Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy October 31st everyone! We went to our church Halloween Trunk-or-Treat last night where the kids had a blast sporting their costumes, playing games and getting lots of candy. Halloween is so much fun!!! I went ahead and dressed up in orange and black for the's my take on "Halloween chic":

-Polka Dot Tank and Cardigan-Loft
-Rock star Skinny Jeans-Old Navy
-Boots-Urban Outfitters

I love this can be paired with so many colors. It's super versatile! I bought these jeans for $19 a few months back and this is the first time I've worn them. They run pretty tight so I had to size up one size. I actually really like them! They have a good amount of stretch to them and are really comfortable. They're perfect to pair with boots.

Speaking of boots...these boots were not my friend yesterday when I was coming out of the mall after returning a few things. It was raining and I was walking as fast as I could without running, and all of a sudden I slipped and came down onto my knee, a hand, and my ankle. I heard a crack when my ankle twisted...OUCH! I ended up going to get an x-ray last night and thankfully it's not broken...just a bad sprain. So I'll be hobbling around for a while which is no fun. Hopefully it'll heal up fast. I had planned on running a 10K on Thanksgiving morning so we'll have to see how I'm feeling by then. Crossing my fingers!!! In the meantime I get to figure out how I can style around this awesome white wrap around my ankle...super fun!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and enjoys lots of treats, not tricks!! =)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stripes and Polka Dots

Happy day before Halloween!! We have a busy day today...I got up and got my run in first thing, hubby went to go paint balling with some friends, I have some returns to make at the mall and I have to make chili and cornbread for our church's Trunk-or-Treat tonight which my kids are SOOO excited about going to! It's always a fun activity. It's been cold and drizzly around the bay area the last few days so yesterday I decided to wear my rain boots. I had a lot of running around to do and didn't want to be caught in a rainstorm in flats. I pulled out my $12 long sleeved striped tee from American Eagle and thought it might be fun to pair it with this polka dot scarf from H&M I got as a birthday present from my sis-in-law Kristen this year (love it!). Throw on some skinny jeans and the rain boots and I was good to go:

With the coat:

-Long sleeved Tee-American Eagle
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Scarf-H&M-gift from Kristen
-Rain Boots-Gap Outlet
-Coat-Forever 21 (last year??)
-Earrings-American Eagle

I love the way pattern mixing looks and am trying to do it more often. I'm a work in progress! =)

Last night was date night and we went out to dinner for a friend's birthday at PF Changs...LOVE!! We followed it up with some gelato for dessert. Gelato is like the best thing ever invented, I'm pretty sure. Here's what I wore out for the occasion:

-Ruffle-Trim Tie-Belt Top-Old Navy
-Ruffle Cardigan-J Crew
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Tall Black Boots-Franco Sarto (2008)
-Ring-Forever 21

We stopped in at J Crew before heading to dinner and I found a pale pink Traversa Cardigan hanging on the clearance rack for $29.99 in my size so I grabbed it right up. I love the one I already have and definitely would get good use out of the pale pink color. I also tried the Muse Tank on to see what size fit best. I would love to pick up the Golden Topaz color once it hits sale. I was hoping to see the color in real life but they only had the Smoky Charcoal color in the store (which was also really pretty). I saw the Golden Topaz color paired on a Polyvore set with the purple Set the Course cardigan from Anthro that I picked up on super sale and loved the combination so I'm keeping my eyes open for a good deal on it now. For reference, I thought the small fit much better on my long torso...the XS fit just as good, but the length was an was a tad too short.

As for tonight, I have my Halloween outfit all picked out for the Trunk-or-Treat...I'll definitely be sporting Halloween colors but in a modern, chic way. I may even add a witch hat and call it good. =) I'll be sure to snap a picture to share.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I love a cute coat...a few years ago if you would have opened my closet you would only have found a handful of coats...mostly all of the black, brown or grey variety. I did own a cranberry colored puffer coat from Gap from several years ago but have since given it away. Apparently I liked buying coats that were several sizes too big back in college...said coat even fit me when I was 6 months pregnant with #2 so clearly it is no longer a good fit now. I have since changed my tune and now love coats. I never really considered coats a part of my outfit back then like I do now. I have bought my share of coats over the past few years and I think it's safe to say I've caught up for lost time. =)

Today I didn't wear a very exciting outfit--just some jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan (I was super comfy though!!) so I thought I'd show you my fun, brightly colored coat I got for a great deal at Old Navy about a month ago instead:

This is the Ruffle-Collar Wool-Blend Jacket in Mellow Yellow. It's on sale right now if you're interested, along with tons of other cute coats Old Navy has in stock. I picked this up with a 40% off coupon and at $35 I felt like I got a great deal. I LOVE the color...this is yet another example of how my tastes have changed over the last little while. I would never have had the guts to wear such a brightly colored coat in the winter before but now I'm all over it. If anything I can be assured that my kids will always be able to spot me in a crowd if they get lost! =) The fit is pretty does have an empire waist effect but it doesn't bother me at all. I actually like it that way. I also love the gives it a little bit of something extra special. I am truly impressed by this Old Navy purchase...two thumbs up! It's a fun piece to wear!

