Monday, April 25, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews--end of April

Hi there everyone! Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend with friends and family! As promised I have another round of fitting room reviews to share with you from my trip to Anthropologie last week. Once again I have a few sidekicks with me in the dressing room so please excuse the occasional appearance of a child or two. =) I'll start with my favorite find, and eventual must-have of the day:

Tie-Back Tank-$68 (I tried on the Orange motif)

I picked this up initially because the colors were so bright and cheery. I had seen it on the website but hadn't really thought much of it because of the way the bottom hangs (longer on the sides and shorter in the middle--I'm not always a huge fan of this look). However I decided to give it a try when I saw those gorgeous colors. I tried this on in an X-Small and it fit good...shorter ladies may be sized out on this because it is pretty long all around. It is obviously made to be long and on me it is plenty long, but I think it's not too long. Maybe borderline. I don't really is adorable and I even had in it my hand to take home with me that day but decided to be a good girl and wait it out till sale time. I didn't try the red motif on (which I would call navy blue, honestly, but it is really cute as well. Overall a really cute piece to have and it could easily be paired with many different colors. It's on my wish list for sure!

Brickwork Tee-$58 (I tried this on in the grey motif)

This top wasn't my favorite. I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. It's just ok. I certainly wouldn't shell out $58 for this's not worth it in my opinion, at all! It's blousey and even in the X-Small that I tried on, it's borderline too baggy. This is a pass for me.

Ruched Hourglass Top-$48 (I tried this on in both the pink and navy doesn't appear to be online)

I picked this top up in hopes of loving it but as of now it's just "like" for me. I tried it on in my fairly normal Deletta size X-Small and found it to be a good fit. I tried both the pink and navy versions and preferred the pink. The silhouette of the shirt overall is kind of boring to be honest...even with the little ruching details on the front and the back, I just wasn't wowed (the back is the cutest part I think). For now its a pass but I may reconsider at sale time.

Wandering Wake Tank-$48 (Sky motif)

This is another top I grabbed by Deletta and once again I took it in an X-Small. I tried on the Small to see the size difference and found the Small to be a little longer but much baggier and unflattering, so X-Small it is. I really like the soft aqua/mint-ish color of this has the same faint lines running through it as last year's Winding Roads tank which I like. This would be a great layering piece...wish listed for sale!

Chevron Cardi-$98 (Neutral Motif)

This sweater turned out to be my "I can't believe I love this piece" item of the day. This is the first year I've tried experimenting with tops that have Dolman sleeves and while many still don't look fabulous on me, once in a while I find something I really like in this style, for instance this cardigan! This cardi is so cute and shot high up on my wish list the second I put it on. I struggle to find neutral, beige colored sweaters that flatter my skin tone so when I saw this one looked ok up against me I was super excited. I like the way it looks open and unbuttoned, as shown in the pictures. I'm a fan and can't wait to get this in my closet!

Orchard Grove Pullover-$88 (grey motif)

In a drastic contrast to the previous item, this sweater turned out to be the "hot mess" item of the day. What a disaster! Even getting it on and situated was a chore. I tried in on in a Small and I guess that was the right size...seriously, it was hard to tell (It isn't offered in an X-Small, just an FYI). It feels lopsided once on and I don't like the way the sleeves fall...I'm sure you can guess but this is a major PASS!!! Too bad to, because online, I loved it! All well.

New Kilter Cardi-$58 (I tried this in the Grey motif)

This came from the lounge-wear section of the store and you can totally's super comfy but really cute! I honestly cannot remember what size I tried this on was either an X-Small or a Small....sorry! I usually take pictures of the tags but somehow missed this one. I really like the lightweight feel of this piece and I totally dig the wide stripes. I tried it both buttoned and unbuttoned and much prefer it unbuttoned as I think it looks a little odd buttoned with that flap hanging over the edge. I think it would be worth purchasing to only wear unbuttoned though. I don't usually button my cardigans anyways. This is wish listed for sale.

Marta Pullover-$88 (Blue Motif)

This was round 2 of the "hot mess" show for me in this group of reviews. I tried this on in an X-Small and as you can see I'm a bit sized out. This was overly huge on me and super sloppy. I didn't love the colors either...a bit blah against my skin tone. The blues could have been a bit brighter. I'd say size down one, maybe two sizes in this one. It's meant to be blousey, but this one runs HUGE! AN obvious PASS for me.

Water Wing Top-$58 (I tried this in the Dark Grey motif--but in reality it's navy blue)

This top stumps me a little. I thought it might have some potential but I'm still not so sure. I took a few pictures to get a full view of what it looked like on and in one picture I like it (where my arms are down) but in the picture where my arms are up, I"m not so sure). As mentioned above the dark grey looks navy blue...someone wasn't paying attention when they color coded this one, for sure. I think on the right person it could be cute...I'm just not sure I'm that right person. For now it's a pass, but at sale time I may look again.

First Light Skirt-$128

I tried this skirt on in both a size 2 and 4 and while the 2 fit, it was a little too bootylicious for my liking so I would definitely go with the 4 (which is what I am wearing in the pictures). I happen to love this's super flattering, and I really like the pin striping and detailing. It would look great paired with so many different tops tucked into it. This is definitely wish listed for sale.

Antilles Tank-$68 (I tried on the Turquoise motif)

I tried this tank on in an X-Small and felt like I was swimming in it! It is a really pretty color and I love the look of the tank, but there is just so much material. The bottom billows out a lot and almost gives the look of something I would wear if I were trying to hide a pregnancy or something (I am definitely NOT pregnant, by the way). =) I really wish this top would have been made with less fabric because outside of that little issue I think it's a really cute tank. Sad. This one is a pass for me.

Gauzy Tiers Skirt-$68 (Red Motif)

I really liked this cute skirt when I saw it online and thought the red color would be a great addition to my closet. I tried it on in both an X-Small and a Small and am still undecided on which I prefer...they felt almost identical (I am wearing the X-Small in the picture). It's lightweight, has cute texture detailing and is a gorgeous shade of red. I am wishlisting this one for sale time.

So there you have it...all the items I tried on last week. Any of these catch your eye? Do tell!

Hope you all have a great start to the week...Happy (almost) Monday!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the chevron cardi on you. I saw that at the store the other day and never would have thought about trying it on but now that I see it on you, I'm having second thoughts. Thanks for the reviews!!

  2. I can honestly say that you totally rock every single thing you tried on here. I really love the pullover which you say is a major pass. LOL Can't wait to get out to my store (I have one really close opening on Friday) to try on all these goodies for myself!

  3. I love and WANT that Chevron Cardi! I also love the Gauzy skirt. Thanks for sharing.

  4. THanks so much for all these reviews, Jenni. The First Ligth skirts looks fantasitc on you! I have been eyeing it as well...though the last thing I need is another pencil skirt!!!

  5. You look good in everything! I love all the flowy tops that can hid my mom tummy! I also adore both skirts you tried on!

  6. Love those polka dot shirts!!

  7. My favorite is the orange tank! But I actually really love the billowy teal tank too. Flowy is all the rage now! Just belt it and it would look really great!!

  8. I tried on the Ruched Hourglass top too. I loved the red, loved the polka dots, and the buttons. But the fit was kind of strange, but in a good way? Overall, it was a thumbs up for me. I am debating whether it's a good idea to pay $48 for a t-shirt, you know?