Monday, December 3, 2012

A little sparkle goes a long way

Happy December!  

Hope you had a great weekend!  We had a great time celebrating my oldest son's birthday on Saturday with his party and birthday dinner out and then just enjoyed some family time yesterday after church.  I am loving seeing all the holiday shows and movies on much fun!  Last night hubby and I watched "Four Christmases" after the kids went to was a fun little Christmas comedy to end the day with.

Speaking of the holidays, nothing shouts the holidays like a little sparkle so when I saw this sweater online at J Crew Factory I knew it was the perfect way to start ringing in the holidays...

I was a little excited and decided to start celebrating with sequins the last day of November.

Original idea for this look can be found on Polyvore HERE

Jeggings-American Eagle
DV by Dolce Vita "Lujan" Boots-Amazon
J Crew Factory Oval Crystal-Link Necklace
J Crew Factory Enameled Dot Bangle
Gold Bangles-Gap Outlet
Copper Cupchain Bracelet-Stella & Dot
Baroness Bliss Teardrop Earrings-Ruche
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Henry Chrono" Watch-Piperlime
Pop Stone Ring-Banana Republic

It looks like there's quite a good sale at Anthro today so if you're on the lookout for a Christmas gift for someone (or yourself, whatever...heehee) make sure to take a look!  Here's a few pretty things I was happy to see go on sale:

(speaking of sparkle!)

Did you find anything that you just had to have??  Do tell!

I'm off to get my day's to-do list includes a stop at the gym, working on getting my Christmas card list finished and doing laundry.  Just your typical Monday!

Have a great day!


  1. love that jcrew factory sweater! been eyeing it all weekend and it looks fab on u :)

    Xo Meghan

  2. I LOVE that sparkly sweater! I saw it online, but it even looks more sparkly on you!

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  4. Cute sparkly sweater. Everything looks so good on you! I had to have the Metallic Lace Shirt and Cabachon Belt from wasn't on sale but thought it would be perfect for the holidays. All the small sizes were already sold out online. I lucked out and found one at my local Anthro (Roseville, CA) store. The sales person told me they just got the shirt in stock. Happy Holidays.

    1. Sounds like your find was meant to be! =) Enjoy your new items...happy holidays to you too! =)

  5. Absolutely love that sweater! Looks so cute on you! :)


  6. Love it. It's true, you look amazing in pretty much everything. You keep me inspired to keep on my workout schedule. Just love this time of year. I'm definitely considering the cardigan from Anthro. Happy holidays!

    1. Ok, you are doing wonders for my self esteem Thanks so much, you're so nice!

  7. you look fab in that sweater!!! Can you email me if you have a minute - it's about running!

  8. Love your sequinned and sparkly new buys - that sweater is great!

    respect the shoes

    1. Thanks Lisa! Love a little sequin for the holidays!

  9. Jenni, you look awesome as always. I love how a little sparkle adds a lot to a casual outfit. Enjoy your gym, laundry and Christmas cards. Sounds pretty much like my day!

  10. i love the sweater! it looks great on you. and yes a little glitter does go a long way. i have recently ordered a sweater with glitter from forever. waiting or it to come in so i can wear mine.