So this morning I got an (evil) email stating that LOFT was having another 30% off everything sale. Those are always dangerous. I clicked the darn button and off I went...searching through all the good deals and fun items. I of course found a few things I figured I'd get but was disappointed to see that they were out of my size in almost everything I wanted. So...I called my local LOFT. They didn't disappoint! I was able to do a charge send for the items I wanted, all on sale, including these:

YES...there is a good story to why that is another pair of boots you are looking at. I know, I know...I said no more. But in the back of my mind I was still a little disappointed that those darn Old Navy flat boots didn't work out and I still hadn't gotten a pair of black ones. I have seen these online and in the store several times and always thought they were cute (I love the shape of them) but was unsure of the rings down the side. I had read somewhere on someone's blog that there was a 50% off sale on shoes at LOFT in-store only last week so I asked the sales assistant on the phone if that was still in effect. When she said yes I asked if she had the boots in my size and how much they would be with the 30% off on top of the 50% off shoe sale. When she came back with $41.99 I just couldn't say no. That's almost 75% off the regular price, people! These are regularly $178 (and still listed as $119 online). So, that is the story of the black flat boots. The end. Pretty good story, eh? I just hope they fit ok around my chicken legs. =)

Ok, now that I got that guilty little secret out in the open I'll be stalking my UPS man for the next day or two. I love having good mail to look forward to...don't you?

This weekend will be a good one...hubby and I are going to dinner tomorrow night with friends, we're going to the Halloween party at church Saturday night which my kids are so excited for and then of course Halloween in Sunday. Can't believe November is right around the corner! I'm super excited for the holidays...Black Friday is just four weeks away and counting...woo hoo!! I've gotta get my shopping list started!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Color Combo

I have never really been one to stray too far from my normal preferred types of clothing and color combinations when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, until this year, really. Since I started reading fashion blogs and then starting one myself I've gained a little more guts and desire to step outside my little normal box and try some new things which has been fun! This morning I came up with something I thought I'd NEVER wear...yellow and green together. This may not be so odd to some, but I have never come close to pairing these two colors together ever. I'm pleasantly surprised with how it turned out though! I balanced it out with my new dark grey skinny cargos (I got these on sale for UNDER $12 at Old Navy last week--they are the very inexpensive version of J Brand skinny cargos in my opinion).

-Molded and Melded Tee-Anthropologie (recent birthday gift from my friend Elise)
-Cardigan-Loft (one of my favorite fall purchases!!)
-Skinny Cargos-Old Navy
-Flats-Gap (OLD)
-Necklace-Banana Republic Outlet
-Earrings-Kenneth Cole via Macy's
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver
-Ring-Forever 21

Last night we took the kids to a local pumpkin patch/bouncy house was fun to all go out together for family night. We weren't sure how muddy it was going to be so we all put on our rain boots for the and the boys at least. I picked up my rain boots up at Gap Outlet a few months back and they happened to match my outfit perfectly last coincidence! Before the rain boots, I was wearing some grey flats. My husband snapped a quick picture for me:

-Tank-Old Navy (Summer 2010)
-Set the Course cardigan-Anthropologie
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Rain boots-Gap Outlet
-Bag-Gap (end of Summer 2010--$20!)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Earrings-American Eagle
-Ring-Forever 21

I was lucky enough to pick this cardigan up last week on super sale for just $ was normally $88! Score! Love me a good Anthro sale!

And here is a quick picture we took before we headed out for some ice's virtually impossible to get all my boys to look at the camera at the same time. I can't wait to take family pictures this week for our Christmas cards (sigh).

I'm off to work in my son's class this afternoon...always fun! Have a great day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bianka, Bianka

Another Sunday evening is here already and a new week is upon us again! This week should be a busy one...Halloween activities to attend and treats to make, my mom is coming down one day for a visit, I have a hair appointment, my regular volunteering in my son's class, family pictures for our Christmas cards, a night out with some friends to celebrate a birthday...I'm tired just thinking about it! That's's so much better to be busy than bored I suppose.

This morning I woke up to rain falling outside my window and I loved it! I absolutely love waking up to rain when I don't have to be anywhere right away. It was great. My husband and I trade off sleeping in on the weekends and Sunday mornings are my sleep in day so when I woke up I just laid in bed checking my email and browsing blogs on my phone while listening to the rain for a while before actually getting out of bed. While I was lying there I was thinking about what to wear to church and I decided it was time to break out my Bianka blouse. When I brought this blouse home with me this was the first outfit that came to mind to wear with it...a simple pencil skirt and heels.

