Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Day

Happy Friday everyone! I'm so happy to see the week come to an's been a long one. Unfortunately the weather will be very winter-like for the next week or so here in the Bay area...maybe longer, so that's a bummer. It makes wanting to get dressed cute for the day a little harder when it's pouring rain out. It really makes me just want to wear my pj's and stay home! Kids=school however, so no luck with that. Yesterday was indeed "green day" in our household...and the leprechauns did indeed show up and cause some mischief. My older boys were even up at 3am walking around the house to see what damage they had done (you would have thought it was Christmas morning or somehting...3am, really? It's not like these little trouble makers leave presents like Santa). I decided to pull out one of my Vegas Anthro purchases for the's the most green piece of clothing I now own:

-Gathering Tank-Anthropologie
-Heritage Tie-waist Long Cardigan-Banana Republic
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Small Open Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Ring-Forever 21

Did you wear green yesterday? Do leprechauns come visit your house on St Patrick's day? My kids get into all that fun holiday stuff...they eat it up!

We're headed to my parent's house for the night and all of tomorrow to visit and hang out with them...should be fun.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. That green looks amazing on you!!! I love the cardigan! I also sported a green ensemble yesterday tried to look as cute as I could 7 1/2 months preggo =) Also it was date night for the hubby fun as always! Everyone keeps asking if I am ready...physically YES mentally NO!!! Oh well gonna happen no matter what. I cannot wait though to tell stories as you do about your little ones during the holidays and special events. Have a great Friday night!

  2. So glad you had a good Saint Patty's Day with your family! :) Love your comfy, cute outfit! The Gathering Tank is super cute and on my wishlist! I didn't wear green yesterday...hehe...I'm a rebel. :)

    I didn't get a chance to comment on your Vegas trip but I just wanted to say I love the Blooming Goldenrod Dress you wore! I'm actually going to a couple weddings pretty soon and I'm not sure what to wear! This dress seems perfect and I love how you wore it!

    Oh the weather is just super yucky today! Can't it be Spring already?!

  3. That top was the absolute perfect choice for St. Patrick's Day - you are adorable!

  4. That shirt is perfect. I was just thinking yesterday that I wished I had picked it up. I can't wait to get my hands on one! :)

  5. Okay so I had to share my fabulous news!!! I found some boots! Not the ones that Target carries BUT similiar very similiar! Totally blew my budget this month but they were 69% off!! So I don't feel to bad. It still gets chilly here a few days during the week so maybe I can wear them before I have to put them away for next fall. YAY!