Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anthro Fitting Room Reviews-July 2011



Hi there everyone! It's been a while since I've been able to make it out to Anthropologie to do some fitting room reviews so I was thrilled to be able to finally make my way back this past weekend (without kids even...thanks hubby!). I have to warn you of a few things. First, I wore a dress that day so I had to try everything on with the jeans I grabbed while browsing. Every top I tried on is paired with either red or green denim...and it's not always the cutest match for what I'm wearing on top. There was really no rhyme or reason as you'll see below in the pictures! =) Second, I have a fever blister on my bottom lip right now so my bottom lip looks all swollen and messed up in these pictures. Not cute. All is well and hopefully it'll clear up soon though. I spent a few hours on a bus tour in San Francisco last week when our company was visiting and forgot to put sunscreen on my lips. Bad idea! So you've been warned now! =)

Anyhow, I tried on a TON of things while I was there...lots to get to so let's get the fitting room party started!

Whirligig Dress-$138 (wearing Navy motif)

I like this dress. I don't know if it's love this time around. I'm unsure. I have slightly broad shoulders and I'm feeling like this dress may accentuate that a little maybe? I don't know. I tried it on in an X-Small and it fit good. The small was HUGE in the bust area on me so the X-Small would be the way to go. It doesn't have a ton of extra breathing room around the rib cage but it's not so tight that it bugs me. Overall I'm undecided. I think had I been wearing heels instead of bare feet it would have looked better as well. Wish listed for now...will re-visit again later.

Tokonoma Tee-$98 and Foundational Pencil Skirt-$98 (Pink motif)

And here is the top paired with AG Stevie Ankle Jeans-$158 (Bright Red motif)

Ok, first...the top. I really love the colors of this's really pretty paired with a bright color on bottom. I think it would be equally as cute with white jeans as well. I tried this on in a size 0 and while it fit, I would also like to see if the size 2 would give me another 1/2 inch in length. The size 2 may be too baggy...I don't know. Overall this top is a two thumbs up for me...I like that it can be dressed up or down. Wish listed!

I tried this skirt on in a size 2 and it was a little loose. I'd size down to a size 0 for sure, which means it runs big. The color of this skirt is gorgeous and I love the texture too! The one problem I have with this skirt is the length. It's really long on me and my shorty legs. I know it's meant to be a little long, but I just don't like the way it's cutting me off. I'm sad because had the length been better, I would have been all over this! Maybe I could get it altered?

These are the first of two pairs of AG Ankle Jeans I wore throughout the fitting room reviews. I have seen these online and loved them from afar so I was excited to try them on. I've been craving a pair of red bottoms for a while now. I tried these on in a size 25 and they fit well. They are fitted, but the SA told me they do stretch a little throughout the day so I should stick with these instead of sizing up There is nothing worse than saggy jeans half-way through the day! These jeans hit me right at my ankles and could easily be rolled once or twice to give it a more relaxed look with sandals. They do have a bit of a washed out look to them so they're not a true red... they almost have a coral hint to them. Overall I liked these, but the price tag is holding me back. They are $$$! I'm hoping these are still around when they hit sale...chances are they won't be, but you never know!

Sidebent Tank-$48 (Green motif)

This tank rocks! I'm totally loving the design, the array of five colors it's offered in, the cute twist detail...perfection! I tried this on in a size Small in the picture...the X-Small was just a bit too tight all over. I am totally lusting after this cute tank in multiple colors...wish listed in the green, yellow and pink for sure!

Lazy Maze Tunic-$68

I tried this top on in an X-Small and it fit well. I love all the stripes (since I am having a love affair with stripes this summer) but overall I feel like the top is an odd length on me. Perhaps I would like it better belted? That may be better. The top is soft and stretchy and comfortable, but I'm not sold. Pass for now.

Quantum Blouse-$88 (Red motif), Sun Catcher Cardigan-$88, and AG Stevie Ankle Jeans-$158 (Kelly Green motif)

Ok, this cardigan was my FAVORITE find of the day...I'm in love with it! I love the color, the design, the length...I have not one bad thing to report about it. I tried it on in an X-Small and it fit like a glove. I cannot wait to get this in my closet, but for now I'll try to wait patiently and say "wish listed"!

