Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Been a Good Day!!

Today has been a good boys had school (last day for my oldest...spring break now begins!!), I went and browsed F21 with only one kid in tow, a girlfriend of mine graciously watched my younger boys so I could go greet my close friend who flew into the base from Japan (they were evacuated after the quakes and tsunami) and hang out with her for a bit, and tonight is girl's night out with the other resident wives. I like busy days that have some fun involved! I dressed warm this morning knowing it would be chilly out. I've been wanting to pull out my Eastpointe Garden Top for a while now but didn't want to get it drenched in all the rain we've been having (since it's dry clean only) so finally now that the rain is about on it's way out I pulled it out. Here's what I came up with on Polyvore for today's look:

And here's how it turned out in real life:

I snapped this picture in the F21 dressing room. This week I was helping my friend look for some Maxi dress options and came across this one from Forever 21 that I was curious about myself so I headed on over since my morning was free. I found it and gave it a try:

It was just's only $13 so I wasn't expecting much. I don't know that I love the blue stripes...maybe the grey and cream striped motif would have been cute? I did try belting it but it didn't look quite right like that for some reason. It just didn't wow me. Does it look a little young for me? (I mean, I'm not that old but...hmmm). It was awfully lightweight also (which can be a good thing in the summer but in the sunlight it may make it a little too sheer). Overall for now it's a pass for me I think. I like the idea of having something like this to just throw on and go but I think there have got to be better options out there. This one just seems to be missing something. Just for reference I tried on the small and it fit fine.

I didn't leave F21 empty-handed...I found a few cute (cheap) necklaces to bring home with me, none of which I can find on the website right now for some reason. Love me some F21 necklaces...they always have cute, colorful pieces that I don't feel bad about dropping a few bucks for...literally, a few bucks! =)

Alright...time to pick up the house, feed the kiddos and hang with them for a bit before I can scoot on out to girls night. Enjoy your Friday night!


  1. I love the polyvore AND IRL on you... so cute! I think I will have to copy it sometime soon! Have fun tonight! Cheers!

  2. I love this! The colors are ones I wouldn't have thought to mix, but it's an awesome combination - so, so cute!

  3. Love the Eastpoint garden top! Actually I love the whole outfit. I always try on those dresses but am yet to find one that I love. Sad because I do think they are cute on the rack.

  4. Love your outfit today! The top is awesome, and you styled it beautifully!

  5. Sherry--thanks so much! Copy away!!! I'm the copying queen!

    Jan--thanks!!! I'm so glad you were able to score those shoes by the way...they'll fit into your wardrobe perfectly!

    Shana-thank you! I know, those dresses are always cute on in my head...then it comes to actually trying them on and it's a whole other story.

    Tara--thanks girlie!

  6. Such a cute outfit Jenni, thanx 4 the hat suggestion...;)