Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny has come, the candy has been broken into and the remnants of Easter morning are laying all over my family room floor.  Needless to say my boys love Easter morning.  Later today we'll be headed to church to remember the real reason for holiday, and then afterwards we're getting together with some friends for Easter dinner.  Do you have fun plans for today??

One of my favorite things about Easter Sunday has always been getting new Easter clothes.  My mom would always get me a new Easter dress growing up so I continue the tradition by getting my boys new Easter outfits every year.  I usually like to have hubby and I wear something that sorta matches so we all look a little cohesive, but this year I'm the odd-woman out.  Hubby has a shirt and tie that will match the boys, but for some reason I literally don't have A THING that is light blue in my closet.  NOTHING!  I was shocked.  I do have some navy blue, which would match the light blue, navy blue, white, tan combo my kids are wearing, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to wear navy blue on Easter Sunday.  It just seems to dreary and not bright enough, so this year I won't be matching as well as I had hoped.  All well...not the end of the world.  Here's what I have planned:

Easter 2012

Easter 2012 by jennifoundinmycloset featuring printed scarves

It's certainly not much of a match to light blue and navy by any means but every group needs a little color right?  I'll be the Easter egg of the family. =)

I must have purple and yellow on the brain this week because I wore the same color combination a few days ago when I made the trek to Anthropologie.  Here's what I wore:

What I Wore:
Loosened Shelby Blouse-Anthropologie
Traversa Cardigan-J Crew
Toothpick Ankle Denim-J Crew Factory
Lemon Stick Wedges-Anthropologie
Earrings-Stella & Dot
Ring-Banana Republic

Wonder what the color combination of the week will be this week?  =)

Stay tuned for Anthro fitting room reviews this week!

Happy Easter Sunday to you!


  1. Happy Easter!! You Easter outfit is gorgeous! I can't wait to see you wearing it!! I love the Loosened Shelby Blouse on you too!!

  2. Happy Easter Jenni! Love that cute outfit!

  3. Happy Easter :)

    Both camis are beautiful. I foolishly returned the one in your Polyvore. I think it was too big, but I coulda made it work, right...? lol