Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Right before spring break I took a little trip down to the mall to browse through and try on Anthropologie's latest offerings.  I found some gorgeous new items...even a few beauties I couldn't live without! Without further ado, I give you my latest round of fitting room reviews:

I typically don't gravitate towards tops that have flowy or larger than normal sleeves but I made an exception for this cute top! It caught my attention because of the adorable swiss dot pattern, scalloped hem and the gorgeous color and after I put it on I was a total fan! I took this top in size 2 and it fit great! I also tried it in a size 0 and it fit almost exactly the same but I opted for the 2 to get a little more length. This beauty came home with me and I can't wait to pair it with cropped pants, jeans and skirts!  Versatility reigns supreme once again! 

 I was shopping in Nordstrom right before heading to Anthro this particular day and I saw a lady wearing this exact top (in the bright chartreuse color) and even stopped her to tell her how cute I thought it was on her! I had no idea it was from Anthropologie!  I was so excited to see it hanging on a hanger at Anthro when I was walking through and quickly grabbed it to try on.  I tried the peach color (looks more like a pale pink in real life) in X-Small and the Chartreuse in size small. The X-Small was definitely the right fit...the small was overly baggy. It is meant to have an oversized fit so account for that if you order. They didn't have my size in the Chartreuse otherwise I may have taken it home with me...it's my favorite color this season!! I'll probably end up getting this top at some point...I'd love to snag it when it goes on sale!  Watching and waiting!

I tried this top on in size X-Small and the fit was perfect. This top comes in 4 different colors and of course I loved the brightest color they had...this color is called tangerine but I thought it was more of a bright red/orange. While I liked this top I wasn't wow'd...it was just ok. I wasn't head over heels.  If you love this top I would hold out for sale...I think it would be worth the sale price if you're willing to pack it away till next winter (since it has long sleeves). 

The minute I put this blouse on I knew it was coming home with me. It is perfection! I tried this on in a size X-Small and Small and the X-Small was what I went with. The Small was baggier through the boddess and not as flattering. I'll always wear a layering tee under this top as it's a bit sheer and I prefer not to worry about keeping covered up but I think it looks fine layered. It wasn't until I got home and looked online that I saw there were a few other color options for this blouse...my store only had the ivory in stock. I am seriously loving the green motif which is a floral print. I've got my eye on that for when it hits sale!!  I think this top will be another super versatile item in my closet.  Look how cute it is layered with a faux-leather jacket:

I found this fantastic jacket hanging in the sale room and loved how it and the blouse looked together...you may just be seeing this combo again in the future. (wink*wink).  

I loved the print of this top...all the colors grabbed my attention.  I tried it on in a size 0 and it fit perfect.  There are five different color/print options of this top and this is called the "orange" motif. I also really like the coral motif...any surprise there? =) Anyhow, I like the shape of the top a lot...it's not quite a tunic but borderline I'd say since it's a tad longer than your typical top. I left this one at the shop but I've got my eye on it for sale time!

I tried this top on in a size 0 and it fit perfect. That being said, I wasn't a fan of how it fit. I wish they made this one a little longer (it was short on my long torso) and I would have preferred a sleeve that wasn't so flowy. The print was adorbs and in fact it comes in six different motifs that are all pretty cute so there are great options but this one is a solid pass for me due to personal style preferences. 

Do you own any of these pieces? Any favorites among the group? I'd love to hear!


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  1. My fave is Nellore bloue and Abella Pintuck Blouse! Like these fitting room reviews!! Enjoying them a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. So glad to hear that! Hope they helped! =)

  3. Please tell me you got that jacket! You look great in it!

    1. Oh, you are s sweet! And YES! Totally got it!! xoxo