Monday, January 26, 2015

Holster Brands: Hot Iron Holster Product Review

Have you ever felt like the sink/vanity area in your bathroom is literally shrinking? Between make-up, hair products, skin regime, etc, I swear I have no room left to put anything, especially my blow dryer and flat iron! Recently I learned more about a company that has totally changed my morning bathroom organization frustrations...Holster Brands! They have created my new favorite tool...the Hot Iron Holster! Not only do I have zero space on my bathroom counter to set my flat iron down, but when I do find a small spot I can't tell you how many times the hot iron or blow dryer has fallen off the edge, even breaking one time! That and my flat iron has tipped over on it's edge a few times and left a tiny burn mark on our counter surface.  BOO!  Thankfully, the Hot Iron Holster has totally solved these problems for me! 

This product has a silicon flap that adheres best to a dry, non-porous, flat surface. It eliminates the air between the holster and the surface and creates a temporary bond.  It's literally magic!  And the stickiness never wears off, it's there for good!  You can leave any hot hair tool inside (it's heat resistant up to a tool being 500 degrees--but make sure to still unplug if you walk away of course) and not worry about it falling to the ground OR burning the inside of the Holster.  I'm telling you, this is one product you NEED in your bathroom!  It also comes in the cutest colors--gray, mint, purple, black, white, blue, turquoise and many more. Pink just happens to be my favorite color. =)  

 As you can see this product takes up NO space at all because the flap remains flat on your countertop and you can easily set things right on top.  So perfect!  It's easily removable as well and leaves no residue behind.

If I were you I would definitely look into adding this amazing product to your bathroom. You will thank me later, I assure you. 

For more information about the Hot Iron Holster, or any of the Holster Brand products check out their website here:

They also carry other great Holster products including a Hobby Holster (for the crafter--works so well for holding glue guns among other things) and the Lil' Holster which is a bit smaller (to hold things like soap in your kitchen or bathroom).  They have thought of everything!

Let me know what you think!  


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