Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was divine. I enjoyed every second of having no plans (except #2's end of the season soccer party on Saturday night). I am feeling a little rejuvenated finally so I'll be ready to face the world with a little more ease tomorrow morning I think. I'm actually welcoming Monday morning this week. Bring it on!

Had you come knocking on my door on Saturday you would have found me in my pajamas until around 3:30pm...seriously. And don't even ask about today. I wasn't kidding about the whole being lazy thing. When I finally decided to get ready for the soccer party I felt like being comfy so I went with this:

-Monthly Meet-up Pullover-Anthropologie
-Artist Crop Jeans-American Eagle
-Steve Madden "Cabezza" Sandal
-Necklace/ Earrings-Nordstrom (BP)
-Candy Rock Bracelet-Anthropologie
-Ring-Forever 21

I love this top so much...I waited for it to go on sale for forever last spring and snatched it up the second it did. It's super girlie with the ruching detail on the!

So the weather this week is finally making a change for good I think (dare I even say it???)...although I wasn't asking for rain! I just wanted some cooler temps! Rain is also on it's way too, however. My backyard will be needs a good watering. With the change of season it's also time to go through my boys' drawers and clean out what's gotten too small for them and see what they now need. I'm also feeling the urge to go through my things and do a little purging as well. I know there are things in there that I have held onto thinking I'd wear but still haven't. Time to say bye-bye.

While I'm out in the garage going through all the boys' clothes buckets I have I should pull out my fall decorations too. I am so excited for all the fall/winter holidays this year. My boys are already on my case about getting their Halloween costumes ordered. I have a policy that I don't order/purchase any costumes until Oct 1st so of course yesterday they were ready to start looking. They don't waste any time! This year my oldest wants to be "Hogwarts Harry Potter" and my middle guy wants to be Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. #3 will be happy with whatever I put him in...that's one perk of having a 2 year old I suppose! =)

I'm off to fold some laundry and watch "Pan-Am"....I really liked the first episode last Sunday so hopefully it'll continue to be a good Sunday night show. Hope your week gets off to a great start!


  1. That top is darling! I am into Pan Am too I hope it does not get too trashy so I can keep watching it because I feel guilty if it's too trashy.

  2. super cute! I didn't even watch pan am, I don't need another show to add to my already too long tv list. And i was the same way this weekend, I lounged in my pj's all day!

  3. I liked Pan Am too. Not what I was expecting (in a good way!) Oh and if you clean out your closet please please let me at some of your cute anthro stuff :)

  4. i've heard Pan Am is good, but i haven't seen it yet. ALSO i love these sandals. you really do have the cutest stuff!

  5. I was hoping for a super chill weekend as well, however we had a conference lunch get together at our house, so I was cleaning, prepping, organizing, and welp....this nesting business refuses to let me chill, period. I'm trying to ride the wave as best I can...distracting me from the wait! Glad you got some sweet down time, and your outfit is perfect simply perfect for soccer party fare.