-Bianka Blouse-Anthropologie (blue motif)
-Pencil Skirt-Banana Republic (Winter 2010)
-Belt-Banana Republic (Winter 2010)
-Miki Pumps-Vince Camuto via Nordstrom (birthday gift from my mom)
-Tank-Old Navy
-Necklace-Fossil (this is like the third time I've worn this necklace this week...obsessed much?)
-Earrings-Old Navy
-Ring-Forever 21

I really like the way Banana Republic does pencil skirts...their quality and fit has always been really good in my experience. I should have grabbed this one in black too while I had the chance!

Well, I'm off to bed to get some sleep before the craziness of the week begins!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to the 80's

I remember seeing the skinny jean trend slip back onto the fashion scene not that long ago and I distinctly remember thinking, "What idiot brought back that awful trend?" I could not fathom the idea of sporting skinny anything that looked like something out of the decade I was born in. Fast forward to the present...I'm a total skinny jean/pant fan!!! I own several pairs of skinny jeans and most recently picked up some skinny cargo pants on super sale for about $12 each. On top of the whole skinny jean/pant bandwagon, I can't believe that I've also now sported skinny jeans with, wait for it......ankle zippers! Heaven help me! I bought my first pair of skinny jeans with the ankle zippers a few months back at LOFT and they've been sitting in my closet ever since (partly due to 90 degree weather that lasted forever and partly because I think I was still in disbelief that I actually purchased them!!!) Today was the day that I busted them out and I have to tell ya, I like them! Call me a hypocrite if you want, but I am all about the skinny jeans/pants with zippers at the ankles. Here's how I wore them today:

-Grey Skinny Jeans, Striped Tee and Cardigan-Loft
-Black Flats-Target
-Earrings-Forever 21

I actually saw this tee and grey jean pairing at Loft one day and it's what prompted me to start thinking about buying skinny jeans with ankle zippers (I already owned the tee). I'm literally a walking Loft ad today...I didn't even realize till now! Anyhow, what do you think? Are you pro-ankle zippers or anti? Have you given it a try?

Last night I went out with a few girlfriends to dinner and was so fun to go out and have girl time! I decided to pull out my Traversa cardigan for the occasion:

-Top-J Crew
-Traversa Cardigan-J Crew (on sale now)
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Clogs-R2 via Famous Footwear
-Earrings/Necklace-Pac Sun
-Ring-Forever 21

I'm such a sucker for the purple/navy blue's one of my favorites! This was the first time I had worn my open-toed clogs...they're super comfy and I got a great deal on them which makes them even more appealing! I would love to get some in black now too!

I have a few more outfits to's what I wore all day yesterday while it was chilly and a bit rainy (do you love the wind-blown hair look?--scary!)

-Grey sweater-Gap
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Ultimate Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Tan Boots-Urban Outfitters
-Earrings-Pac Sun

Lastly, here's what I wore on Thursday:

-Top-Banana Republic
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Cardigan-Banana Republic
-Perfect Jeans-Gap
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Earrings/ Ring-Forever 21

I had a church meeting to attend that night and actually didn't think I was going to be able to make it until the last second so I quickly changed into this (left everything on top on--just changed out the jeans and sandals for a skirt and heels):

-Skirt-Banana Republic Outlet
-Password Pumps-Seychelles via Nordstrom
-Belt-J Crew Outlet

Excuse the awful looking was second day hair at the end of the 2nd day...bad news.

Well, that's about it for now...all we have planned for tomorrow is church in the afternoon and then I'll be making a pot of soup for dinner to warm us up since it should be raining a lot. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and have had the chance to get all dressed up for something fun!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Loving Purple

I didn't even realize it until I was uploading my pictures tonight, but apparently I have a thing for purple this week. Two days in a row now I've sported purple...and to top it off I'm starting to think I may need this in purple now too...since it is only $20...geez! I'm helping a friend find one of her own but I think I may have to snag one up for myself if I can find two!!
Today was only in the 70's...I loved it!!! I broke out the boots because I knew I'd be out and about tonight when it would be a little cooler...totally boot appropriate weather. I'm sure by the end of winter I will be SO OVER boots, but for now I'm loving the chance to wear them again.

Here's what I wore today:

-Dark Purple Open Cardigan-Gap Outlet (Fall 2010)--I know it's not showing up super purple in the picture, but it is!!
-Viscose Tank-J Crew (Spring 2010)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Snakebite Belt-Anthropologie
-Kachiri Boots (Taupe)-Target
-Ring-Charlotte Russe
-Earrings/Bracelet-Old Navy

This is the first time I've worn these boots and I have to say, I love them! I am in love with the color...they're called taupe but they're sort of grayish-toned. They're very comfortable. I do need to get a protector on them though for when the rain starts up.

Like I said I've had purple on the brain this's yesterday's version:

-Purple Tiered Tank-Old Navy
-Striped Cardigan-Old Navy (Winter 2010)
-Matchstick Jeans-J Crew Outlet
-Wedge Sandals-Old Navy
-Earrings/Ring-Forever 21

Tomorrow I'm going to make a conscious effort to avoid purple...give another color a chance!

