Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots of Layers

It was COLD here this morning and I wanted nothing more than to pile on the layers to keep warm as I dropped my son off at school. The night before I was at Target standing in the checkout line and saw this girl in the next line over wearing the cutest outfit...she had a short-sleeved tan chunky weave sweater with an asymmetrical buttoned up collar (that she had draped open) layered over a brown long sleeved shirt. It looked super cozy and cute and I loved how she had it paired with skinny jeans and riding boots. When I was getting dressed this morning I thought back to her outfit and decided to try to recreate it with what I could find in my closet. It's not an exact replica of course, but I came pretty darn close!

-Cowl neck Sweater-Forever 21 (Fall 2009)
-Long sleeved tee-Old Navy
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Kachiri Boots (Taupe)-Target
-Ring-Old Navy
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole (via Macy's)

I threw on a long, green coat over the top of my sweater this morning when it was really cold...I was definitely warm...mission accomplished! It was so satisfying to be able to recreate this look with items I already owned! And who would have thought that I'd find inspiration for my outfit today at my local Target check-out line? I suppose stranger things have happened. =)

Tomorrow is looking to be another cool day so I'll probably sporting some more layers...I'm all about staying warm...I really hate being cold! Hope you have a good one!


  1. This outfit is one of my all-time look great! :)

  2. That looks so nice together. I love the long the sweater over the long sleeved tee and the boots--well, they just work with everything. So cute!!

  3. LOVE this look! I'm a huge fan of layering and this is a staple look for me. Easy and cozy and chic. You look so cute!

  4. This is such a cute look! Love it!

  5. Great outfit! So funny where you can find ideas. Of course I'm always trying to mirror outfits I see on blogs... never thought about looking around me at the store! :)

  6. One of my faves on you! That reminds me that I need to break out my short sleeved sweater too.

  7. Good eye spotting this adorable look at the check-out line - I LOVE IT!!! You really look effortless today, the layers, the colors, the boots...perfection!