person and placed a huge importance on having good girlfriends because I had no sisters to rely on for gossip or boy-talk, etc. I went to college at BYU in Provo, UT and majored in Health Sciences with an emphasis on Health Education. One of my most favorite times in my life was my college years...they were the best! At the end of my junior year of college (and a lot of dating) I met my future husband, Josh. Five days after meeting him I knew I wanted to marry him. We got married 13 months later. Our entire almost 10 year marriage (except one year) has been spent in schooling. It's been a long road to get to where we want to be (undergrad, dental school, and now residency). This will all end next summer when my husband finally finishes the last step--his Oral Surgery residency. We are in the military so we'll be moving to who knows where next summer when he finishes. We have three crazy fun little boys...a 7 year old, 4 1/2 year old and a 21 month old. I'm super outnumbered! I know what you want to know I going to have any more to try to get my girl? The answer is NO! We are done. I feel super blessed to have my crew of three. My three equal others' five (I'm not kidding). They are a handful, but fun. I feel very lucky to be able to be a stay-at-home mom. I never really liked working so it works out great for me! That being said, it's not all fun and games. It's a tough job! Totally underpaid! =) BUT, it's totally worth it.

Q. I also want to know about your hair. I have fine hair that I'm trying to grow out. What products/tools do you use?

A. Hopefully I answered that one above. I wish I had some magic tool for getting hair to grow out faster...I'm super impatient and just want it to be long NOW!!! Good luck! =)

Q. What does your husband/family think of your blog?

A. My husband thinks it's funny. Not in a mean way or anything...he's just a total guy's guy and the thought of spending time writing about clothes, etc makes him laugh. That being said, he knows it makes me happy so he's happy I do it for me. He's not a fan of taking my picture for me though because I want him to take like 20 different pictures (I like to take tons and then pick the best one of the bunch). and he's more of a point and shoot 2-3 times only kinda guy. I fired him and just do timer shots myself now. =) My mom knows I have a blog but she never checks it. I didn't really tell any other members of my family because I was a little embarrassed to be honest. I guess I wasn't sure how I would start that conversation..."hey, you should check out my blog where I take pictures of myself in what I'm wearing most days!" haha. Eventually I know 1 or 2 of my sis-in-laws have found it but I haven't chatted with any of them about it. I would never want anyone to think I define myself by the content of this's just for fun and something I started because my husband was out of town for 2 months last summer and I wanted something to think about and do other than sit around lonely every night. I love seeing what others wear (I know you all love to people watch too) so I figured I'd join the club and post what I was wearing too.

Q. Have you told your friends about your blog?

A. When I first started my blog I told one friend, my mom and my husband. Eventually a few more friends found out, and then a few more. Words spreads quick. As I mentioned above, it's always a little embarrassing when people mention it, but it's something I have fun with so it's ok. I never outright tell people to go check out my blog...I'm too chicken to do that! =)

Q. Well I would like to know more about your running .... how you fit running into a busy family life! I keep trying to get back into it and just am having a hard time :) Also more background info as well ... love that!

A. As I mentioned before, I love to run. That's the first hurdle of exercise...learning to like it. It's not easy fitting it into my life, that's for sure. I run 3 days a week for 4-5 miles at a time. If I run on a weekday I wake up just before 6am and run on my treadmill in my room and watch TV. Usually as soon as I get out of the shower my kids are staring to wake up. Twice a week I go to the gym (24 Hour Fitness) and lift weights. Nothing hard-core, just for toning. This has been an area that I need to work harder on. I used to go three times a week and it's only two now...I've gotten a little lazy. I usually stay for an hour and do exercises for my abs, arms, legs, tush, etc. If my husband happens to be home on a Saturday morning and it's nice out sometimes I'll actually get off the treadmill and hit the pavement outside and doesn't happen too often but it's a treat when it does. Basically I have decided that I'm a happier person and I just feel better about myself when I exercise, so I make time for it. Ask my husband...if I don't get all my runs in during the week I get grumpy.

