Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Feeling (Cobalt) Blue

Happy Tuesday..and Happy September!  

This happens to be my absolute favorite month of the year.  It may have something to do with cooler temps, changing leaves, and the fact that my birthday is right around the corner...yay!  I still love birthdays...even in my thirties.  Any excuse to have a cupcake is a good excuse in my book!

We had a fabulous Labor Day yesterday and celebrated with a big BBQ bash in our backyard with about 10 other families...I think I counted over 60 people in my backyard at one point.  It was tons of fun!  Now it's Tuesday and we're back to the grind...my boys just halfheartedly stepped out the front door to the bus.  They weren't exactly overjoyed to be headed off to school this morning.  My second grader told me he wished school was one second long today...lol.  Sorry dude!

So I have a question for you...do you ever buy something you really love and then it sits in your closet unworn because you're waiting for the perfect place or moment to wear it?  I do this ALL THE TIME!  I'm not really sure why...it's like I enjoy seeing it hang in my closet unworn and untouched for a while before I risk getting it dirty or something.  I've always been like this.  I do it with clothes, shoes and jewelry.  I bought the cutest dress from a boutique in Utah called Koo De Ker a few months ago and have been staring at it in my closet ever since.  No rhyme or reason...just didn't want to wear it yet.  It's not like I didn't love it, and I knew I'd get great wear out of it eventually.  For whatever reason, it hung for a long while.  Finally last Sunday I decided it was time to get it out and wear it.  Why last Sunday?  No idea.  That's just how I roll.  

Maxi Dress-Koo De Ker
Harachi Cork Wedge Sandals-Target
Pendant Necklace-Nordstrom (BP)
Bardot Earrings-Stella & Dot
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Henry Chrono" Watch-Piperlime
Sparkle Flower Ring-Banana Republic

Phew!  Glad I got over that hurdle.

Do you like to stare at your pretty new things hanging in your closet for a while before you wear them too?  Or do you immediately wear new items?

Just in case you missed it, Anthropologie dropped a good size sale this morning...I haven't ordered anything yet but I have a few things I'm mulling over.  I also have the coveted birthday discount in my hot little hands this month which I'm planning to use soon...trying to narrow down my wish list first!  I'll share my wish list later this week....so many fab things to choose from!

My little guy and I are off to the trampoline gym this morning...we took a hiatus all summer long and he is SOOO excited to go back!  Ahhh, the joys of being a preschooler.  You get to do all the fun things still while your older siblings are stuck doing math and history.  =)

Hope you have a great day!


  1. This dress is gorgeous. I think it's great for this late-summer-early-fall period of time, where you want to wear deeper colors but still need to be cool, at least during the day.

    1. Thanks so much Danielle! I agree! I need to find a great cardi in my collection to layer over it and pair it with booties when the temps start falling!

  2. gorgeous maxi dress that is perfect for late summer right into fall! love this! xo


  3. I'm a September birthday too and have been trying to narrow down my wish list. Can't wait to hear about your top pics for the b-day discount. Have a great week!

    1. It's so hard, right?! Too many great things to pick from right now! Happy early birthday to you!

  4. Shoot, I'd like to go to the trampoline gym too! ;o)

    1. LOL...it would be such a fun girls night out activity right?!

  5. Cute dress! You have SO many pretties in that closet behind you...

    Ahhh...back to school. What I wouldn't give to go back to THOSE days...If kids only knew!

  6. Wow that was quite the Labor Day BBQ! I bet it was a blast :) Ps. Love that Maxi on you!!