Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here comes the Sun!!!

Hi everyone! Hope your week is getting off to a great start so far! The sun is shining brightly this morning which automatically puts me in a good mood. Did you all have a good Easter? We had a very laid back day...church, Easter egg hunt in the backyard, yummy dinner...just me and the boys. Hubby was working. =( Growing up I always got new Easter clothes for church so I now do the same for my boys (and me sometimes too still....haha). I saved a few bucks on myself this year by wearing the cute yellow dress I won from Pamela's Shabby Apple dress giveaway a few months ago. I LOVE it! It's so bright and cheery..perfect for Easter Sunday. I was literally as bright as the sun in this dress. You could see me coming a mile away but that's ok..that's what makes the dress so fun!

-Happy Talk Dress-Shabby Apple
-Wedge Sandals-Banana Republic Outlet
-Cake Decorator Belt-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Stella & Dot
-Ring-Forever 21

Thanks again to Pamela for this cute dress...I love it!

Yesterday started out kinda gloomy, cold and overcast so I opted for some warmer clothing. I even pulled out some boots!

-Soldierly Sparkle Tee-Anthropologie
-Breezy Polka Cardi-Anthropologie
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Riding Boots-Old Navy
-Earrings-Old Navy

According to the weather report I won't be dragging out too many more pairs of boots in the near future...we're looking at weather in the 70 degree range with no rain for the next 10 days at least, which is perfect. Looks like spring actually might be here to stay!

So did you score anything on sale this morning at Anthro? Do tell! I picked up a few of my wish list items that hit sale...the Oil Paints Cardigan and the Bright Future Top. The cardigan is 3/4 sleeve which is perfect for this time of year and the top is lightweight and short-sleeved...a great spring/summer item to have. I love me some polka dots!

Well, I'm off to get my day started...hope you have a great one!!! Enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Love the Shabby Apple dress on you! How awesome that you won that in a giveaway!! We had a low-key day on Easter Sunday as well. Chruch & time with family, but it was a great day!

  2. that bright dress is so fun! You look wonderful in that vibrant color.

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the Shabby Apple dress! That flower detail is amazing and perfect for Easter Sunday!

  4. Super duper cute in that yellow dress! I love yellow! Yea for sunny weather! I'm loving it!

  5. You are so pretty in that sunshiny yellow! I can't wait to see your new Anthro goodies - I am feeling too huge to shop...

  6. Love your Shabby Apple dress! Looks great on you.

  7. You look fabulous in that pretty yellow! Your Easter sounds nice and mellow. We always got a new Easter outfit as well, so I did the same for my son (who didn't care). :) The Anthro sale really got me today, with the Oil Paints Cardi, Tuileries Dress and Kingston/Ardennes (I'm had to try out both to decide of course).

  8. I love that Shabby Apple dress it's beautiful!! I am all over new clothes for any occasion!! :) It's crummy weather here too and I am thinking you have the right idea with the top cardi and boots!

  9. Oh wow, you look beautiful in the yellow dress Jenni! Love everything about the outfit, especially your choice of the blue bangle - which is a fantastic contrast to the dress! :)

  10. Wow, what a beautiful yellow dress!! I love it with the cognac belt too. You look so nice in these pics!

  11. Jenni, what fun dress, really cute and I love the color. No sale for me today--which is a good thing. LOL!!

  12. Beautiful dress, it looks amazing on you!!


  13. I love that bright dress! It looks great on you and is perfect for celebrating the Resurrection! Always love a belt too.

  14. Thanks ladies!!

    Jan--you are hardly huge,girly! When I was pregnant I always told myself shoes and jewelry would fit no matter what! =)

    shopwithm-Can't wait to hear how all that worked out for ya! I never got to try on the Ardennes or else that may have been on my list as well.

    Fatima--thanks girlie! This turquoise bangle is my new obsession!

    Molly--You're so good! You have some good willpower!

  15. That dress is incredible! I love that color on you lady!
    And I love Anthro :) need to hit that up ASAP