Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunny Yellow and Bold Blue

For many years I refused to wear the color yellow. I thought it was way too bright and looked too much like the color of my (highlighted) hair (too matchy-matchy and all). Finally, a few years ago I decided to give yellow another try and now it's one of my favorite colors to wear!

-Top-American Eagle (OLD)
-Cropped Jeans-J Crew Factory
-Cake Decorator Belt-Anthropologie
-Steve Madden "Fantasik" Wedges
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Turquoise Bangle-Macy's
-Ring-Pree Brulee

On another note, I've been looking around for a bigger summer bag to carry (since all 3 kids are with me at all times and I need a bigger bag to hold cups, snacks, sunscreen, etc--especially when we go to the park) and finally found one I fell in love with. I met up with my old college roommie a few weeks ago and she was carrying the cutest bag so I asked her where she got it...and she told me "Handbag Heaven"! I totally copy-catted her and got the same bag (different color though) so thanks for the tip Heather! I think I got the last one because as soon as I bought it the product page listed it as "Sold Out". That was lucky! Here's my 2011 Summer "Out and about with the kids" bag:

The color is SOOOO amazing in real bold! What do you think?

Well, I'm off to bed. Hope you all have a great Thursday!!!

PS--This is totally random, but do you Pinterest? I could spend hours on many cool things to look at!!! It's so fun!


  1. That bag is amazing!!! Good choice looks like you could carry it into fall!! Love love the color!!! Supercute outfit! Yellow looks great on you!

  2. Yellow looks fab on you, good thing you gave it another try :) I love the color of that pretty!

  3. That bag looks fantastic, Jenni. The teal color seems to suit you and it is definitely large enough to hold lots of goodies. I am also a fan of big bags -- I can only imagine how large my purses will be once I have to tote kiddie things around, along with all my usual junk!

    And your hair looks so cute in this picture. i can't remember if I've seen it straight before, but you look great!

  4. Love that bag -- it's totally you!! So cute. Love yellow on you as well, so pretty. p.s. your hair looks cute like that!

  5. I was the exact same way about yellow - and orange for that matter. Now I am loving both!

    I've never Pinterest'd yet - I don't know if I need ANOTHER online addiction!

  6. Yellow does look really good on you! Good thing you gave it a try :)
    PS lOVe you new bag!

  7. What's your pinterest name? I love that site.

  8. hi jenni that turquoise bag is AMAZING! love it! great selection and your outfit is super cute, love the yellow color
    p.s. recently joined pinterest and love it

  9. First off I am so glad you got over the yellow issue cause you look amazing in it! That bag so cute!!! I LOVE pinterest so fun to look through everything it has given me so many great ideas! Can I just tell you I LOVE those Joe's cropped denim Jessica and I paid full price for them and thank goodness got a PA but they are darling!!

  10. Thanks ladies!

    Jamie--I have a smaller bag that I love but now that all three boys are home all the time for the summer I just need more room! It's amazing how much junk you need with kids!

    shopwithm--thanks! I've been straightening my hair a lot lately...just easier sometimes!

    Lisa--you WILL get addicted...beware! =)

    Teacher--I think my Pinterest name is just "Jenni Smith"

    Tricia--oh, that's awesome about the crops! I've never seen them in person so I wondered. They're really cute online! Thanks for the review! =)

  11. Very cute Yellow is a good color on you!

  12. So cute!! I used to be the same with yellow, but I LOVE wearing it now - so cheerful and great for a gloomy day! Yes I Pinterest - ALL day long!! :)