Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A big HELLO and some OOTD's

Hi there everyone! Hope your week is going good so far! So far so good on my end. We headed to pizza for dinner tonight so that made the night even better...no dishes to clean up.

Before I dive into a few outfits from the past few days I just wanted to say HI to all the readers who I don't know are reading this...especially my real life friends/family. When I started this blog I did so without really telling anyone I was doing it except one of my close friends, my husband and my mom. I felt a little silly about starting it but still wanted to go ahead and do it...for me to share ideas...for fun. In the months after, a few other friends somehow found out about it and told me they were now reading it. Every time someone tells me they've found it and read it I get a little embarrassed. It's super flattering that anyone would actually take the time to keep up with my blog let alone even read it at all! I certainly don't pretend to be an expert on fashion...quite the opposite really. I learn as I go. I've decided style is a constant evolution so I just keep at it. That being said, I hope I can somehow give someone an idea here or there for fashion as I have gained so many ideas from other fashion bloggers. That was the whole idea of doing this in the first place....to show that a stay-at-home mom can have fun with fashion too!

So I just wanted to say hi to anyone who I actually know in real life that's reading...I wonder who you are!?! I'm super curious! Don't tell me though...cause then I'll just turn red in the face when I run into you somewhere. =) HI to all those I don't know, also...thanks for stopping by! =)

So onto my outfits from yesterday and today...I've been in the Christmas spirit apparently...


-Top-Down East Basics
-Roaming Frills Cardigan-Anthropolgie
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Dollhouse Boots-Endless
-Open Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Kenneth Cole Earrings-Macy's
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver (gift from a friend)

And today:

-Ruffle front tunic-Old Navy
-Space-dyed Cardigan-Banana Republic
-Rockstar Skinny Jeans-Old Navy
-Necklace-Tiffany (gift from the hubbs)

So the sale at Anthro today was a big disappointment for my wish list....not a thing on my list went on sale for the third sale in a row. It's been good for my bank account I guess! I'm holding out hope for a good sale next week...come on Santa, grant a few fashion wishes!!! My in laws sent me my Christmas present in the mail this week and it happened to come in the form of an Anthro gift card so I'm ready to pull the trigger even more now! Did you get anything good? Disappointed like me?

Off to get the kiddos ready for bed...and then settling in for a relaxing night...just me, my pj's and my DVR...you know you're jealous of my glam life! =)


  1. Hey Jenni I love both of your looks today! A few of my real life friends now read my blog too. We all get a fun kick out of it!

  2. Jenni, you hair is so gorgeous, I love it both straight and curly . Also love your cheerful disposition, such a wonderful smile in every pic,

  3. I love both looks too! 'Tis the season for red and green? ;)

    I know what you mean about getting embarrassed about the blog. After months of posting, I finally told my own sister about mine and then she turned around and told my mother. I was so embarrassed, and a little bummed because it was kind of like my own little secret place to say whatever I wanted because no one knew me IRL, you know? (Which I realize is completely silly, since I was posting something on the internet for all to see, how secret can that really be?!)

  4. Cute looks, I love how your red and green on diff days!

    And I hear ya on family and friends reading your blog. I get embarrassed about it too. Which is silly since I put it all out there on the internet! Oh well, I have fun doing it and it's a great creative outlet- which is what it's all about to me.

  5. How cute you look in both outfits. Isn't it nice to have so many friends and family read your blog? It's really been fun for me and I love reading yours everyday.

  6. I love both outfits! Your hair look especially pretty in the top photo!

  7. I love the festive outfits! I kinda feel dumb about my friends reading my blog, I have no idea why! I think just because most of them are not that into fashion and probably think I am silly!

  8. Your m/u looks so good. I like both outfits. Loving those Rockstars! Fabu.

  9. Love your Christmas inspired red and green outfits! Your hair is gorgeous curled in the top photo!

  10. Such pretty outfits, and love the subtle holiday touches with the red and green - gorgeous! I always wonder if people I know are reading my blog and not saying anything, especially my one cousin....maybe I should call 'em out too!

  11. My husband is really the only one who knows me that knows I blog -- I think part of the fun in anonymous blogging is that you don't have to worry about someone judging you or whatnot - I mean, if someone who doesn't know me judges me, I can brush it off because they don't *know* me! But I'd worry about the opinion of someone who really does know me. That is my silly concern. But I think your blog is great, so if someone who knows you comes up and says they've seen it, you should be proud ;)

    I love the green Downeast Basics top -- its design goes great with the Frills cardigan!

  12. i just blogged about the same thing. i'm not embarassed, i just don't want people i know to come to my house and see the mess and think i spend all my time on the computer.

  13. You just made me really hungry for pizza :) And I love reading your blog, you have such cute outfits, and put colors together so well!!

  14. I just told some family and friends about the blog and wouldn't you know it, word got out to more people than I felt comfortable. I still feel funny about that, and I find that I'm more critical about what I write.

    I love your boot collection, you have so many awesome pairs!