Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites


I am so excited for the weekend! We've had a busy week and I could definitely use a morning to sleep in.  Before that happens though, I'm going to enjoy my's my favorite day of the week! To celebrate I'm bringing you a new list of Friday Favorites!  Just warning's all about neutrals this week (my latest favorite). 



This darling coat is such a great neutral! Animal print has always been a personal favorite and I absolutely love this new take on it. The sleeve length is so perfect for spring too...LOVE!  I was able to snag it for 40% off during a sale yesterday online...crossing my fingers it fits!


Well there I go sneaking in some more fringe!!! I found this cute purse online this week and thought it was the perfect way to add some more fringe into my life in a more subtle way. At only $28.00 you can't go wrong!!!


I'm kind of obsessed with jackets at the moment...they are great layering pieces and can add so much to a look. This off-white jacket caught my eye and I just couldn't help but add it to my cart. That waterfall  front, the mixed fabrics and had me at hello. Can't wait to try this one on!!

Kate Spade never disappoints when it comes to creating cute iPhone case covers. Thank goodness because I was struggling to find a new cover I liked!  This clear case with gold dots is just what I was looking for to dress up my most used accessory. Neutral but still unique and fun!


Before going to NYFW this month I went into Sephora to look for a long lasting foundation with medium coverage. I certainly didn't want anything that looked heavy or unnatural but wanted something that had good coverage and would last a long time. The cute lady that was helping me said I HAD to try this Smashbox Studio Skin foundation and that the ONLY way to apply it was with the Beauty Blender. I had always kind of thought the Beauty Blender was an unnecessary make-up tool but after actually using it I'm hooked! I'm hooked to this foundation too! It is fantastic!  It really covers well without looking like it's caked on--it's super natural looking! I highly recommend it if you're looking for a new foundation!
Have you tried any of my latest favorites? Do you already own any of these? What do you think? 


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