Monday, September 27, 2010

New Rule: Wear white after Labor Day and some Old Navy picks

So I'm gonna go ahead and say that the whole no wearing white after Labor day rule is officially de-funked this year seeing as how it's hotter today (99 degrees at 4pm), at the end of September, than it was most of July. Go figure. I thought I had seen the last of this white skirt for the year but mother nature decided to pull summer back out of her little pocket so I pulled the white skirt back out once again too. Nothing fancy today...the hair went up because I had to hurry and get ready to pick up my preschooler after I got home from the gym and showered. I actually really don't love the way I look with my hair up, but some days it's just inevitable and more convenient.

-Top-Layers Clothing (no longer online)
-Skirt-Target (Summer 2010)
-Presta Wedge Sandals-Target (Summer 2010)
-Earrings-American Eagle (OLD)

I stopped in at Old Navy today to take a look at the red Front Ruffle coat I've have my eye on. They finally received them in my store. There are quite a few things at Old Navy that are sitting in my online cart right now...not that I'll get them all but I'm actually surprised how many things they have that I'm loving! Case in point:

Again, the Ruffled Wool Blend Coat in Saucy Red:

I tried both the XS and the Small today and I will get the small. It ran pretty TTS for me. The difference was that the XS was tighter through the bodice where the buttons are...too tight for me (and I'm not well endowed up there at all). There are no buttons at all after those 4 top buttons so if you walk the coat will open a little but that didn't really bother me...just an observation. The sleeves were a bit longer in the Small and they are actually more of a bell sleeve. I'm still holding out for a coupon code for this.

Ruffle Collar Wool Blend Jacket in Mellow Yellow:

I tried this on in an XS and a Small and again, it ran TTS so I fit better in a Small. It was also too tight through the bodice in an XS. The sleeve length seemed similar on both. I didn't know how I'd feel about the collar on this one, but I actually really loved it! The color is super fun and bright but I think it'd be a welcome sight for the colder months amongst a lot of gray, black and brown. It'd go great with red, purple, black, pink, etc. I'm contemplating this one...maybe on a super sale or coupon.

Sliver Wedge Boots in camel and black:

These recently popped up on the website but are not yet in stores...soon I hope because from the picture I really love them and want to see them in person to confirm. I love the sleekness of these and the fact that there's a built in wedge without it looking clunky. I would love either color, really. Maybe both. =)

Tuxedo Shirt Dress in Navy Stripe or Goodnight Nora:

This reminds me of something you'd see at fact, I think they may have had something very similar last year (similar to the Navy Stripe color). I didn't see this in the store yet so I'm not 100% sure I'd love it, but in my head it looks cute with either some skinny jeans or leggings, and some boots.

Cowl-Neck Jersey Dress in purple:

This is something I grabbed in the store and actually tried isn't something I ever would have ordered online I don't think...I never even noticed it before in fact. The purple color is no longer online, but it's stocked in every other color they offer. I tried it on in a Small and it was really drapy on top and under the arms so I sized down to an XS and it worked better. I thought this would look cute with leggings and a belt, but I'm not sure the seam at the top falls where a belt would go so I'll have to try it on with a belt to see. It was super comfortable and the cowl neck is really cute I thought. An undershirt or cami is definitely needed because the neck dips down pretty low. Overall a cute piece.

So those are some latest cute Old Navy finds. The quality of clothing at Old Navy is not always the best, but honestly I've never really had anything completely fall apart on me...a hole here and there and an occasional shoe malfunction but overall Old Navy is a good place to get a good deal on cute, trendier pieces....especially when they have a good sale or are offering coupons. In fact when I bought the Cowl-Neck Jersey dress today (with a 20% off coupon--seriously, never go into Old Navy without a coupon...there's always one floating around) the guy that did the transaction gave me a few 40% off one adult item coupons that are good starting 9/30. They are only good for in-store purchases, not online. That's kinda annoying. Since I still have a few rewards cards laying around I'll combine those with the 40% off coupons to get a few good deals on the Red ruffle jacket and a pair of boots long as the boots arrive in the store and I can find my size. Ahh...the thrill of the hunt for the best deal you can find. The less that comes out of my wallet for the most I can get, the better. You follow? =)

On that note, I wonder if there will be a big Anthro sale tomorrow? =)


  1. You found some really cute things at Old the coats and their cute colors....your outfit today is great too:)
    I totally go against the white rule, lol

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  2. I'm wondering about Anthro tomorrow too! Your old navy pics are super cute- now I want to check them out!! Like those boots. Check out the ones I just got at Target - you might like them too - cute!

  3. Great pics for Old Navy. I need to go try those coats on to see how they look. Very cute outfit!

  4. Will this weather ever cool off! You look super cute and I'm loving your old navy picks. Those boots look exactly like the steve madden intyce boots that everyone raved over last year.

  5. I am loving the white after Labor day! Old Navy has got some great fall items!

  6. I laugh every year when Indian summer hits. Everyone acts surprised to feel the heat. Not talking about you, just in general as it's annual. I got married in Oct because I knew I could bank on good weather. Anyway -- yes, we're totally allowed to wear white. Otherwise how could we survive. *lol* You could not pay me to try on that wool ruffle neck coat right now. I saw it the other day and it's quite cute. Nice picks :-)

  7. that yellow coat is beyond cute!!!! - luvs! .. love Anthro longs there's a wicked sale going on :o)

    ps - have a GIVE-AWAY going on - Ends Tuesday - LOVE for you to join in!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly Give-Away~