The polka dot blouse is so cute...the print and color combined makes it a great "wow" piece to have. The one issue I have with this blouse is the amount of fabric that drapes down the middle in the twisted fold. I felt like they could have achieved the look they were going for with less fabric hanging. It literally hung a few inches out which felt awkward. For the right price I might be willing to overlook this little issue because it is such a vibrant, fun top. Wish listed!

Here again are the AG Stevie Ankle jeans, but this time in the Kelly Green color. I actually liked this color a lot more than I thought I would! I tried these on in the smallest size they had which was a 26. They fit well (at the moment), but as mentioned above about the same jeans in the red motif, the SA told me they will stretch a bit so sizing down the a 25 would be the way I'd go for these as well. Wish listed in green too!

Expanding Universe Tank-$58 (Red Motif), and Luzula Cardigan-$98

This cute tank has shot right up to the top of my wish is so unique and fun! I think I've decided I like the Red motif best, but the other two colors are pretty cute as well (see green motif below). I am wearing an X-Small here and like the fit of that best. I am hoping to grab this when it goes on sale.

I paired the tank with this cute printed cardi that I'm wearing in an X-Small. The sleeves were plenty long so stick with your regular size on this or size-down. I liked the way this cardigan fit....not too baggy at all and it hit at a good length right around the hips. The print is kind of random, but I think that's why I liked it...the colors and print combined make it visually interesting. Wish listed!

Here's the green version of the Expanding Universe Tank paired with the Bette Cardigan which I love and have reviewed previously (wearing an X-Small).

Pull-Through Cardi-$78 (Green motif) and The Gathering Tank-$48 (Turquoise motif)

I actually grabbed this sweater to see how terribly ugly it looked on...on the hanger it looked like a dud! Imagine my surprise when I actually kind of liked it! I tried on the X-Small and it fit great. The sweater is a little thin so you have to be careful with it, but I actually think the pull-through aspect of it is pretty cute. I never would have guessed! It comes in 5 colors, and of those this green and the light pink colors were my favorite. Wish listed!

I tried on The Gathering Tank in this newer Turquoise color to see if I liked it and of course, I do. I already have it in the green motif (wearing it today actually) and plan to pick it up in this color once it hits sale. I am wearing a size small in this as I do in the green.

Stacked Perspective Tee-$68

Side View:

I wanted to like this cute striped tee but it fell shapeless and sloppy on me. I am wearing an X-Small in this here and as you can see it's got quite a bit of extra room around the bottom...too much. The top itself is very cute and I like the colors together, but I'm sized out. Back to the rack.

Dorsal Tee-$58 (Blue motif)

Side View to see the draping:

This top comes in three motifs but the only one I really liked on me was the blue. This fits a lot like the Alstroemeria Tee with the slanted hemline. The draping on this is just enough and I like the visual interest it gives. I am wearing an X-Small here and that's what I would go was a good fit. Overall a very cute top! Wish listed for sale time.

Sprightly Shirtdress-on sale now for $59.95 (pink/grey/yellow motif--not sure which it went by)

I am so late to the game on this one, but I saw this hanging on the sale rack all by it's lonesome in a size 2 so I figured I'd give it a go. I really liked it! I think the colors are great for summer, the length is great, the under slip is ok (once you adjust the straps)...overall a great everyday look! The problem, however, was that there was a lot of extra room in the bust area that I didn't *need*. I was hoping to try on a size 0 but there weren't any to try. I would love to get my hands on this dress in a 0 so if anyone has seen it anywhere, let me know! =)

Endive Hoodie-$88

This hoodie is really cute...I love the details and the simple shape. I took an XS in this and it was plenty big so stick to your normal size or size down depending on if you like your hoodies a little roomier or not. Overall I liked this hoodie, but what I didn't like, however, was the price! $88 for a hoodie is a bit much I think. It's very cute and comfy but I don't know that it stands out much more than any other hoodie I've seen. Final verdict...pass for now.

Drapey Bubbled Tee-$58 (Green motif)

Geez, there's a lot of green in this look. =) I should have tried this on with the red pants to break it up a little! I tried this on towards the end of my fitting room session after wearing a lot of green so I was kind of over the color at the moment and just wasn't super "wowed" by this top. Now that I can look at the pictures of it I don't think it's as bad as I thought. That being said, it has it's issues. It's comes in two pieces (tank and sorta sheer top) and falls in a very drapey manner. Perhaps it wouldn't fall so flat on me if I was a little more "blessed" up top. I am wearing a size small in this and overall it was a good fit. This is a pass for now...there are many other fish in the sea!

Botanica Dusk Dress-$158

YAY for another modest dress, Anthro! But BOOOO for making it too long! I tried this dress on in an XS and it fit great! The dress itself is very soft and comfy and I like the pretty print. It would look really cute paired with a yellow cardigan in the colder months! I would have to wear a cami underneath because it falls a little low, but that's normal for me. I really don't think you can wear this dress and have it look flattering on you if it hits you below the just cuts you off in a bad way. Unless you're at least 5'9" tall I'd say you're outta luck with this one. Too bad, so sad!!

Mystery Top!!!

So in true Jenni fashion, I totally forgot to snap a picture of the tag of this mystery top. It happens at least once every time I go do fitting room reviews. I can't even rememebr what size I tried this in! It's either a size 0 or 2 if it's numerical or an XS or Small if it's sized that way. Sorry...that's pretty much no help. The colors of this top are really pretty and I am totally digging how the print continues in it's entirety onto the back of the shirt. It does have a tie-back built into the top which I have mixed feeling about. I always worry a top wil look too maternity-ish if it has ties. Overall this is a nice blouse, but I'm not in love. Pass.

Alrighty, that's it! See anything you're loving? Any duds? What will end up in your closet? I'd love to hear!

Speaking of clothes, did you score anything this morning on sale at Anthro? I picked up this in the orange motif and this (I hear the Red motif fits differently than the others that were complete fails on me...hoping it fits!!)

Well, hope you have a great day! =)


  1. Glad you were able to get out and try some fun stuff on! I really love all of the colored pants, the Expanding Universe tank, and sidebent tank!

  2. I think you just sold me on the sidebent tank. I love it!!

  3. I'm also sad about the Botanica Dusk dress! I haven't tried it on yet but saw it hanging in a store and it definitely looked too long. Do you think it is something that could be hemmed?

    I also totally agree with your thoughts on the Whirligig dress and Foundational Pencil skirt. I tried on the Whirligig in the orange color (which I totally fell in love with) but there was something about the shoulders that just looked off on me. I also have broad shoulders, and it seemed to make them look even bigger. With the Foundational pencil skirt, it was definitely too long on me too. I would only buy this on sale since I'd have to get it taken up!

    Thanks for the reviews!

  4. I haven't even tried the whirligig dress on yet but I have it wishlisted and am dutifully waiting for it to hit sale (I love a nicely ruched knit dress - but refuse to spend over $100 for one!).
    I think you look great in the dorsal tee - another wishlisted item for me!

  5. You're making me want the Whirligig dress really bad! It looks cute on you. Have you seen it in any of the other colors?

  6. Here's the mystery top:

    Thanks for the reviews!

  7. Jenni, the AG Ankle Jeans are fabulous on you. I adore both colors and would also have a tough time deciding between the two!

  8. I love your dressing room reviews! I tried to take a few pics when I was at Anthro but they didn't turn out. But, I did score some sweet 70's like bell bottom jeans for 9.95! Originally $98
    The Philly store was gorgeous! It was so much fun!

  9. Everything looks amazing on you. Don't you just love the AG Ankle jeans? OMG!! I tried on the Green and Ivory and fell in love. I must have them in all colors. :)

  10. Thanks ladies! I'm a huge fan of the colored denim...can't wait to add some to my wardrobe this fall!

    Debbie--My store had the dress in all the colors and I think I actually may have liked the burnt orange color better to be honest. I'm gonna try it on next time I go to see.

    Baird Family--Thanks! Must have gone up this morning with the new batch of new Arrivals!

    Julie-What a steal! Glad you had fun in Philly...I've heard that store is gorgeous!

    Liz--I wanted to try on the ivory color in those jeans bu they didn't have any close to my size...I LOVE them too!

  11. I bought some red J Brand jeans several months ago and just cannot figure out what to wear them with. If you ever buy this pair let me know how you style them!

  12. Holy moly! That was a marathon fitting room session! I hope you went out for fries after :) Those AG stevies look INSANE on you. Must buy, for sure. So flattering, but then....what on you isn't?! Great reviews!

  13. love the reviews. the first top with the red ankle jeans looks fantastic!