Friday, November 12, 2010

Return goods

TGIF!!! I love Fridays...they are by far my favorite day of the week. My second favorite is Monday...I like getting back into a routine after the weekends. Today we had planned on going to visit my parents since #1 has the day off of school but my mom isn't feeling very well so we'll be sticking closer to home today after all. Gotta find something to entertain my kiddos with now!

Yesterday we went to make my returns and had a good little shopping trip. I did indeed stick to my rules and came home with leftover money from my returns. I returned a pair of shoes and a sweater to Loft, and in return ended up picking up a pair of tan cords for $29 and a different sweater for $22. The cords were suppose to an in-store special of $39.50 and the sweater was suppose to be an in-store special of $29.50...when I went to pay I made mention of the fact that I should have spent a little more to have been able to use the mailer coupon that I had gotten a few weeks back (get 20% off a purchase of $100 or more) but really I knew I wasn't going to because of my shopping break rules. The sales associate then told me I could still use the coupon in-store for ANY amount even if I didn't make it to the $100 mark...that was news to me! So I got an extra 20% off of both items and saved even more money which was great! I basically got both items for 50% off or more.

After Loft, I went to return a pair of shoes to Gap. While in line I saw the same shoes in a different color that I hadn't noticed online before...I really liked them! When I glanced at the price tag I noticed they were now $15 cheaper than what I had originally paid for them. Along with that I could get 30% off with the Give and Get promo so I decided to go ahead and just exchange them for the other color and get a much better deal. I ended up getting $20 back. Cha-ching! After that we stopped by Nordstrom where I did indeed pick up the purse I had mentioned before, along with a belt for $14.99...I've been wanting a darker chocolate brown belt for a while so I figured I'd just go ahead and grab it. After all was said and done I didn't spend an extra penny and came home with money left over from all the returns/exchanges. I was pretty proud of myself for staying within my rules.

Here's what I wore out on our shopping/returning excursion (I looked like a walking Loft advertisement!):

-Painted Stripe Top-Loft (LOVE LOVE LOVE this top!!!)
-Grey skinny jeans-Loft
-Perry D-Ring Riding Boots-Loft
-Ring-Pac Sun

I always feel funny walking into a store wearing clothes that are still on the racks...when I come out of the dressing room I'm super paranoid and don't want them to think I put something on and just walked out in it...I swear this is what I wore into your store! Am I the only one worried about that? =) haha

I'm off to pick up #2 from preschool...gotta go wake up #3 from his nap...sad. Hope you have a great day!!!


  1. I too am a bit paranoid about wearing something to a store where it's still on the rack. Great job getting those discounts! I love the striped tee.

  2. Love that tee! Where do you get Loft coupons? Good to know you don't have to spend $100!

  3. Hey Jenni! My favorite days of the week are Friday and Monday, too, in the same order and for the same reasons! lol And I'm the same way about wearing clothes from a store I'm shopping in. I even feel funny wearing clothes that aren't currently selling in the stores--like they'll think I'm obsessed with their store or something LOL I felt that way the other day when I walked into J Crew wearing the Frances striped ruffle blouse and knit Thandie blazer. The SA's didn't say anything, but I felt funny. :P Weird, huh? :)

  4. It sounds like you had a successful shopping trip :) I too always feel a little bit funny walking into a store wearing clothes that are still on the racks...but oh well! I love that top, I have seen it look go on so many people!

  5. You look adorable and you were such a good girl on your trip to the mall! YES! I feel so self concious when I'm wearing current merchandise in the store - not because I think they'll suspect I'm a theif, but like Amy said, I just feel like I'm crazy-obsessed with their store, lol.

  6. love your whole Loft outfit! :)

  7. I love this outfit Jenni! You seriously have been rocking some amazing looks.

  8. Wow -- congrats to you. I am very impressed that you stuck to your guns and have upheld your commitment to streamline your shopping. LOFT really has some amazing deals.

    I am trying very hard to cut back on purchases between now and Christmas -- but I see that Anthro's Glowing Leaf skirt is selling out quickly in my size...oh, the temptation...

  9. Jenni, you look so cute in your Loft set. It's sometimes hard to be good on a mall outing. You did a very good job!!