Monday, December 27, 2010

The day After Christmas pick-me-up!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! The day after Christmas is always kind of a let least we had church to go to today to give us something to do! It also gave me good reason to pull out one of my new sale purchases from Anthro:

-Tank-Loft (early Fall 2010)
-Katelyn cardigan-J Crew (Summer 2010)
-Peppered and Striped skirt-Anthropologie
-Tights-Gap Outlet
-Ruffle T-Strap shoes-Target (Spring 2010-ish)
-Earrings/Necklace-Pac Sun
-Bracelet-J Crew

I am sporting a lot of grey today, that's for sure, but I think it works nonetheless. I LOVE this skirt...and getting the price adjustment on it with an additional 25% off was just icing on the cake. On another note, I am truly annoyed with my hair today. It's hit that point where it doesn't want to curl how I want it to curl...the in between short and long phase. You know what I'm talking about. It's driving me nuts! Do I cut it a few inches back to where it looked cute curled? Or do I deal with it and let it grow out to where it will once again look good curled? AHHH! Being a girl is so confusing...too many choices!

We are headed out tomorrow for a little family vacation and will be back at the end of the week. We surprised our kiddos yesterday with a trip to Legoland and Disneyland this week and needless to say they're a little over the moon about it all. =) The forecast is looking better than it did last week thankfully, but we're still a little worried about it raining on us on Wednesday. Hopefully it'll just be overcast. Crossing my fingers! I may or may not check in this week so if I don't I wish you all a Happy New Year! We'll be spending New Year's Eve with Mickey and gang...well, at least till about 7:30pm. Our youngest would NEVER make it till midnight! =)

Here's to a happy, healthy, safe and budget friendly 2011!!! =)


  1. I'll bet the kids are over the moon. Have a great time!!!

  2. Love that outfit! I'm a big fan of grey :)

    I say be patient and grow it out. I'm doing that right now too. My hair was ruined by a new stylist when he was doing my color so I had to go short. Now I'm trying to be patient growing it back long again. It doesn't curl the same either but I'm in it for the long haul!

    Hope you had a merry Christmas!

  3. Sounds like a fun week! Have a great time, and a very Happy New Year! :)

  4. Yay! The skirt looks great on you, awesome price! Have a wonderful time in Disney, I'm so jealous!

  5. Purple, gray and the yellow dots look sooo cute together. What a great deal for that skirt. I 'm jealous!

  6. The skirt is super cute on you! I know you will have a blast in Disney - that is the perfect cure for after Christmas blues! SO FUN!!!

  7. love your Target Tstraps with the tights! That skirt looks great on you. Have a fab vacation - I will miss your posts!!

  8. This skirt looks like it was made for you!!!

    With the hair, do you WANT it longer? If so, then I say just suck it up and get through the awkward stage. If that's not you're goal though, I bet shorter hair would look nice with your face shape. I guess it's all about where your goals are with hair.

  9. Sounds like you have a number of fun activities planned -- lucky you! I've never been to Disney for Christmas or New Years, but it sounds wonderful!

    And the purple is so beautiful with this skirt -- just the right touch!

    I think you hair looks lovely in these pictures, but I can understand the feeling. I cut my hair short back in the summer, and have still be trying to grow it out. But I keep having to cut it every two months because it will be an awkward, unmanageable length if I don't!

  10. YEAH. Real girl fashion... Love it.