Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes Fashion re-cap

Happy Monday! 

I was suppose to be sitting in the dentist's office this morning getting a cavity filled but the office called me bright and early to cancel my appointment...some scheduling mis-hap apparently.  So here I am all dressed up and no where to go!  I mean, I didn't exactly get ALL dressed up for the dentist's office or anything, but I'm out of my gym clothes so that's a step up!

So did you watch the Golden Globes last night?  I watched all the red carpet shows but missed most of the actual show itself.  My DVR failed me.  Sad.  At least it got the important part! =)  I have to say overall the fashion was just ok.  A few hits and a TON of misses.  A few of my girlfriends and I were chatting on a Facebook thread together as we watched and it was so fun to banter back and forth about what we all thought about everyone's looks...I'm thinking an actual viewing party altogether for the Oscars next month is in order!  The theme for last night was plunging necklines, high slits and awkward tops.  There were still some great looks regardless.  

Here's a few of my favorite looks of the night:

Isla Fischer
My favorite of the night...I just love the color and the design...gorgeous!!!

Jessica Alba
So pretty and age appropriate.  Love this color!!

Megan Fox
GORGEOUS!  Let's not even talk about the fact that she just had a baby a few months ago.

Julianne Hough
I wish that this dress wasn't so long, but other than than I loved it.  I also really loved her hair...super fun!

Jennifer Garner
Just beautiful.  The color is so pretty on her and I love the subtle texture of the dress.  Her and her hubby are darling together.  I wish he had shaved though.

I won't post my worst dressed pictures because they're just bad, but worst dressed for me goes to Sienna Miller (arts and crafts project gone wrong), Kaley Cuoco (way too heavy on the dark lipstick), Halle Berry (just a train wreck all over), Lena Dunham (no words for this) and Jessica Chastain (major sagging going on up top).  Better luck next time ladies!!!  

So what did you think?  Who was your favorite?  Whose look did you look at and think "What?"

Chime in!


  1. So gorgeous!! I loved them all. Jessica Alba was definitely one of my favorites.

  2. all so beautiful !

    Alexandra Marie

  3. I LOVE Isla's dress! Beautiful, I agree with you about Jessica Alba's being age appropriate also, she looks stunning. xxx

  4. Wow I missed Isla Fischer! She looks gorg! My top favorites were Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and JLO. I was so disappointed wuth Sienna Miller :(

  5. I'd also add Claire Danes. Cannot believe that she had a baby in December. Amazing and love that bright red on her.

  6. Isla Fischer looks stunning. My favorite of the night was Katherine McPhee. Simple, elegant and sexy.

  7. I missed the red carpet, so thanks for the recap :)

  8. Ha, I had the same thing happen last week. I was literally walking out the door to my appointment when they called to cancel. So I sat around the house looking nice with nowhere to go. I went to Target. :)

    Jessica Alba's dress color is sheer perfection. It compliments her perfectly.

  9. My favourite was Emily Blunt's dress.