I didn't pick anything up from the Anthro sale this week (yet), but I did make a return to J Crew the other day and brought this home in it's place after it went on sale. It will go perfectly with this(in purple again--imagine that!) wrapped with a skinny gold belt. In my head it's super cute so hopefully it'll look cute in real life too! I've been eyeing this shirt ever since it came out a few months ago so I was excited to see it hit sale so soon. Some things go on sale so fast at J Crew while other things never seem to budge (like this). Grrrr...losing patience!

Well, I"m off to's almost midnight here on the west coast. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oldies But Goodies...mixed with some new

When I first started this blog I named if "Found in My Closet" because I wanted to find and use things from my closet that I already owned and bring them to life again. Every now and again I get a little carried away with my newest purchase or wish listing...ok, let's be honest...that happens quite often. However, the past two days I've actually gone digging a little and found a few things hanging that I haven't worn for a while and mixed them up with a few things that are a bit on the newer side. I love finding out that something I bought goes perfectly with something I already owned!

Exhibit A: Sunday's Church Outfit

I wore it buttoned like in the above picture, but I took this picture (below) with the cardigan open and don't know which I prefer...what do you think??

-Tweed Skirt-Express (purchased for me by my mom in 2004)
-Brown Cardigan-Express (again, purchased for me by my mom in 2004 on the same shopping trip)
-Perfect-fit Ruffled Scoopneck Tee-J Crew (on sale)
-Shiri Suede Over the Knee Boots-Loft (got on sale for OVER half off!)
-Earrings/Bracelet-American Eagle-OLD--from college
-Small Circle Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Ring-Forever 21

I remember when I got this skirt I was in SHOCK at how much it cost. It was about $80. I was used to buying things at a much cheaper price. This was well before I really spent money on clothes for myself. I had flown home for Thanksgiving break and my mom had generously offered to take me shopping (since we were in dental school and broke). She, being the rockin' mom that she is, spoiled me rotten and told me that she'd be happy to buy the skirt for me as long as I thought I would get some good wear out of it. I should have guessed that it would become one of my most favorite pieces of clothing ever! It's stood the test of time. I haven't worn it for a while simply because it's more of a cold weather piece being tweed and all and because I think it looks best with layers on top. I'll definitely be pulling it out more in the coming months. When I brought the skirt out yesterday I looked over my shirts and saw the J Crew tee peeking out from under a pile and couldn't believe how perfectly it went with the colors of the tweed in the skirt! Totally meant to be. I get super giddy when I find a cute pairing that I hadn't realized I owned...I'm sorta silly that way I guess.

Exhibit B--Today's Outfit

-Butterfly Top-Forever 21 (about 2-3 years old)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Bow Cardigan-Loft (no longer online)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle (got these on sale for $29.95 a few months ago)
-Black Flats-Target
-Necklace-Pac Sun
-Bracelet-Given to me by my grandma--it was my great-great Aunt's bracelet back in the day

I bought this top for Easter Sunday a few years back and have honestly only worn it a handful of times since. I actually love the cute print. I think this top looks best layered with a cardigan on me. It's pretty flowey and layering it makes the blousiness less noticeable. I love the black stitching in the bow on the totally pulls the shirt and sweater together for me. I think this outfit probably would have looked better with some really cute heels but I was having a "I want to be comfortable day" today so flats it was.

So there you have it...a few things I "found in my closet".

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bold Colors Rock!

I recently picked up the Whirl & Wind cardigan in Gold and the Molded and Melded Tee in Wine in the same week...only yesterday did it dawn on me that these two bold colored pieces would look good together! I'm telling ya...I should have thought about this combination before but for some reason I had to see it right in front of my face TOGETHER to realize the outfit. I started putting together the rest of my outfit with a belt and accessories, and I actually fell in love with how it all turned out. In fact...I think I might wear this outfit for our Christmas card pictures this year (probably with boots instead of sandals though). Now all I have to do is build everyone else's outfits around mine. =) What colors would you put my boys in to go with it? Navy blues? Browns or greys?? Hmmm...I'm thinking blues may be the way to go. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

-Molded and Melded Tee (Wine)-Anthropologie
-Whirl & Wind Cardigan (Gold)-Anthropologie
-Always Skinny Jeans-Gap (Petite length)
-Looping Lanes Belt (original color)-Anthropologie--I've linked you to the chocolate version
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Necklace/Earrings/Ring-Old Navy
-Uptown Bracelet-Twisted Silver

I woke up to rain this morning...even though that's no good for my hair on the way to church today, it was a welcome sight in my means fall is here!! Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's the Weekend!!!

It's been a crazy last few days..hence the lack of posting. I was in charge of a big craft night at church last night and the prep work has been keeping me busy and up late every night this week. Thankfully it went really well and all these late nights were worth it! It's been in the 90's here this week again so it's been back to short sleeves and skirts again...starting today it's suppose to get a bit cooler (FINALLY).. I broke out some skinny jeans yesterday in honor of the "cooler" weather that's on it's way:

-Wonder Tee-DownEast Basics
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Shoes-Rocketdog (via Macy's)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Ring-American Eagle
-Bracelet-Pac Sun
-Earrings-Pac Sun

This is the first time I've worn this shirt...I really love the color. It's a good transition color from summer to fall.

