Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Wishlist and OOTD

Hi there everyone! Tonight as I wait for the Anthro sale to go live I thought I'd post my January wish list...things I have my eye on at Anthro. I have put myself on a budget starting this month so I have that in the back of my mind as I'm making this list. Some things are carry-overs from my December wish list. The first seven items are the ones I'd really love to get...a few honorable mentions will come after. If the sale price is right I might bite on one of those if my budget allows (which it probably won't).

Garden Rows Top (Green motif)-

This is at the top of my list. I loved it paired with the Delicate Drafts cardigan especially. I also think it would be cute with the gold field skirt!

Delicate Drafts Cardigan (Grey)-

This cardigan has really grown on me and I find myself really wanting it now!

Refined Cord Shirtdress (Red)-

I had knocked this one off the list after finding a red dress from Shabby Apple but after deciding to return that dress (it looked so odd on me) this has made it's way back on. I'm so excited that it JUST hit sale (2 minutes ago). After reading on Effortless Anthropologie that it might be a sale item this week I called tonight to put one on hold at my local store. I don't own a single shirt dress so I'm excited to add this one to my closet. Because I am returning the Shabby Apple dress I have a little extra money to play with this month in the budget...and it's going to help pay for this.

UPDATE--I just read online that the New York City Anthropologie stores are still offering 25% off sale items (apparel only). I called my local store here on the west coast and they are NOT. I was able to call the New York 5th Ave store and score the cord dress for 25% off the sale price and they said they'd ship it for free (I'll believe it when I see the receipt though as I hear the NY stores often DON'T wave shipping fees). If you're looking for a sale item check with the NY stores first to try to get another 25% off!! I'm so excited as I have even more left in my January budget now.

Sweeping Stitch Heels-

OH MY GORGEOUS! I first saw these on Taylor Swift on a late night talk show appearance and fell in love. I've had my eye on these for a while. They are totally different that anything I own which is fun. They would look great with jeans or a skirt. These little beauties also just popped up on sale...and now they're on their way to me. We all have our loves...high on my list of loves (after family, etc) are shoes. =)

Winter Beauty Pullover (Sky)-

This is a favorite of mine from a recent dressing room visit. I ended up trying it on again last week to confirm what size I like best (I'd go with a small--the XS was too short) and I loved it all over again. It's different than anything else I own. With it's high price tag I might wait for 2nd cuts to pick it up though...we'll see.

Field Skirt (Gold)-

I just love this color. Would you go on sale already?

Alluring Sway Skirt (Black)-

I would love to add this to my closet as I don't have a basic black pencil skirt anymore. This is a modern update.

Honorable Mentions (and a few things I'd like to try on):

-Soldierly Sparkle Top-

I haven't tried this one on yet mostly because I can't decide what color I like best. It's a very cute top!

-Antonetta Blouse-

I am drawn to the colors in the blue motif but want to see it in person to see if it's too much for me. It reminds me a lot of my Bianka blouse so for that reason alone this one will probably be a pass.

-Military Henley-

This just looks super comfy!

-Hiking Ruffles Cardigan-

I tried this one on before and was unsure about it but for some reason I just keep coming back to it and wishing it was in my closet!

After tonight's shoe purchase and tomorrow's Refined Cord dress purchase I'll still have some leftover budget for the month--it helps that I have that return money from the Shabby Apple dress to put towards the Refined Cord dress. At least that way my budget isn't totally blown already four days into the month! I'm sad to see that neither the Volante Tee or Floral Frappe top went on sale tonight...no PA's for me I guess. When they do finally hit sale I wouldn't mind picking up a second color in them both...I'd love the Volante in tan and the Floral Frappe in navy. They're both such cute tops!

I'll leave you with what I wore today:

-Deco Cardigan-Anthropologie (picked this up a few months back brand new with tags for a great deal on Effortless Anthropologie's weekly trade market)
-Ruffle Tank-DownEast Basics (Spring 2010)
-Skinny Cargos-Old Navy (Fall 2010-got these for $12!)
-Anticipation Heels-Anthropologie (got these on sale last week with an extra 25% off!)
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bangles-Gap Outlet

I of course had to wear a coat over this outfit when I went out today..it was chilly! This was the first time I'd worn my Anticipation heels and I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are! They make me happy. I know THINGS shouldn't bring you complete happiness, but as mentioned above, shoes make me happy. Not TOTALLY and COMPLETELY happy, but happy nonetheless. My husband, thankfully, is pretty understanding about that. =)

It's super late so I'm off to bed. I fell asleep earlier tonight for a bit while watching some TV...I've been wide awake the past hour because of it but now it's time to go to bed for sure. Happy sale shopping! I love hearing what everyone picks up so let me know! =)


  1. I love that yellow skirt and the soldiery sparkle top! Great finds...hope they go on SUPER sale for ya :)

  2. I love the Deco cardi, it's one I kick myself over missing out on! Glad you were able to pick up a couple of goodies this morning! I really want to try the Soldierly Sparkle top too, I hope it goes on sale next round :)

  3. Great picks! Wow, such a score on the refined cord with the extra 25% off!! Jealous. I love, love, love mine. So much so, that I picked up the navy today. ;) I popped into Anthro to return a bunch of stuff that didn't work out, so had a little $ to play with there, along with a bit of gift card. :) Managed to miraculously find one Precious Materials cardi down to $30 (!), the Blushing Bow top for $40 and the easy-as-pie dress in my size. Hooray! And now I have no more money to play with at Anthro for the rest of the month. :)

  4. Um...those teal heels are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see them on you...so jealous :)

  5. I love the heels!!!!! I got me a little something there today also (online of course!).

  6. Most of the stuff on your wishlist I have on mine too - I am also loving the Antonetta blouse in black kind of reminds me of the black print Bianka blouse I missed out on. I've been good so far this month with not shopping, but it's only the 5th!