Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pop of Color

I'm not much of a neutral palette dresser...most of my outfits have some color to them. I almost feel boring wearing no color but when I see others do it well, I always think it's really cute! I decided to go out on a limb yesterday and go neutral. I paired white and grey. That's as blank slate as it comes! I couldn't stand to leave the house without at least a little color so here's how I fixed the problem:

-Loosely Looped Tee-Anthropologie (Fall 2010)
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Factory (Summer 2010)
-Wedge Sandals-Loft (Spring 2010)
-Ring-Forever 21

Just a little pop of color at my feet brightened up the whole look and made it go from drab to fab! (Not sure it really did but I've always wanted a reason to use that phrase..lol). Dressing in neutrals isn't so bad if you play around with it a bit!

Anthro surprised us with yet another small-ish sale this morning...not a ton of things to get excited over but a few. I placed an order for this in green to see how it fits into my wardrobe, this cute belt that's been staring at me in the face for weeks now and this fun top that I've been waiting to go on sale ever since it came out (still not on sale...I got impatient). I needed a full price item to get my free shipping, and there was only one red one left in stock in my size so I grabbed it up. Can't blame me, right?! =) It's on my birthday wish list so we'll just call it a pre-birthday gift to myself (my birthday is in a few weeks)...shortens the list of things my husband has to choose between now. Aren't I considerate? I'm not so sure he would see it that way, but I'll go with it. Wanna see what else is on my list??
Birthday Wish List

Just a few things. A girl can dream!

Have a great day!!

PS--For all you Bachelor Pad watchers....SOOOOO bummed we're still stuck with Casey....ALMOST got rid of him!


  1. I just watched Bachelor Pad this afternoon and I was also bummed with the vote. And what is with them cutting off the end? Does everyone freak out when Jake leaves or something??

  2. cute outfit! i was out of town and am slowly catching up on bach pad....


  3. Casey is sooo annoying..more annoying than Vienna and Jake, which I didn't think was possible lol...it's fun to change up your look sometimes, but I feel the same way you do...I always need some color in my outfit, even if it is just with shoes :)

  4. i love that tee and it looks cute paired with the yellow shoes. I've never liked white jeans on myself but you always make them look super cute that I want to give them another try. :)

    And I feel the same way about Casey, let's get rid of him and Vienna already! And it was so weird how they cut off at the end. And since we're discussing Bachelor Pad, I'm really sick of that mask guy they keep showing at the end. He's really trying to ride out his 15 mins of fame.

  5. Ah, so you were the one who bought the last red XS Expanding Universe Tank! I'm waiting for it to go on sale, too; will try to charge-send for the red, but I'll settle for navy, too. I'm surprised that the green sold so well, as it's the one color of the three that I didn't like. I find kelly green a hard color to work with, even when it's not crazy-striped like this top.

  6. I was hoping Casey would be voted out, so I was bummed when they cut to the end to see what happened when Jake left. Oh, and I love the mask guy at the end!!!!

    I always love a pop of color, and the shoes definitely work :)

  7. Very cute outfit! I like a good netural palette every once in a while :) I got the Soft Bands Tee from the sale yesterday (in navy, pink and white). I didn't think much of it until I saw it on someone and it looked totally adorable. I also got the Channeled belt and I got 2 mugs for my full price item to get the free shipping.

  8. I am pretty sure this post is screaming "Stephanie you need (like neeeeedd) to go the Anthro!"

    Cute outfit!!

  9. I love that tee....have it in purple and green myself. Sometimes a neutral outfit, especially with a white jean base, makes a clean statement. You look classic here, totally classic. I think it was very considerate of you....lightening the load of birthday gift buying off your husband. I usually do the same.:)