Monday, June 3, 2013

Mom Summer Style...and an Anthro sale!

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!  We are in full summer-break mode around our house...loving it!  

Here's an outfit that shows just what I plan to be sporting this summer...tees, crops, and sandals...with some pretty baubles, of course. =)

Original Polyvore set for this look can be found HERE

Pattern Pop Tee-Anthropologie
Legging Skimmer Jeans-Gap
Kimichi Blue Daisy Cutout Sandals-Urban Outfitters
Ampay Necklace-Anthropologie
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Henry Chrono" Watch-Piperlime
Tribute Bracelet-Stella & Dot
Golden Totem Bracelet Set-Anthropologie
Elench Dollop Hoop Earrings-Anthropologie
Ring-Forever 21

You can't go wrong with this equation!  It's perfect to keep cool and to run around after kids.  On really hot days a pair of shorts or a maxi dress would be a great substitution so I've stocked up on those as well.  Bring on the heat!

Anthropologie brought us a new round of markdowns this morning...I picked up a few pretties:

I haven't tried a few of these on before so they may not all work out, but I was curious enough to give them a try.  Rumor has it Anthro's semi-annual "Tag sale" will be coming up soon (this month)...we'll see! =)

Did you pick anything up on sale at Anthro this morning?  Grab any great deals over the weekend?  

Off to get my morning run in and then we're off to King's Island this morning as a I said, I love summer vacation! =)


  1. you look adorable -- love that top! xo

  2. So cute. I picked up those sandals this weekend at my local UO. What a great price. Have fun with the family.

  3. I love King's Island! Your look is pretty much what I wear all summer too, except not as cute.

  4. Pretty much my uniform too - and I have those sandals in the mint & the gold. Love them!

  5. I love this outfit! You look so classy!

  6. Great outfit! Love your sales picks, too. I ordered the Chasca yesterday and then it just got cancelled today. Hate it when that happens

    1. Mine got cancelled today too! Boo! I called customer service and they gave me the number to a store that had them so I did a charge send. Give them a call!!

  7. You have the top I have been gawking at for awhile! such a cute outfit!!! Your closet looks so fun and colorful!

    First time visiter of your blog and I am your newest follower!
    The Joyful Thrifter

  8. How are you going to style the knotted calais top? I just got the same top and looking for ideas.

    1. I just wore it the other day like this: