Monday, December 6, 2010

Butterfly Love

Hope everyone had a good Monday! It was pretty uneventful around here...went to the gym, went grocery shopping, carted kids to and from school, ran to Target for a few things...I even got around to tackling the ginormous pile of papers, magazines, coupon mailers, etc that have been sitting next to my phone for about two weeks now. Feels good to get that pile outta there!!!

My outfit today consists of a few things I bought a while back and have just never gotten around to wearing yet...a cute Butterfly print top and an open chunky weave cardigan. After I bought the top I hung it up in my closet and realized I already owned a butterfly print top. Whoops! No wonder I liked it! I'm not really a fan of bird prints but butterflies I can handle. I debated taking the top back but decided it looked different enough to keep. I really like the look of a printed top under a cardigan. Here's how I styled it today:

-Element Open Chunky Weave Cardigan-Pac Sun
-Butterfly Print Top-Pac Sun
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Ring-gifted from my husband (from a boutique at Squaw Valley)
-Earrings-Pac Sun

Looking at the picture, I wish I would have worn my Target boots...the taupish-grey ones. I think they would have looked better. All and learn. The sweater is SUPER comfy and actually pretty warm..I love it!

Yesterday was a gloomy day...a lot of rain. I really just could not bring myself to do my hair for church so up in a ponytail it went. I was being lazy. Here's what I wore:

-Merona Dress-Target (circa 2008)
-Fish Net Tights-Kohl's
-Franco Sarto Boots-Macy's (2008)
-Necklace-Old Navy
-Ring-Banana Republic
-Bracelet-Family Piece

I really loved this dress when I bought it...I wore it all the time! It cost me a whopping $25 I think. This is the first time I've pulled it out in forever, however. It's an easy, comfortable dress to wear. Guess I should wear it more than once a year! =)

SO...rumor has it there IS an Anthro sale tomorrow...come on wish list items!!! Can't wait to see what pops up! I'm rooting for several items, but I'd especially jump up and down if the Easy Keeper Skirt, Volante Tee or Reed Shirtdress went on sale...just saying.

Off to update the Christmas card address list...a chore I've been avoiding. Have a great night!


  1. Love the all black week, so chic! And I just got back from Anthro and the SA's said there was a sale tomorrow. Yay!

  2. Jenni, I heart the whole first outfit! You look stunning in it! What a cute unique top - love that shade of purple :). Glad you kept it!

  3. Love your Pac-Sun buys! And I already emailed you, but I have that Merona dress too - one of my all time favs!

  4. Love both outfits! By the way, your hair looks cute pulled back! Have a great day.

  5. That sweater looks extremely comfortable! I love the dress... Target really delivers sometimes!

  6. I like the cardigan and top together! It's funny that you don't like bird prints, though, haha! The boots look good with the outfit, but next time you could always wear the ones you thought of later on! ;) And what can beat a sweater dress in terms of comfy-ness??

  7. I just love the butterfly top... and that sweater looks SO WARM on a day like today!!
    I think I have that same Merona dress in Chocolate. I've only worn my once but thought I just had to have it =)

  8. I am so with you on the Christmas cards (which are still sitting on my counter for 3 weeks already!) I will mail them this week I swear!!! You should totally wear that dress more it's a classic!

  9. I love how you added some color to the dress with that pretty necklace! And you look so cute and cozy - ready for the ski lodge - in that first outfit!

  10. That top is awesome...I love the color!

  11. Gorgeous blouse, I'm a sucker for purple + patterns!