Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A few of my latest looks...and the Anthro pre-Black Friday sale has begun!

Happy Wednesday!  Today is the start to our Thanksgiving break...yay!  Everyone is excited to take a break and relax for a few days.  We've all been so busy lately which is good, but a little break is a welcome thought.  

As you can tell my blogging has been a little inconsistent lately...I hope to get back to a normal schedule soon.  Turns out opening a business is a little time consuming!  =)  I'm still snapping pictures of my outfits most days though so I thought I'd share a handful from last week (left to right):

Original Polyvore set for this look can be found HERE
Riviera Blouse-Banana Republic
Curvy Jeans-Gap
"Roxy" Faux Leather Jacket-Piper Street
Carapace Wedges-Anthropologie
Mixed Spectra Necklace-Anthropologie
Sainte Chapelle Earrings-Anthropologie
Ring-Forever 21

Original Polyvore set for this look can be found HERE
Pattern Drop Tee-Anthropologie
Jeggings-American Eagle
Clare Cardi in Cabernet-J Crew Factory
Tabbed Leather Belt-Anthropoloigie
Alissia Scallop-Tied Booties-Anthropologie
Kulfi Strands Necklace-Anthropoligie
Double Hoop Earrings-Banana Republic
Bracelet-Twisted Silver
Ring-Forever 21

Original Polyvore set for this look can be found HERE
Merona Floral Print Blouse-Target
"Andie" Faux Leather Pants-Piper Street
Vince Camuto "Miki" Pumps-Nordstrom
Necklace-J Crew Factory
Golden Totem Bracelet Set-Anthropologie
Double Hoop Earrings-Banana Republic
Flower Bud Ring-J Crew

Original Polyvore set for this look can be found HERE
Grand Ruffle Tank-J Crew
Watercolor Floral Cardigan-J Crew Factory
Foundational Pencil Skirt-Anthropologie
Berry Tights-Old Navy
Slinking Frills Pumps-Anthropologie
Kulfi Strands Necklace-Anthropologie
Bardot Spiral Bracelet-Stella & Dot
Rosalinda Tonal Drops-Anthropologie
Flower Bud Ring-J Crew

A lot of items above are items i've had for quite some time mixed with some newer acquisitions.  I love finding new ways to style my closet!


Black Friday sale talk is swirling and Anthropologie is getting a head start by releasing a new (quite large) round of sale items this morning!  I have my eye on a few things...I'll report back with the damage in my next post. =)  Word on the street is that Black Friday will bring an extra % off sale items...we shall see!  I'm wondering if they'll honor price adjustments???  I've always been able to get them in the past on Black Friday but you just never know.  Shop at your own risk!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate tomorrow, and happy two days before Black Friday!!!  I'm sooooo excited!  I'm headed out with a few friends to try to score some great deals...what are your plans?  


  1. Hi Jenni,

    I love the clothes from Piper Street. I so wish you would ship to Canada. ;(

    1. Hi Teresa, don't give up on us yet! We may add shipping to Canada one of these days!=)

  2. I love third and forth outfit ! :-)
    Awesome dear ! xx

  3. Love all of your sets! We just moved to Carmel, so I'm considering heading out to Anthro and j. Crew on Friday...I need some house things so I'm hoping anthro has a good sale!

  4. There is SO much I'm watching for a good BF sale. This time of year is SO hard... I'm supposed to be buying for everyone else... not for me! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Doll!!