So guess what arrived yesterday??!! My new tan boots from Urban Outfitters! I am in LOVE with them! They fit like a glove and have the exact look I was hoping they would.

I can't wait to wear these!

Speaking of boot...recently I was reading Kim's post about the Kachiri boots she picked up at Target...I had tried them on before and really liked the idea of them and the unique smoky grey-taupe color, but the size 9, which I normally wear, was HUGE around my calf (imagine that). After trying on the 9 and it was a total flop I didn't give them a second look. Kim mentioned on her blog that she sized down a half size and found that to make a drastic difference in the circumference of the shaft. That got me thinking! The next time I was at Target I decided to see if the 8 1/2 was a better fit for know what? It totally was! I can't even believe the difference! So they came home with me...yes, another pair of boots. I think I'm done buying boots for the season now. =)

I'm off to go for a run...then it's off to a birthday party! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rise and Fall

Today I woke up, got to take my son to school without the other kids in tow since my husband had the day off, had a good run and then took my time getting ready for the day. I love it when there's a second set of hands around here to help out! It was over 90 degrees here today so I knew it was gonna be a skirt day...just too hot for anything else. I bought this skirt a few years ago and have always loved how light and airy it is. After seeing Tricia's post this morning where she wore her Rise and Fall cardigan I thought I'd pull mine out too and pair it with the skirt. There's one stripe of light pink in the cardigan that matched the color of the skirt perfectly. I had never even considered this as a possible pairing so it was a fun find.

-Tank-Forever 21
-Rise and Fall Cardigan-Anthropologie
-Wedge Sandals-Loft
-Necklace-Old Navy
-Earrings-Pac Sun

Like I said it's been a hot day here today, and as luck would have it our air conditioner broke! We're waiting to see if the repairman can come up with the part to fix it before the night's end...sure hope so because it's a little toasty in here! Crossing my fingers. It's suppose to be in the 90's for a few more days so I may be busting out a few more dresses and skirts before the week's end...fall oh fall, will you ever arrive???

Sunday Best

We go to church every Sunday so you can always count on seeing a dress or skirt from me on Sundays. This week I felt like wearing a dress...something comfortable and easy. No fuss. I looked into my closet and saw this dress's been hanging there for a few years untouched actually. It's almost been given away to Goodwill on several occasions as I don't love the way the sleeves look on me, and it really could be a little shorter (that's an easy fix though). There's always been something about the black and white motif that prevented me from tossing it though...I like the print--it's a bit out of the box for me. Today, I brought it out and decided I'd pair it with a cardigan to hide the sleeves. My eye caught sight of the bow cardigan I picked up from Loft a few months back and I thought I'd give the pairing a shot:

-Dress-Target (2-3 years old)
-Wonder Tee-DownEast Basics
-Black Heels-Jessica Simpson via Bakers Shoes about 4 years ago
-Bracelet-Pac Sun

I actually kinda liked the way this outfit turned out and feel like I've renewed my like for this dress again! I still think it could be shortened a few inches, but to find something in my closet that I haven't worn for a long time and actually want to wear it again is kind of fun! I was having a second day hair day and really didn't feel like re-straightening it so I threw it up into a bun of sorts and stuck in a hair pin I got from J Crew outlet months ago for a wedding I attended.

This is the first time in AGES that I have actually been able to put my hair up into a's finally long enough! It barely made it but it's nice to have that as an option again.

So remember my boot hunt?? Well, I think I finally found a pair of boots that I'm going to love (crossing my fingers)!!! After searching for days for the sliver wedge type boots I really wanted (at a price point that I was ok with, with a shaft circumference that was small enough for my chicken legs and in the camel color I really want), I finally came to terms with the fact that I just wasn't going to find them. So I decided to search for the closest thing to it...a very small heeled sleek and simple riding boot in the camel color. There's just something about the color that I really didn't want to give up hope on. I looked on several sites all over again and finally found a pair at Urban Outfitters that I adore (at least in the pictures I adore them).

BDG Tall Leather Boots

Sorry for the tiny picture...that's all I could figure out!

I got them for a rocking deal too (they were on sale for $98 down from $128 and I got 20% off on top of that with a coupon code bringing my total to $78 plus tax. Not quite Old Navy prices, but for anywhere else, not bad! They have a 15 inch shaft circumference which I'm still a little nervous about, but it's a much more standard measurement so hopefully it'll be ok. They're suppose to be here Friday...can't wait!

During my hunt for the boots I also came across a pair of black heels from Banana Republic that I'm in love with...they're back-ordered until the middle of November which is probably a good thing for my wallet, but I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for these in the future when my size is back in stock and I have a great coupon to help the price come down a bit:

Lady Suede Peep-Toe Heel

They'd be so cute with jeans, dressy pants or a dress/skirt. Love!

