Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you all! There's just something about hearts, gifts, chocolates and anything sugary that gets me excited every year on February 14th. My husband, being the typical guy, isn't super into Valentines day so I happily offered to take care of my own gift this year. I'm hoping something fabulous goes on sale tonight at Anthro to take care of that very important commitment I made. =) He's not all that bad of a husband fact he's pretty wonderful. I suspect he'll walk through the door tonight with flowers in hand because that's the usual routine. I certainly won't complain...I'll happily accept flowers any day of the year--especially Valentines day!

Since I've been on a red and pink kick these past few days, I figured it was only right to continue on with the Valentines theme today, so I bring you my heart day look:

-Zebra print cardigan-Loft
-Molded and Melded Tee-Anthropologie
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Bracelet-family piece--originally my great-great-great Aunt's

I simply don't wear this fun cardigan enough and after seeing another blogger wear it recently it reminded me that I must pull it out! Did I tell you I finally took every single piece of clothing out of my closet and took pictures of them all to upload into Polyvore? (Well, all the tops and cardigans so far...the dresses and skirts are in my husband's closet...and I still have my shoes to go too). I'm hoping this will be super helpful in shopping my closet more...being able to see exactly what I have and mix and match in Polyvore will be great! It's been quite the project, I had no idea!

This afternoon the boys and I are planning on making Valentines day sugar cookies to frost for dessert and my oldest has requested breakfast for dinner tonight. I'm thinking heart-shaped pancakes are the way to go. Since I don't have girls I don't get to be all girlie on Valentines day (didn't spring for the cute V-day table scape from Target I saw the other day although I was super tempted...they had some really cute stuff!!!) so any way I can sneak a heart into the day I do.

I'm hoping for a sale at Anthro tomorrow...crossing my fingers for a PA on my Hiking Ruffles two weeks are up on Saturday. I'll be stalking the site as I watch The Bachelor tonight (how super romantic can the night get???)

Once again, happy valentines to you all!


  1. Happy Valentine's day Jenni! You look gorgeous in your heart day outfit! I'm passionate about zebra-print anything, so you can imagine how much I love the way you've styled the cardi:)
    Oh, and I love flowers! I haven't gotten those in a long while. Like you, I should probably also happily offer to get "me" a gift since I'm not spending this Valentine's with hubby :)

  2. Jenni, I love the valentines day outfit! It's super cute! My hubs bought me some chocolate covered strawberries and I can't wait to devour them. He usually does flowers as well and I love them, but I was really excited to get something edible this year. I think that's a great idea to take pictures of everything in your closet for polyvore. I bet that is quite the undertaking. It would be really helpful for putting together outfits. I might have to try doing that myself. I'm hoping for a sale tonight as well. I'm not sure if there is anything on my wishlist right now that will go on sale, but I love the anticipation of waiting to see what is going to go on sale. I hope you have a good night watching the Bachelor.

  3. Another cute vday outfit! And I hope for your sake there's a sale tonight (but not for mine, I don't need to be tempted!).

  4. That cardi and the red is a good way. I'd LOVE heart shaped pancakes made for me. Haha. Have a great Vday with your family.

  5. Flowers are always a great and classic V-day present. And here's hoping you get something great at Anthro soon. :) Love the red top underneath the printed cardi.

  6. What a cute outfit! I think zebra print needs to get more attention in the fashion world -- highly underrated!

    And I'm so impressed that you photographed all of your clothing for polyvore. I have been thinking of creating some type of virtual closet, but I never get past the thinking stage.

  7. Another cute outfit! Question - when you take the pictures of your clothes for Polyvore, do you lay them flat on something? Or do you have a spot where you hang them up? I want to do the same thing and haven't figured out what makes them look best. Thanks for any insight!!

  8. Fatima-Thanks so much! A little animal print never hurt anyone ya?? =)

    Lori-YUM! I love chocolate covered strawberries...sounds like your husband did good! =)

    Jessica-did you cave?? haha I was just happy my cardigan went on sale!

    Cindi--thanks girlie!

    Kristen--thanks so much!

    Jamie--it's been quite the little project but I"m sure it'll be super helpful once I'm done.

    Amy-I tried photographing things laid flat on the ground and everything just looked odd...and FLAT! Imagine that! So I put a hook over my linen closet door and hung everything against the door when I took the pictures. Of course the items don't look nearly as good as they do in actual product pages online but it'll do since I have so many things that I can't find images for. The thing that's taking the longest is going through each picture and editing and cropping each one. It's taking FOREVER!

  9. Jenni, cute otufit. Hope your day was great. DOn't miss my GC give a way. If you win it will help your budget!! LOL!!!

  10. Thanks for the response! I'm going to try the hook over the door right now while my littlest naps!

  11. I'm new to the blogging world. And I'm learning how to dress the best for less. Several of my outfits have been inspired by you. :) This outfit is AWESOME, so here I go looking for similiar items. :)

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