Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back from sunny CA and some over the weekend sale finds!

What a weekend...that was a quick trip!  We got back last night from CA where my little brother got married this past weekend.  It was so much fun to go out and be there for the big event and to see friends and family.  Wish we could have stayed longer!  But alas, the three days of school left were calling so back to Ohio we came.  The wedding and reception were beautiful and everything went well.  Here's a picture of our family we took at the reception:

I forgot to take a picture of my whole outfit (with shoes) so this is the best I've got.  I LOVE this dress!  It worked out perfectly.  I usually don't like to make my boys match each other dead-on like this but this was the best I could do with the color combination I was given to work with.  It's hard to find these colors for boys!  I thought they looked pretty cute though, if I don't say so myself. =)  And hubby cleans up pretty well too...we found that J Crew Factory blazer he's wearing last month for just $80!  I usually pay twice that for his blazers at Banana Republic (on sale!) so this was a total score.

So the fact that I was traveling yesterday was probably a good thing for my wallet...holy sales, everywhere!  I did manage to pick up a few things on sale though...I had a few hours to kill at the airport before boarding the first plane and then on our layover, after all.  All I needed was my trusty iPhone and sales were at my fingertips!

I grabbed these while waiting to board the plane in Sacramento:

I had them in my online shopping cart at Nordstrom and had planned on purchasing them there since they're part of their Half-Yearly sale right now but then my best friend emailed me and told me to check them out over at Francesca's Collections online.  Sure enough they were on sale for an even lower price over there!  I can't vouch for these completely as I haven't yet tried them on yet, but for just $44.50 I'm excited to give them a try!  I went and looked this morning and it looks like these are still half-off right now at Francesca's so grab them while you can!  I think all the shoes may have been half-off...take a looksie!

While sitting in Denver on my layover I managed to find one more item I couldn't pass up:

Again, I have my bestie to blame thank for this one...I got to see her over the weekend while we were in CA and she showed up wearing this cute dress styled perfectly.  I'll recreate the look for you just so you can see how cute it can look:

Old Navy Maxi Tee Dress/ Highlighted Frequencies Cardigan/ Steve Madden "Buddies" Sandals/ Color Goes On Necklace

Old Navy Maxi Tee Dress/ Highlighted Frequencies Cardigan/ Steve Madden "Buddies" Sandals/ Color Goes On Necklace by jennifoundinmycloset featuring steve madden

She looked adorbs!  She's pretty tall so she ordered the dress from the "tall" section.  I'm 5'6" and noticed in the online reviews that some people said they were around my height and felt the dress was a little short on them so I went ahead and ordered both the tall and regular length to see which fits best.  We'll see how it goes.  But here's the kicker...with the Memorial Day sale Old Navy was having, I picked up the green motif of this dress for just $15 and the red for just $23!  Crazy inexpensive!  I'm really hoping they work for me because they would be great for summer.

I also ended up picking up the sandals you see above in the Polyvore set at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale:

Steve Madden "Buddies" Sandal

These cute sandals are UBER versatile and were a great price.  Again, I ordered these without trying them on, so I'm hoping they fit ok.  The reviews all said the ankle straps were very small which is perfect for me usually so I'm crossing my fingers.  

So did you score any great deals over the weekend?  Share!!!

Hope you had a great Memorial day!  I for one am so grateful for those who sacrifice and have given their time, talents, and for some, even their lives to defend and protect the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  Being a military family has changed my outlook on days like Memorial day. It's a whole new ballgame when your husband wears the uniform himself.  Thankfully he's never had to deploy but I know plenty who have and it's not easy.  May we all remember!


  1. I adore a good Old Navy Maxi dress...and with the cardi and belt...TOO CUTE! I would have snatched it up too (maybe I will).
    Your family is beautiful:) Hope you had a great Memorial Weekend.

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