Q. What's your workout routine like, you always look so in shape? Do you workout a lot, or are you naturally thin?

A. Well thanks! I am a naturally smaller framed person and am blessed with a good metabolism (so far...this will probably go south some day), but I would guess that I would be about 10 pounds heavier if I didn't work out. Sometimes it frustrates me because people think I look the way I do without doing anything. Um, I wish! =) I don't want anyone to think it's easy, because it's not. I have to work out and sweat just like everyone else! As for suggestions, I always say that the best way to drop pounds or inches is to do cardio. If you now run 2 miles, try running 3 instead. That being said, there is a definite benefit to lifting as well. Schedule an appointment with a personal trainer to get ideas on what type of exercises might be best for you. Most gyms will allow you a free session with a trainer if you are a new member. I like to take group classes too (although due to the preschool schedule I don't get to right now). Pilates is one of my very favorites! Group classes are a great way to get some exercise and when you see other people suffering like you it doesn't seem as bad! =) I think that if you make an appointment with yourself to exercise it will actually get done. Don't let ANYTHING get in the way of your workout. Don't schedule it when something else might tempt you to avoid it.

Q. Where do you want to eventually live after your hubby is done with everything?

A. That's a hard one...we are bound to the military until summer 2016 so we have a while before we even have the chance to decide. Both our families are in the west so I think we'd like to stay there. Maybe Arizona? Maybe Las Vegas? I really don't know. We actually really love the bay area and might consider that except that the cost of living in CA is so outrageous and the education system is seriously lacking due to budget cuts all over. If things changed then you never know. I do know that I DON'T want to live anywhere that it snows on a regular basis. No fun. I am a warm climate kinda girl. I'm a fan of living close enough to somewhere it snows so we can visit, but could do without dealing with it day in and day out every winter.

SO there ya go! A little more about me.

I have an outfit to share with's from Friday when I had my jewelry party, which was a lot of fun! I picked this top up on sale this past month. It's one of those things I picked up on a whim on the way to the dressing room (half wondering why I grabbed it) and then LOVED once I tried it on. You just never know!

-Knotted Scarves Tank-Anthropologie
-Hiking Ruffles Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-BP "Berty" Sandals-Nordstrom
-Ring-Forever 21

Back to the grind tomorrow is it almost Monday again already?

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Jenni, it was so much fun reading more about you! And that top is darling - I looked at it a zillion times in the store. So cute on you!

  2. Cute outfit! I saw that shirt and thought it was a pass, but it looks so cute on you!

    Thanks for the answers also. My hair is super thin like yours and I feel like I've been stuck with different lengths of a bob for years. I'm getting bored and growing it out also. I think I will try some of the root boost you use. Maybe that will help with my flatness.

    As for running, congrats for loving it! I ran a marathon to learn to love it, but it only took me from 'hate' to 'like', but I do it 3-4 times a week regardless!

    Have a great day!

  3. I had a lot of fun reading your answers! I think after this baby (our last!!!) I am going to try my hardest to be disciplined about working out - not only to lose the weight, but to actually be could happen, people! You do look awesome lady, so those runs are worth it! I love you in this top and I'm glad you pulled the trigger when it went on sale - so pretty!

  4. I love the outfit! I am so excited to wear regular jeans again not maternity.
    So this has to be one of my favorite posts. I really enjoyed reading more about you. Especially the working out part. Just had my first baby! YAY! He is wonderful! Boys are so great! I have been thinking about what kind of workout regimen I was gonna do once I was able to start working out again. You look wonderful as always!

  5. Loved this! Somewhere along the way I had missed that you were a military family. How exciting for you that your hubby is almost through school and residency!!

  6. I LOVED reading all about you!! I also love that scarf tank on you soooo cute!! I seriously wish we lived closer then I could have a friend to hit the gym with!

  7. How fun to read bits about your life! Let me just say, life after dental school/residency is AWESOME! I never thought that time would come for me, but we've now been in the "real world" for almost 4 years and it's all that I hoped it would be. It is so worth all that pain and suffering! :)
    AMEN to all you said about fitness/eating right. There's no way around it, and it's annoying that others assume you must be "lucky!"
    I assume you were a paper scrapper? I did digi for 3+ years and had to drop it when child #4 was born. You're smart to stop at 3 kids!! lol.

    Love the tank/cardi pairing and those shoes! I almost bit the bullet on those a few weeks ago but resisted. They're beautiful!

  8. Ok I love hearing about you and your life .... your blog is my favorite one to read and after I read all your answers I understand now even more why I like you .... we are a lot alike! I am so glad you started this blog and hope you keep it up! Thanks for answering all the questions!

  9. Jenni, I loved reading this post...felt like we'd sat down for coffee and had a good chat! And I love the little cute green Coach bag that found a home with you! I'm always dragging husbie into the outlet, 'cuz I don't dare let him see the prices on the bags in the original store,...tee, hee...=)
    Kristina J.