Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The time has come...and an OOTD

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's a short school week for my first grader so today was his last day till next Monday. I felt like Christmas had come early when he pulled out the piece of paper that said there was no homework for next week...a parent's dream! Seriously, I hated homework when I was in school but I think I hate it even more now as a parent. Since there's no school tomorrow it's a good opportunity to get a few things done--like make some returns. I have things to return to Loft and Gap, both of which I have to drive about a half hour to get to. No worries...the drive is well worth it because we always stop by our favorite frozen yogurt joint on the way out. I could eat it everyday--even in the winter. One time they had Red Velvet fro-yo...heavenly! My all-time favorite has to be the Boysenberry though...oh my gosh, I wish I had some right now!

Anyhow, I'm totally off-topic now--sorry. Back to the title, "The Time has Come"...well, the time has come for a shopping break. Seriously, I need a (forced) break. My husband has always been super good about not giving me too hard of a time when it comes to my little shopping habit, for which I am grateful, but I think when I start to feel guilt about it all on my own, it's time to take a break. The shopping break begins right now...tonight. On my little trip tomorrow I am only allowed to buy something if it is with the money I receive from the returns I make, and even then, I'm gonna try hard not to spend that. Like any good break, there are a few exceptions (hence, I'm not using the words ban):

1. I am allowed to buy an over the shoulder/cross body purse--one I can use for Black Friday so I don't have to lug around the big purse I usually carry. Every single purse I own has short straps so I really want one to be able to just throw across my body and not have to worry about holding it. I already have this picked out from Nordstrom that I plan on picking up tomorrow with some of my "returns" money.

2. I am allowed to purchase the following things off my Anthro wish list if they pop up on sale (Oh, and if they all hit sale I can't buy them all!!!):

Filamentous Cardigan

Anticipation Heels

Floral Frappe Top

Field Skirt

Loosely Looped Tee

Whipped Woolens Cardigan

Some of these probably won't even come close to hitting sale--but I had to include them JUST in case. =)

3. I am allowed to purchase ONE item for myself on Black Friday if I see one that I can't live without. I'm sorry, but it's Black version of Christmas! We don't usually spend a lot of time looking for things for ourselves while we're Black Friday shopping, but I have been known to find a good deal on something I just had to have so I'm leaving this option open.

4. I am allowed to purchase a few pairs of patterned tights...I need a few for the winter months. So far these have caught my eye:

Stormy Seas Tights

Ok, that's it...I think I can do it. I have a few things on their way to me in the mail right now so you'll probably still see some new things pop up here and there but know that they were all purchased pre-shopping break. This shopping break will be in effect until Christmas day--December 25th. The problem with the last ban was that I totally went nutso afterwards to make up for the time I didn't get to shop. This will NOT happen this time around (using the word break instead of ban is making me feel better already). At the start of the new year I'm going to create a clothing budget for myself. Seriously, my closet is overflowing...I really don't have anymore room! =) It's either create a budget or kick my husband out of his closet (which I've already taken over half of--whoops). So that's the plan. Wish me luck!

I'll leave you with my outfit from today...I purchased the cardigan and tank at the same time to wear together...the model on the website had them on together and I loved the way it looked. I'm totally one of those people who buys things that the models look good in, hoping that I look just like the model when I wear it...tell me I'm not the only one that does that!

-V-Neck Cardigan-Loft
-Twist Neck Tank-Loft
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap
-Riding Boots-Old Navy (2009)
-Necklace-Banana Republic Outlet
-Ring-gift from my husband

So off I go...let the shopping "break" begin! Anyone else brave enough to join in? =)


  1. The "break" instead of a "ban" is much better!!! I am the opposite with spending money on myself - I am bad at spending it! I would much rather save it. I NEED to buy some more basics for the winter - maybe I will make of the things I need and onyl buy from that list.

  2. love all your wishlist! Good for you for taking a break. I need one b/c I went nutso on Tucker for Target - but it was all 75% off - but still have some returns to make. Good luck!

  3. Jenni-
    I just posted about a shopping ban placed on myself a couple of days ago. I feel the same way, I don't have room or NEED anything and my shopping is getting almost out of control. I'm taking my break from Nov. 8th to Dec. 8th, then I'm using a Loft coupon (the 25 off 50), but would like to keep it to minimal clothes shopping until xmas. Sorry for detailed comment, but I want you to know I'm right there with you!!! We can do it! :)

  4. The colors look great on you, Jenni! And yes, I'm also guilty of copying the store models or other bloggers when putting together my outfits! =) That's one of the fun things about blogging!

  5. I totally need to join you because I need to start spending all my extra $$ on Christmas presents not clothes!

  6. Jenni, I have the same sweater and top. Love them both. I am not buying anything between now and Christmas. But, it's not easy to impose a freeze when they're are SO many cute things out there just calling our names.......LOL!!

  7. I have the same sweater and top too....I never thought to wear them together...I might have to steal this haha!

  8. Love those colors together! And you're not alone in stealing outfits from the mannequin as I do it all the time! And I really need to join you on your shopping break. I'll have to talk to my sister and have her do it too since I need strength in numbers! And it would make my hubby happy also!

  9. I need a shopping break too!!! I have been spending a lot more than usual lately, so I've decided to cut waaaaaay back until after Christmas, considering that Christmas shopping for family and friends will be taking up a bit of our budget for the next month.

    I think I've decided to let myself get some basics -- a cream-colored cardigan, black boots, tights, a black skirt - but other than that, unless something from Anthro I REALLY want goes on sale, I need to lay off for a little while.

    And I'm like you, my husband goes easy on me, but I feel guilty all on my own, so that's a sign that it's time for a break! :)

  10. I hate budgets... can I just say? I tried on the Filamentous Cardigan and the Field skirt last night at my Anthro store on Santana Row... they are gorg and are now on my wish list. If only $$ grew on trees.....if it is any consolation, I think everything you want you will wear for a LONG TIME! All of it will go with so much. Can't wait to see you style them!