Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brightening up Winter

Winter tends to bring out the darker colors of my wardrobe more.  When I think winter I think maroons, grays, deep purples, etc.  Every once in a while though, I like to pretend spring has already started and bring out the brights...I mean, if I wear it, it will come, right?

Original Polyvore Set for this look can be found HERE

Tie-back Tank-Anthropologie
Cardigan-Gap Factory (old)
Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic
Boots-Urban Outfitters
Uniform Bits Necklace-Anthropologie
Kenneth Cole Bead Orbital Hoop Earrings-Macy's
Ring-Forever 21

Here's a few more bright looks I've either been wearing this winter or plan to wear...


OOTD 1-2-13


Mesilla Peasant Blouse/ AG Stevies Ankle Neon/ Beaconed Treasure Necklace

Mesilla Peasant Blouse/ AG Stevies Ankle Neon/ Beaconed Treasure Necklace by jennifoundinmycloset featuring rhinestone rings
 (Waiting (not-so) patiently for this top to go on sale!!!)


Tiered Ruffles Open Cardigan/ Polka Dot Top/ Lagniappe Necklace

Do you sport bright colors in the winter?  Or do you stick mainly to the darker hues?

Speaking of winter, it was 5 degrees when I put my kids on the bus this morning.  With the wind chill the temperature read -9 degrees.  Sick.  I'm half-tempted to not leave my house all day...it's SOOOO cold!  However, #3 looks forward to his free-play time at the trampoline gym every Tuesday morning so we'll be braving the cold in the name of fun.  Wish me luck. =)

Have a good day!


  1. Ahh, I love these colors! Winter doesn't have to be drab. The tiered cardi in the last set is gorgeous.

  2. I am counting down days until Spring...especially on days like today! Whew...it is cold out there! I love the bright colors in your tank and necklace!

  3. LOVE the pretty florals!

  4. We are having the same frigid temperature troubles here in Pittsburgh too. School is two hours late today so it warms up a little before the kids catch the bus. I am thankful for a slow, lazy morning to start of this already short week. :)
    I love to wear bright colors in the winter {as long as there are long-sleeves involved}. Your outfit is beautiful!

  5. its negative 12 degrees wind chill here today, yuck! Love your bright colors though!

  6. loving all the bright colors in your look today! xo


  7. This year is the first year that I have worn bright colors AND sometimes even pastels in the winter. Why? Because Pinterest told me to of course! ;)

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  9. I think it is totally fine to wear brights year round! I know I'm guilty! YOu look adorable!

  10. I love a colorful look on a winter day!


  11. Great boots! I need to start wearing some bright colours to off-set all the fog we're getting in the Pacific Northwest...

  12. You inspired me to wear a flower top with a plum cardigan and a sparkly necklace. I enjoy your closet and you give me inspiration.

    Spring is in the air!

  13. Adorable outfit! I love the colors! So pretty:)