Monday, October 25, 2010

Bianka, Bianka

Another Sunday evening is here already and a new week is upon us again! This week should be a busy one...Halloween activities to attend and treats to make, my mom is coming down one day for a visit, I have a hair appointment, my regular volunteering in my son's class, family pictures for our Christmas cards, a night out with some friends to celebrate a birthday...I'm tired just thinking about it! That's's so much better to be busy than bored I suppose.

This morning I woke up to rain falling outside my window and I loved it! I absolutely love waking up to rain when I don't have to be anywhere right away. It was great. My husband and I trade off sleeping in on the weekends and Sunday mornings are my sleep in day so when I woke up I just laid in bed checking my email and browsing blogs on my phone while listening to the rain for a while before actually getting out of bed. While I was lying there I was thinking about what to wear to church and I decided it was time to break out my Bianka blouse. When I brought this blouse home with me this was the first outfit that came to mind to wear with it...a simple pencil skirt and heels.

-Bianka Blouse-Anthropologie (blue motif)
-Pencil Skirt-Banana Republic (Winter 2010)
-Belt-Banana Republic (Winter 2010)
-Miki Pumps-Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (birthday gift from my mom)
-Tank-Old Navy
-Necklace-Fossil (this is like the third time I've worn this necklace this week...obsessed much?)
-Earrings-Old Navy
-Ring-Forever 21

I really like the way Banana Republic does pencil skirts...their quality and fit has always been really good in my experience. I should have grabbed this one in black too while I had the chance!

Well, I'm off to bed to get some sleep before the craziness of the week begins!


  1. You look cute...sounds like a busy week ahead for you!!

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  2. Cute blouse...I tried on the green version today, it was really cute...but I try to avoid Anthro at full price :)

  3. I love the Bianka Blouse on you, Jenni!! It is such a cute blouse and each color motif is wonderful! I just got the green and am super excited :)

  4. Love the bianka on you! I almost wore it to church yesterday too because I think it looks so cute tucked into a skirt. And I love those heels with it!

  5. I love that blouse with a simple pencil skirt!! That blouse is fabulous on you!!!

  6. That blouse is beautiful on you! So cute for fall. Hope you had a great weekend!

  7. you look beautiful! This shirt was made for you!!

  8. Collette--thanks!

    Tara--the green version came out the week after I bought the blue motif! I love both but am happy to stick to the one I bought. I also rarely buy things at full price (in fact, this is like the third thing ever) but I was afraid this one would get away from me if I waited for a sale.

    Erin--Can't wait to see how you style yours!!!

    Jessica-How funny! GOod thing we don't go to the same ward...we have quite a few of the same things! =)

    Tricia--THanks! Sometimes simple is the way to go!

    Andrea--You're so sweet..thanks! We did have a good weekend...hope you did too!

    Peggy--Thanks so much!!!

  9. This is so classy and put together! Those colors look fantastic, I just love it. You have to be the 4th blogger that bought that blouse this weekend- it's the new southward stop dress!! I understand why though, it really is a beauty!

  10. Ooooh, what a pretty blouse! I love the sleeves! I'll have to check out Banana Republic's pencil skirts since I am always looking for more to add to my collection. I hear you on the rain, too. I hate falling asleep to it (since it's usually accompanied by lightning and thunder, both of which terrify me), but I love waking up to it when I have nowhere to go for the day!

  11. You look stunning in that blouse!