Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few things are making me very happy today!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm a happy camper today because the sun is trying really hard to shine through the clouds...and the forecast calls for sun all week! Woo hoo! That's the way to start spring break!

We went to church this morning...this is what I wore:

-Ruffle Tank-Old Navy
-Roaming Frills Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Glowing Leaf Skirt-Anthropologie
-Seychelles "Come Dancing Peep-Toe Pumps"-Amazon
-Stormy Seas Tights-Anthropologie
-Beaded Bangles-Nordstrom
-Earrings-Old Navy
-Ring-Forever 21

I thought this purple tank would work well with this skirt...the greys in the skirt have a purple undertone that matched well. I had planned on a grey cardigan but changed my mind and went with cream instead...mix it up a little, right?! This is my attempt at being not-so-matchy-matchy (with the purple tank). How'd I do? =)

For the past month or so I've slowly been taking pictures of all the items in my closet, then editing and uploading them into Polyvore so I can have a virtual closet to play around with. I first mentioned doing it as sort of a joke but then took the idea to heart and decided to follow through with it. It's taking a LONG time. I took pictures of all my tops, bottoms (not summer stuff yet though) and cardigans a few weeks ago, and finished taking pictures of all my shoes yesterday. Now I only have skirts and dresses left. After taking all my shoes out of my closet to take the pictures yesterday I decided they needed to be gone through and organized yet again. I've never had a good way to organize them as I really have no room for all of them in my closet (my closet is not very big unfortunately)...they always get stacked on top of each other. I got fed up and ran to Target when the rain stopped and bought one of those over the door hanging shoe organizers to hang on the back of my bedroom door. Tacky? Maybe. But my husband and I will be the only ones that ever see it so who cares, right?! I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to see every single pair of shoes I own now! It looks so organized and pretty! =) Yes, I am one of those people who gets excited by organization (although I'm sure some days you couldn't tell by looking at the random piles of things that may be lying around my house).

Wanna see?? Here's the end result:

My new hanging shoe organizer:

The left-hand side of the closet (I put my favorites on the rack):

Right-hand side of the closet:

Looking down the closet floor:

All my boots are at the bottom of my husband's closet (well, on the bottom of my half of my husband's closet so they didn't make it in any of these pictures. There's no way they'd all fit in my closet..they take up so much room!

This organizing thing may be nothing earth shattering to any of you but if you saw what it looked like before, you'd be impressed, trust me. And yes, I like shoes....a lot. I have a few pairs.

I'm off to enjoy my afternoon with my boys. I'm thinking it's a cookie making kind of afternoon...YUM!

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of shoes Jenni. Whew. I put mine in small clear rubbermaids and stacked them on my shelf. I am constantly re organizing and have even sold a few pair along the way. It feels good to get organized--forces you to go through stuff and purge. I love the idea of putting your items on polyvore, I can only imagine how time consuming that would be. I am still trying to learn how to use it!! Enjoy your week of Spring Break.

  2. How are you getting the pictures of your items to come out clear for polyvore?

  3. Molly--the rubermaids are a great idea! I would totlaly do that if I had the space!

    Modernmom-I edit them in photoshop before I upload them to crop them down and brighten/etc. They seem to come up pretty clear for the most part...sometimes they look better when I "Keep" the background on polyvore, and sometimes it doesn't seem to make a difference.

  4. I so need to organize my shoes. I have some in the closet by the front door, others in my closet and flip flops and sandals everywhere! I think shoe organization and clothes organization will be my spring break change in 3 weeks!

  5. I see we share a love of shoes! I have a shoe cellar..similar to a fruit celler but well...

    P.s. love the outfit!

  6. Okay, sorry to keep bugging you about the polyvore thing, but I have wanted to do the same thing, since a bunch of my stuff is thrifted, and my jewelry is handmade or gifts...
    But are you hanging or laying flat for the pictures? And how are you doing the shoes?

  7. I was inspired to organize my shoes by the post linked below. I purchased the shelves she recommended and they are incredible! I have room for more shoes now!!!

  8. I too would love to see your polyvore process. It's a great idea.

    Your outfit is just lovely today. The purple tank really shakes it up. I am in love with that gorgeous skirt. You look very feminine and pretty.

  9. Oh your outfit today is so darling! I love it. Yea on the organization! You have a lot of shoes girl! And they are all sooo cute! I'm getting up there on the shoe thing too - brought another Target pair home tonight!

  10. cupcake adventures...good luck with the organizing! =) Your shoes sound like my husbands...he drops them all over the place!

    Shana--Love it...a shoe cellar! =)

    modernmom--no prob! So for my tops/cardigans/hanging stuff I hung it on a hanger on a hook that I have over my linen closet door in my bathroom. The door is white so it's a pretty neutral backdrop. I tried laying things flat but they just didn't look as good that way. For shoes I do one of two things...I set them up similar to how you see them sitting in pictures on Anthro/Endless/etc or for some (flats mainly) I actually put them on and shoot looking down at them. THen I crop most of my legs out so you're getting a picture with mainly just the shoes. I'll post something on my next post about it maybe...let me know if you have any other questions. I'm no expert, just a warning! =)

    Christine--I totlaly remember that post she made about organizing her shoes...thanks for sharing!

    Betty Ray-Thanks so much! =) Again, I'll post something on my next post about Polyvore.

    Peggy-I have my share of Target flats too! THanks! =)

  11. Oh I LOVE organizing as well and it always makes me happy!! Ok seriously loving all your shoes ... now I want a run down of your favorites on the rack ... I want them all!!

  12. Hooray for having your shoes so tidy and organized! I have some racks, but Graham is forever knocking them off and scattering them everywhere - I need to ban him from my closet! I love your OOTD, I just got the Roaming Frills in this color from EA Trade Market - I'm going to have to copy this combo! So pretty!

  13. Holy batman, that's a LOT of shoes!!! I love this color combo, purple is perfect wtih that skirt!

  14. Thank you for the explanations... I want to talk more about this, if you don't mind. :)

  15. Teehee...I love seeing how resourceful you are at arranging your shoes. Sounds like you've used every last bit of space. I don't actually have a physical closet (very sad!), so most of my shoes are kept in boxes under my bed. They deserve much better!

    I love your OOTD! I have seen a few different people wear the Glowing Leaf skirt with purple, and it looks so pretty!

  16. LOVE this outfit girl! That skirt is amazing! Wish I could afford some Anthro!

    Meet Virginia Design

  17. Love the outfit! And I need a virtual closet too :)

  18. Whoa, that is a lot of work on the virtual closet. I'm tired just thinking about it! I love the way this outfit turned out. Deep purple and rusty red are oh-so-great together. You look gorgeous!