Sunday, February 20, 2011

What I Wore: Weekend Edition with some Anthro fitting room reviews thrown in

It's Sunday! And how excited am I that it's not really the end of the weekend yet??? SOOO excited! Loving that everyone has the day off tomorrow. This week is gonna be a super short one for me anyways with our little getaway coming up. So is anyone else done with winter? ME ME ME!!! Every year I get so excited to bring out the boots and sweaters but every year around this time I'm over it. I'm not quite ready to get rid of the boot option just yet but I would like the open-toed shoe option to be around again! Where do I have to live to get those two options all year-round? Yesterday we went up to UC Berkeley to take the kids to the science museum on the campus and found ourselves being snowed on as we drove through the Berkeley hills! Today the sun is shining once again (still cold though). This weather business is tricky! And then I keep checking the weather for Las Vegas for this coming weekend and the forecast changes daily. Geez! How's a girl suppose to plan out some outfits with all this craziness?

I'm a bit back-logged with outfit photos so I guess I'll get right to it. I'll start with Friday.

Here's what I put on in the morning when I thought maybe the rain would go away because I saw the sun shining (that didn't last long):

-Top-Shade Clothing
-Hiking Ruffles Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Bootcut Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet
-Anticipation Heels-Anthropologie
-Earrings-Stella & Dot (birthday gift from my friend Elise a few years ago)
-Small Open Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Ring-Forever 21

And here's what I ended up putting on once the down-pour began:

-Ruffle Tank-DownEast Basics
-Striped Boyfriend Cardigan-American Eagle (got this for $6 last spring)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Rain Boots-Gap Outlet
-Earrings-Old Navy
-Ring-Forever 21

Not quite as cute as the first outfit but it did the trick in keeping me warm and keeping my feet from getting wet!


-Floral Top-Love 21
-Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Rain boots (AGAIN)-Gap Outlet
-Ring-Forever 21

Guess where I took that picture?!

And today for church:

-Ruffle-front tank-Ann Taylor Factory Store
-Cardigan-Target (total J Crew look-a-like with the ruffle on the edge!)
-Peppered and Striped Skirt-Anthropologie
-Fish Net tights-Kohl's
-Seychelles Password Pumps-Nordstrom
-Pessinus Garden Necklace-Anthropologie
-Bracelet-Family piece given to me by my grandma

This is the second time I have worn this skirt and I have to say I like how I styled it today much better than last time. I've always loved how Anjali pairs her yellow pumps with dark tights. See how cute the combination is here. I decided to give that look a try with the fish nets today (baby steps). There are tons of possibilities with this skirt and I hope to get a few more combos in before it gets too hot to wear it (which by the looks of things won't be for a while so I think I'm good on time).

As I mentioned we made our way to Berkeley you know what else is in Berkeley besides the Science museum? Anthropologie!! (Totally gave that one away with the OOTD picture above). It's one of three Anthro stores that are all about 45 minutes from my house. I popped in to look around and try a few things on. A few things I tried on I was excited to see and a few were total randoms that I haven't even noticed online before. I didn't attempt too many things as I had my youngest with me but enough to wet my appetite for all things Anthro.

Let's get started:

Rockaby Tunic-$78 (Blue motif)-shown in size X-Small

side view:

I had never even given this top a second glance online but the color is what got my attention as I came upon it at the store. It's gorgeous! I'm still feeling like I need a top in this color in my closet (want, not need, but you know, NEED). Anyhow, this top is very casual looking on me I's fairly roomy in the XS and borders on being too flowy for my liking (but that's just because I don't normally wear anything this flowy). I certainly wouldn't pick it up at full price but I like the idea of it and it's different than anything I own. I really love the cute little ruching detail and ties on the sleeves...super cute! I struggle a little to see how it might fit into my closet...what to pair it with, etc. I might consider it at a great sale price. For now...pass/wishlisted.

Pinned Through Shirt-$98-shown in size 2

This was one of the items I was excited to try on just to see if I would like it or not and sadly, it just wasn't doing it for me. The arm holes were WAY too big on me and if I put a cardigan on over it the cute little yellow flowers would get covered up. The size 2 was a good fit overall (except those arm holes) but this went back to the rack for sure. NEXT!

Endless Horizon Top-$48 (Yellow Motif)-shown in size small

I thought this was such a cute top when I saw it online but it just didn't impress me like I thought it might. I tried on a size XS and found it to be just a little too short. When I tried it on in the size small (shown here) I found it was WAY too big all around. I put the cardigan on over it to see what it would look like and it did help tone down all the extra fabric around my waist but I just didn't love it. It'll be cute on someone else for sure, but on me, not so much. Pass.

Boldly Brushed Peasant Top-$68 (Red Motif)-shown in size X-Small

Finally, something I like! This top was the winner of the day. It is so darn cute and I love the color! I have very few orange-toned pieces of clothing in my closet as it's not a color I often find myself lusting after but this one sure drew me in. I think it's the brightness of it and the cute print that did it for me. I tried this in an X-small and it was plenty big. A small would have swallowed me up. It's a little flowy, but not so much so that it looks sloppy. My one concern is that it's a thinner, softer fabric making it more susceptible to getting a hole. All in all I think I would be willing to take my chances and may even spring for this at full price...if not at full price, definitely when it hits sale (if I can still find one!)

Winner's Circle Tee-$48 (Yellow motif)-pictured in size small

I tried this top on in both the X-small and the Small but the small seemed to be the better fit (although it was a little flowy). The X-small was a tad too short. This top is longer on the sides than in the middle so it makes for a little bit of a different look--one I'm not used to. I still don't quite know how I feel about it. I like the top and the decorative edge, and I liked the variety of colors it was offered in...just not sure I feel totally comfortable in it. Any opinions? For now I think I'm a pass on this but I could change my mind. If I could get on board with the bottom part it could be a go. You never know.

Garden Explorations Tee OR the Underseas Explorations Tee by "We Love Vera"--this has been coming up under two names and seems to be sold out online.

I tried this top on in a size X-small and it was all sorts of wrong on me from the get-go. It's not a top I would typically pick-up to try on...I really don't even know what possessed me to do so. After putting it on it was hard to get evenly positioned and I felt lopsided all over. Not a fan. Needless to say, it's a pass.

So only one MUST have item in the group...kind of disappointing but then again, better for the long wish list I've been keeping! I plan on going to Anthro in Vegas this Saturday so I hope to find lots of fun things to try on. There's always something new lurking it seems! There were a few things I couldn't find in Berkeley that I was hoping to see like the Gathering Tank, Oil Paints Cardigan and the Ivory Tower Tank. So many pretty little time. =)

Well, I'm off to relax with the fam...hope you all have a great day!


  1. Aw, lucky on having tomorrow off! Alas I'm still working, boo!

    You always look so effortlessly chic, I love seeing your casual but still put-together outfits!

  2. I love the winner's circle tee, the color is realy great. And, I love your IRL reviews--thanks for that. Looking great as always. I like the skirt for church, I missed out on that one. Bet you can't wait for your fun get a way.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! As always, I look to you for color inspiration :)

  4. I'm really digging your church outfit. The yellow heels are perfect!!

    Complex Cardigans

  5. Hey Jenni, I finally found your blog! I'm going to follow you now! :D I like your casual outfits a lot, and I love how you paired the peppered and striped skirt with cranberry. I'll have to pass that one along to my sister, who owns the skirt (sadly it was just too long for shortie me).

    I agree with you at the boldly brushed top was the winner from these reviews. I liked this top online, and I'm not even normally a fan of peasant tops. The color looks great on you, and the fit is awesome.

    I think the winner's circle tee looks good on you, but maybe the blue or the pink would look even better. (Or maybe I'm just biased because the blue was my favorite online!) Do you have the molded and melded tee? IMO they're pretty similar, and since I have the m&m I don't think I need both, but if you missed out on that and really like it, this might be a good substitute?

  6. This top - Boldly Brushed Peasant Top - looks great on you!!!! Love the reviews

  7. I love your church outfit, that skirt is adorable and was really a great purchase! And the mustard striped cardigan ($6, really??) looks so cute! I love it!

  8. Your outfits always look so crisp. It's like a wrinkle would never dare to touch you! Hah.

  9. I love all of your outfits and am glad you could make a little stop by Anthro! I always am trying to think up excuses to go to SLC to stop by! Have fun in Vegas! I was thinking about you last night during our show and I have to say I love Emily but I she is too good for him and should be the next girl on the show picking out who she wants!!!

  10. LOL @ "baby steps" -- you look great, and I actually think that fish nets and colored heels is a more exciting combination! I will have to try it sometime. And yay for getting to go to the Vegas Anthropologie -- that store is so fun and filled with exciting finds :)