Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh I love thee...let me count the (FIVE) ways...

Happy Tuesday (almost Wednesday)! Hope everyone had a good day! My day started out pretty darn good as the Anthro sale went live. I learned that my ivory Hiking Ruffles cardigan did indeed get a price cut so that meant a PA for me! When I woke up this morning I checked out my wish list and decided to do a little "Valentine's day present" shopping for myself. My husband did indeed get me flowers yesterday...he had his assistant play flower delivery person and delivered them to me at my door step since he was going to be home late. It was very sweet and unexpected (the delivery part). Anyhow, the present part was still left up to me so I decided to get on the phone with a few stores this morning to see what kind of good deals I could find (I had a few things in mind I wanted to search for). I called a few stores first that I KNEW always offer free shipping on charge sends (Durham, NC and San Antonio, TX) and then moved on to some local stores. I basically used up the rest of my February budget and then some for my V-day presents(BUT Valentines day presents don't count towards my monthly budget, of course!) I can't wait to get some happy mail this week!

After all that, I was visiting with my friend this afternoon when I was dropping her daughter off after school (it was my carpool day) and I saw her Slinking Frills pumps sitting there on her dining room table (she just got them). They are SOOO cute! I've had my eye on these for a long time but just couldn't ever justify the price. They are on the fancier side and I couldn't imagine where else I'd wear them besides church, date night or at dressy events so I've always passed on them. Well, knowing they had gotten a 2nd cut today got me thinking about them a little more and after I saw them at my friend's house, and then tried them on to see what size I would need, it was over. I fell in love. Seriously, how cute can they be? So I went home and started searching. After a few tips and leads from CS and other stores I was finally able to track down a pair in Pennsylvania and they are now on their way to me. Happy Valentines day to me!

So here's what I ended up with today:

So I ended up getting myself a whole outfit as my V-day present...I intended to just buy one item but then I found the skirt and the shoes...and it became an outfit. Whoops! What can I say? Thanks hubs! I may have to strike up this V-day gift giving deal with you every year! =)

Today was a second hair day...I re-straighted it and then decided to braid the front section on one side. I felt very "Bachelor" girl with the braid...all those girls have worn the one-sided braid this season at one time or another. I liked it....sometimes it's fun to change it up a bit. As for what I wore today...another version of my winter uniform... cardigan, tank, skinny jeans and boots. It's just so easy and comfortable!

Here's a look:

-Ruffle Tank-J Crew
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Perry D-Ring Boots-Loft
-Necklace-Banana Republic Outlet

I'm so ready for bed tonight...time to hit the hay. Sweet dreams...hope you all have a great Wednesday!


  1. Congrats on scoring all those great items Jenni! Love all the pieces, especially the cardigan! Love your whole look today as well (from the hair to the outfit). So lovely!

  2. Oh my gosh, you hauled! I have been watching the garden rows top too, did it go on sale?

  3. You scored some great items! And is that the Bianka blouse I see? I'm impressed that you were able to track one down.

    Can't wait to see how you style the Slinking Frills. You know I'm a sucker for fun, funky shoes : )

    So glad you had a great V-Day!

  4. Jenni, love your gifts, bet your excited to get them from Anthro. I am waiting for my new iPad to arrive, happy V-day to me. LOL!! Glad you liked your gift, thanks again.

  5. awww, love this look! And I'm especially loving how you braided your hair off to the side, great look!


  6. Great sale haul!!! Love everything you picked. Can't wait to see every piece in your OOTD!

  7. Fatima--thanks!

    Lauri--ya, you could say that! =) ANd YES! The Garden Rows top is now $39.95! One of my local stores still had one in my size so I did a charge send for it since it's sold out online in my size. I'm sure you could track one down!

    Jamie--I was SHOCKED I was able to find the Bianka still...but excited!!

    Molly--WOW! What a great present! Have fun with your new iPad!! (My son calls it a "big phone" and tells me he wants one now too...haha)

    Tasia--thanks!! =)

    shopwithm-Thanks! I saw your haul stuff!!!

  8. Oh wow I am LOVING everything you got! I have had my eye on those shoes too and same as you ... think they are a little dessy .... what do you think now that you have seen them in person?

  9. Wow, I can't believe you found those pumps! They are adorable and I love your bachelor braid!

  10. I love your choices and your outfit. I don't shop there because I am afraid, once I get started there is no stopping me!!! I love looking on the website! :)

  11. Jess-they are definitely a dressy shoe. Like I wouldn't wear to them to pick up my son from preschool on a daily basis or anything (maybe if I wanted to look extra cute? haha) That being said, they are amazing! I had pretty much talked myself out of getting them until I saw them and actually tried them on. That was the end of thinking I didn't need them. They are very unique looking which is why I love them.

    Jessica-Tell me about it! It was a hunt, that's for sure! Thanks! Are you addicted to Bachelor like your sis?

    addicted to jcrew/annTaylor--thanks! Trust me, you will become addicted immedietely! I LOVE Anthro!

  12. Love the detail of this cardi! So pretty!

  13. Love the valentines day gifts! Those shoes are fabulous! Can't wait to see you style an outfit around them!!!!!

  14. Great presents! Enjoy them!

  15. I love all your gifts and your outfit is super cute!

  16. Holy cow girl! Love all the stuff you got and super jealous! I can't even afford stuff on the sale rack at anthro! Love love love!

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