Hope everyone had a great weekend...maybe you're off tomorrow for Columbus day too?!! My husband and middle son are both off but my oldest son still has school. Why can't we all be on the same schedule....sheesh! =)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekend Dress-up/down

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! We have been having a good one...relaxing and slow paced which is what I love on the weekends lately. I have a few outfits to post...first up is yesterday's daytime outfit:

-Dress: DownEast Basics
-Wonder Tee-DownEast Basics
-Long sleeved cardigan-Shade Clothing
-Leggings-Target ($6)
-Leopard print flats-Forever 21
-Earrings-Pac Sun
-Ring-Forever 21

By school pick-up time it was too warm for the cardigan but it was nice and cozy to keep me warm in the morning air. I think I mentioned in my last post that my husband and I had plans to go out to dinner with the other residents last was a really fun night out (come on...any night when I don't have to cook, do dishes, bath time and bedtime is a good night!) I really do love my kids and being a mom, but it's always nice to take a break from the daily routine. I have been dying to wear my new Loft boots that I got for my birthday last month and last night was the perfect opportunity. I also wore the shirt I picked up last weekend with the gift card my sis-in-law gave me for my just happened to go perfectly with a sweater I got from Loft a few months ago on super sale--half off!

Without the cardigan (so you can see the shirt):

With the cardigan:

-Printed top-Nordstrom (BP section)
-Wonder Tee-DownEast Basics
-Cardigan-Loft (color no longer online)
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle (yes, this is like the third time I've worn these this week...don't worry, they've been washed!)
-Shiri Suede Boots-Loft
-Necklace-Shabby Apple
-Earrings-DownEast Basics
-Ring-Forever 21
-Bracelet-Twisted Silver

I was so happy when I got this shirt home last weekend and found that it matched up with this cardigan so well...I was struggling to find things to pair it with since it's a color I don't normally wear. As for the boots...LOVETH!!! They were fairly comfortable and I love the rich color.

Today I got up and went for a 5 mile run, and then we went and met my parents at a local small airport where they were holding an airshow. My dad is a pilot and enjoys attending these types of things so we tagged along for a bit. My boys had a blast seeing all the planes and hanging out with grandpa. I went super casual today...nothing fancy:

-Jeans Capris-from Tilly's (OLD)
-Shoes-from Buckle (OLD)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Ring-Bought in college...SUPER old!

Excuse the half-asleep face...I had just taken a little cat-nap before taking this...maybe I should have waited a few more minutes! =)

Yesterday after seeing Kim's post about her Bianka Blouse I became a little obsessed with the Bianka Blouse myself. I've loved it since it first debuted on Anthro's website months ago and it's been sitting high on my wish list but I just haven't pulled the trigger on it. When the blue motif came out I thought it was cute, but still had eyes for the black motif. My friend was headed to Anthro yesterday and asked me if I wanted her to look for anything for me...I then called the store to see if maybe they had the Bianka blouse in the black motif in my size, and amazingly enough, they did! I was shocked as they are pretty much impossible to find right now. They also had the blue motif in my size so I had them put them both on hold for my friend to grab for me. When she brought them both to me, and I tried them both on, I was really surprised with how I felt about them. I LOVE the blue motif!

Don't get me wrong, the black motif is really pretty but on me it just didn't look as good as the blue one did. So to my surprise, I will be sending the black one back to the store. I'm super excited to have gotten my hands on the blouse and can't wait to wear it! I already have a dressy outfit in mind with it. For reference, I felt the blouse fit true to size and I took my normal size 2. It still had a flowiness (is that a word??) to it without being too drapey which is good. It was a good length too..not too short, not too long. It can easily be tucked into a skirt. It is a bit low cut on me so I will be wearing an undershirt or tank/cami with it, but that's nothing new for me.

With that, I'm off to figure out what's for dinner. Enjoy the night!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boot weather

I woke up this morning and checked the was only gonna be in the 70s today!! That means that at 7:30am it was only in the high 50's so I took the opportunity to break out some boots for the first time this fall:

And under the coat:

-Tissue Double Ruffle Tee-J Crew
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Coat-Forever 21 (last winter)
-Suede Slouch Boots-Kohls (last winter)
-Necklace-Lisa Leonard Designs
-Ring-Pac Sun

Without the coat there's not much color going on...I tried putting some more vibrant eye shadow on to help with color but I don't think it did much. Vibrant to me is much more mild than most people's version of "vibrant" is when it comes to make-up I think. Maybe I should try to be a little more bold....something to think about.

I'm looking forward to the husband and I are going out tomorrow night to dinner with some of the other residents and their spouses so I'm looking forward to getting dressed up for that. We're going to this Steak house that has kind of a rustic-lodge feel so I certainly don't have to be too dressed up. Nevertheless, it's a chance to get dressed up a bit.

Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taking inventory...on my mind

Do you ever stop and look at your closet and think to yourself you have nothing to wear? Why is that? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! Clearly I am not lacking in the clothing department, and have a million pieces to chose from, but still, I feel that way sometimes. What I need to do is take an evening and just play dress up with everything I own and come up with some fun outfits that I get excited about...and take pictures so I remember what I paired together. Kind of like Polyvore I suppose, except I can't for the life of me figure out how to use Polyvore. I've tried a few times and I just can't figure it out. I need a tutorial. Anyhow, in the mean time, I'm thinking "dress up" is the next best option to helping me get over my whole "I have nothing to wear" syndrome. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem!

Today I mixed army green and pink...and here's how it turned out:

-Perfect-Fit Ruffled Scoopneck Tee-J Crew
-Skinny Cargos-Loft
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target
-Ring-Forever 21

It was a super comfy outfit...I even laid down on the couch this afternoon while my older boys were watching a little TV and my youngest was napping in his crib, and I fell asleep myself for a bit! Comfy enough to sleep in!

I returned the Old Navy boots today and have been browsing online to see what I can find to replace them with...I've decided I really like the Sliver wedge look, which very few brands carry. I also looked a little more into the Steve Madden "Intyce" boots and they apparently have a very large shaft around the calves as well so there goes that idea. This hunt is to be continued...I guess it's a good thing the weather is still warm...don't need boots quite yet.

I'm off to bed...have a fabulous Thursday!!

On the go...

Today was one of those days where I had one thing to do after the next...I went to bed way too late last night too (possibly staying up to scope out the Anthro sale...maybe) so I was super tired this morning. I'm a night owl but boy do I pay for it at 6:30am every morning when it's time to get up! This morning I got my son off to school and then met up with a few of the other resident wives for brunch. It was nice to get together and chat (commiserate) with each other about everything while the kids all played. As soon as that was over I rushed home so my youngest could get a nap and then dropped the kids off at another friend's house so I could go work in my oldest son's classroom. After school it was the usual routine of homework, play, dinner, bath and bed. Crazy day.

When I went to get dressed this morning I had nothing in mind to wear...I hate mornings like that! I wish I would wake up everyday with an entire outfit planned out, head to toe. Kind of like meal planning (which I'm sooo not good at again) I should try clothes planning. Novel idea! It could save me countless mornings of indecision over what to wear. So anyways, after giving myself 10 seconds to make a decision, here's what I ended up wearing:

-Grand Ruffle Shell-J Crew
-Floral Cardigan-Old Navy
-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
-Rocket Dog Flats-Macy's
-Necklace-New York & Co.
-Earrings-Forever 21
-Ring-American Eagle

My Old Navy boots arrived today and it was a HUGE disappointment. I really love the way they actually look...but the shaft of the boot was GINORMOUS on me! I have chicken legs and while that can be a good thing most times, when it comes to finding boots that fit well, it's always been an issue. I tried them on a few times, trying to talk myself into keeping them, but when you can fit your entire fist into the boot with your leg, that's probably a good indication that they're too big. SO bummed. Back to the drawing board for me. I have been looking at the Steve Madden "Intyce" boots, which the Old Navy boots were made to look like I would guess, and they are tempting me, but I still want to look around and see what else I can find. Anyone have any great suggestions?

And as for that little bit of Anthro sale browsing I did last night...I did indeed manage to pick a few things up. I grabbed the Whirl & Wind Cardigan in Gold (called a local store and had them ship it) and a second Molded and Melded Tee since I love my green one so much. I picked one up in the "Wine" color. For $30 it's hard to pass that up! It honestly pained me to pay for shipping this's the first order I've placed with Anthro since the free shipping deal ended on Labor day. Hopefully the holidays will bring back free shipping...that would be awesome! Did you pick anything up from today's sale???

I'm off to go watch some TV before winding down for the night...gotta get my "Glee" fix for the night!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to get dressed for $100

I looked into my closet this morning and got SOOOO excited that I could pull out a cardigan to wear because I actually needed it! The high was only in the 70's here today and I couldn't have been happier. Unfortunately, we'll be back to 80 degrees tomorrow...bummer. After I got dressed I took a look at all the the pieces I used, and realized that I dressed myself for about $100 (not including accesories):

-Winding Roads Tank-Anthropologie (on sale for $30)
-Cardigan-Gap Outlet (on sale for $22)
-Always Skinny Jeans (petite length--got these for just $21 with a coupon and a rewards card)
-Rocket Dog Flat shoes-Macy's (on sale for $24)

Grand Total: $97

Accessories: Necklace-Old Navy (got this for 50% off), Bracelet-Old Navy, Earrings-Nordstrom ($6) and Ring-Forever 21 ($3.80)

These are all pieces that I've worn before, but never together. Remixing is fun!! =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Shopping/Reviews

Happy Saturday! This morning my husband took our two older boys hiking so that left me and my little guy to figure out something to do. I remembered that I still had 2 more Loft rewards cards that actually expire tomorrow so I figured we'd head out to do a little browsing. It's so different shopping with only one kid in tow instead of all much easier! I tried on a hand full of things at Loft that I hadn't before and ended up picking out a few things to come home with me (all for 50% off after combining their 25% off sale and my rewards cards):

Ruffle Bib Button Front Top

I saw this pop up on the website a while back and thought it was pretty know me and ruffles...I love them! This could be cute dressed up or down...layered or alone. The sleeves are a bit slim but not too tight. It's a good basic to have on hand.

