Saturday, September 25, 2010

Polka dots and Stripes

Happy Saturday everyone! We had a good day and evening yesterday...I will be heading out on a run this morning after indulging at The Melting Pot last night...gotta balance things out a bit! But oh, was it worth it...the dinner is good, but the chocolate...HEAVENLY! We took our in laws there since they are visiting us and they had never gone there before so it was a fun first experience for them.

After I saw Jessica wearing her polka dot Curated Tee this week it reminded me that I have one I should pull out and wear again too! It was chilly again in the early morning so I had to pile on a cardigan to stay warm in the wind. Remember that fun new jewelry I mentioned I found at Old Navy the other day? I wore it too...there's just a hint of the yellow color in the necklace that went perfectly with my yellow cardigan.

-Curated Tee-Anthropologie
-V-Neck Cardigan-Loft (This has become one of my favorites!)
-Mossimo Shorts-Target
-Necklace, Ring and Earrings-Old Navy

For the evening out I didn't get too formal but I changed into something else...I felt like sporting some stripes:

-Ruffle Front Tank-Ann Taylor Outlet
-Sweater-Old Navy
-Jeans-Banana Republic Outlet

As much as I would like to think fall is actually here, the 90 degree weather is a quick reminder that summer is still lingering. Maybe next week the change of months will bring a change in temperatures too...maybe...crossing my fingers! =)

Have a great day!


  1. You goooo girl!!! You look fabulous in your em'..:)

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Statements in Fashion

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jenni! And I love the curated tee with yellow. I haven't been to the melting pot in forever, I so need to go soon since I love the food!

  3. Is there a color you don't look great in? :)

  4. Very cute new necklace, it looks great with that outfit! And I love those BR outlet jeans - they look perfect! Glad you had a fun dinner with your friends :)