Saturday, September 13, 2014

New York Fashion Week--Part 2

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a dream. It was one of those weekends I never wanted to end.  On the evening of Day 2 right before the sun set we were able to snap a few shots of the four of us. Doing an impromptu photo shoot in the streets of NYC can be tricky but oh, so fun! Afterward we changed for the evening and met up with friends for dinner at a fantastic Mexican restaurant right across from Lincoln Center called "Rosa Mexicano".  Right after dinner we headed over to the tents to catch the "Venexiana" show which was gorgeous!!! We had great seats and loved the collection. Color and shine were very present which of course, I love!  After the show we headed back to the hotel to relax and gear up for our last day in the city!

Day 3 came too quick!  I was able to meet up with my cousin for breakfast at Sarabeth's and then headed over to Lincoln Center to catch some behind-the-scenes action at the tents. We were able to see where all the magic happens backstage...and believe me when I say it was magical!  So fun to see how it all comes together before the gorgeous models head out on the catwalk. After our behind the scenes look we grabbed our seats for the "David TLale" show. OH MY GOSH, what a show it was! So diverse and didn't hurt that the lead male model was Tyson Beckford either, obviously. lol The show blew me away and the use of lines, color and pure genius in his design were incredible. His South African heritage was fully present and gorgeous in every aspect. It was the perfect ways to end the weekend.

We headed home on such a high...excited at the prospect of returning in February 2015 to do it all over again and be blown away once more. It really was the perfect weekend.

Day 2

Piper Street photo shoot on the streets of NYC.

Heading into the Venexiana show!

These were two of my the silhouettes, color and sparkle...absolutely stunning!

Sarah and I after the show.

Day 3

Breakfast with my cute cousin, Kelsey!  Sarabeth's was so good!

Backstage at the David TLale show!  Hair and make-up galore!

One more quick Piper Street shoot before the show started...

Waiting for the show to start!

This whole show was so full of emotion...breathtaking!  We had amazing seats which made the experience so fantastic!  

One last shot outside the tents as we headed back to the hotel.  

It was a weekend of dreams. 


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