Pleated Top Sweater Dress

I had never noticed this dress before but it caught my eye today. I looked online to see pictures when I got home and they only have it in burgundy...not the charcoal color that I tried on. I actually didn't see the burgundy in the store. I wasn't sure I'd like this, but when I got it on I actually really loved the pleating detail on the made it more special I think. My dressing room was a little crowded with the stroller so I walked out to look in the big mirror and another lady was trying on the same dress...totally different body type than me and I thought it looked super cute on her. I won't be wearing this as a dress as it's a little short for me, but paired with skinny jeans and boots I think it'll look cute! I had to have it. =)

This top is no longer on the website, and I can't remember the name:

This is the first time I had seen this top in the lavender/purple color...previously all they had in the store was the teal/blue color which I decided I was not in love with when I tried it on. This color, however, was one I could get on board with. I usually don't like the way shirts that have bands on the bottom fit me, but this was not an elastic band...just a fixed band, and that made all the difference. I love that this can be worn alone or layered in the winter with a cardigan...and the cute! Needless to say, this was the final item that found it's way into my closet.

A tried on a few other things that were just ok and a few things that were total no's. You just never know how it's gonna go. I was really aiming to only spend just enough to use my rewards cards but I went a little over due to the dress being a bit pricey (after all the discounts though, it was just $36!) If I love it, I'm willing to budge, of course! =)

And here is what I wore to go shopping today (notice my son has had enough already and is bolting for the door)...

-Top-Roxy (OLD)
-Wonder Tee-Down East Basics
-Skinny Jeans-American Eagle
-Ring-American Eagle

After Loft, we headed over to J Crew where I had my 25% off card in hand JUST IN CASE I found something cute. Remember the Traversa Cardigan?? Let me refresh your memory:

Originally I fell in love with the charcoal gray color but when I looked at them today (on sale PLUS 25% off with my red card) I decided that I liked the Orchid Shadow color better (purple color). I sized down on this...the small was a little baggy through the arms and looked kind of sloppy. The XS looked much better. I didn't see anything else that I loved there...there was a really cute tee that I liked but it'll have to wait for a sale...I don't ever pay full price for t-shirts at J Crew because they seem to hit the sale section so soon after they release lately.

After J Crew we stopped by Jamba Juice for a treat and then hit H & M. There were a few coats that were seriously so cute there, but after last week's coat purchases I'm the last person on earth that needs another coat, so we continued on. We went to Nordstrom next..I had a gift card my sis-in-law Erin gave me for my birthday burning a hole in my pocket so I figured I'd see what I could find. I really wanted to find a cute printed top of some sort...I feel like my closet lacks prints. I have some, but not a lot. I tried on a few that I thought were cute and ultimately came home with one that I thought would fit well into my thanks for the birthday present Erin! I tried finding it online but for some reason it's not listed and I didn't take a picture.....sorry! I'm sure you'll be seeing it in an OOTD soon.

We stopped by a few more stores on the way out just to browse...I was hoping to find some Christmas card picture outfits for my boys from Gymboree but everything looked the same as last year--just different colors--boring! So I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for those. After that we packed up and headed out. We made one last stop on the way home...REI. I had to take back a faulty Camelback that my husband bought for my son. It leaked everywhere! Hopefully this one will be better. I also had the sales guy swipe an REI gift card that I found in my car a while back and ALMOST threw away because I figured it was just an empty card that my boys had picked up while we were there at one time...good thing I kept it because there was $47 on it! What? I totally expected it to have zero! So I went and grabbed another Camelback for our middle son. Now they both have one and won't fight over one.

So that was my big shopping outing for the day. I got some awesome deals for sure. Now that I'm out of rewards cards and gift cards (I actually still have one left for Gap) I won't be shopping for a while (maybe an occasional Anthro sale purchase...can't count those out). I'm pretty much all stocked up for fall...if only it would ever arrive!!! The one thing that I still haven't found but would really like to get are a pair of black shoes/sandals/shooties to wear with skinny jeans...I looked around today but couldn't commit myself to anything...the hunt continues. Seems like there is always something on my wish list....more like several somethings! =) With Christmas around the corner though, it's all about the boys so I will be taking a back seat. I've already picked a few things up for them here and there but the real Christmas shopping is still to come.

We're headed to my parent's house for family dinner tomorrow so I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing Sunday. Hope you have one too! =)