Friday, October 28, 2016


It's Friday! So excited for the weekend...I could use a few days off! We won't have much down time though with football playoffs for my kiddos and a day trip to Dayton to visit friends...but it will be lots of fun which is what counts!!!

It's been FOREVER since I shared my Friday I figured I'd dive right back in!

Here's what I'm all about lately:

Piper Street is turning THREE!!!

You guys, this is a big deal! We are so excited to be celebrating three years of business this week...we're getting old!  Ok ok, not really, but in business years that's like WAY more, am I right?! We're ready to celebrate with all our customers with a HUGE SALE!!

Use code BDAY25 to get 25% off your entire purchase TODAY ONLY!!!

If you miss out on today's event no worries, you can still use code PARTY20 on Saturday and Sunday to get 20% off your entire purchase.

We just released a new line of dresses we designed ourselves and both Sarah and I couldn't be more proud! My favorite may just be the red one...

Head to the SHOP to treat yourself to a little something special!! And thanks for helping our dream become a reality...we have amazing customers!! 

Macaron Making

So a few months ago (over Memorial Day weekend) I promised my cute niece Ella we would make macarons together over Thanksgiving when I go to visit with the fam. I've never made them before but have ALWAYS wanted to learn so I figured I had a good 6 months to figure it out. Fast forward to the present and guess what...I still have no idea how to make a macaron! I finally purchased a Macaron cookbook last week a cute girl I knew in California wrote (shout out to Mindy Cone!!!) so now it's time to dive in and learn. But seriously, I've only read the intro and I'm already scared! It sounds hard! Anyone ever made them before? Any tips? It's go time! T-minus a month before I have to be a pro at this to impress my 8 year old niece...YIKES!

Dress-Piper Street (sold out but love this one with a similar silhouette)
Vest-Anthropologie (sold out but love this suede option)
Bag-Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

So I'm just as surprised as the rest of you when I say outloud how much I love chokers right now! I can't stop! I love the short ones, the layered ones, the velvet, the suede...I love them all! Well, most...crystals on a choker still freak me out so I avoid those but other than that, loving them! A few of my faves are below:

Fall TV

Fall TV is back and I couldn't be happier! I don't watch a ton of TV shows but a few new ones have caught my eye including "This is Us" on NBC! Did you see the first episode and get hooked like me? It was awesome! It's officially on my DVR list every week! I've also watched "Timeless" and "Designated Survivor" and liked them as well. And of course I'm still an avid Grey's fan...I'm convinced that show is never going to end. =)

All things in Black

For the past oh, I'd say 10 years or so, I've gravitated to brown EVERYTHING when it came to accessories and shoes. If I had a choice between brown or black, 95% of the time I went with a cognac or dark brown shoe or bag. I always thought brown matched my skin tone and hair better. This fall, however, I can't stop buying black! I am loving it all! Maybe I just felt the need to finally get out of my rut, I don't know, but once I started in on black there was no stopping me. It's sleek and chic and I'm fully on board!

Here's a few of my favorite dark hued items I've picked up this season:

What are you loving right now? I'd love to hear!!

Have a great weekend!!!



  1. Love that red dress - might just need to pick one up for the Holidays :)

  2. Loving your Friday Favorites - Congratulations on the 3rd year of your business :) I am happy I stumbled upon your blog!

    Sarah Bell