Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OOTD and some sale shopping!

Hello from Ohio!  We made it!

We've past the three week mark of living out of suitcases and I'm so happy to say tomorrow is the day that ends!  We close on our new home here in Ohio this afternoon, and then the moving truck arrives tomorrow with all our household goods...yay!  Of course it'll take a while to unpack and feel at home I'm sure, but the prospect of saying goodbye to these suitcases for a while is pretty thrilling.  

I had a few free moments this morning before needing to go run some errands (furniture shopping anyone???) so I thought I'd dig out a picture of an outfit I wore while we were in AZ.  I bought this shirt right before leaving CA specifically for our trip and the rest of this summer because it was short sleeved, and I could wear it without any other layers.  I ended up wearing it a few times on our trip so it's served me well so far.  

Here's how I wore it the first time:

What I Wore
Unexpected Artiste Top-Anthropologie
Skinny Jeans-Gap Outlet (AG Neon Stevie Ankle look-a-likes!!!)
Shimmered Seagrove T-Straps-Anthropologie
Strung Hoop Earrings-Anthropologie
Bracelets-J Crew Factory and Gap Outlet

This past week brought a whole new set of markdowns at Anthropologie...I have to say I was a little surprised!  I thought they'd take a week off with all the recent sales, but I'm never one to complain about a sale.  I picked up a few goodies:

Rusicada Asymmetric Top

Bedecked Flounce Tee (grey motif)

 AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie (grey motif)

Mezzanine Earrings

Does anyone know what tan sandals those are in the picture of the AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevies?  Love those!

J Crew is also having a great sale right now with 40% off sale items...I decided to pass on this except to pick up this cute top I've been eyeing for quite some time:

Silk Bow Cami in Stripe

I scored this for just $24 and change a good sale!

How about you?  Have you picked up any fun things on sale lately?  Do tell!

As if all these sales haven't been enough, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale opens up to the general public this Friday!  I always love shopping this many great deals to be had!  I'm on the lookout for a new pair of black riding boots this year, as well as any rain gear I can find.  I need a cute raincoat now that I live in the mid-west.  It rains out of the blue whenever it feels like it, I hear!  Do you plan on shopping the Anniversary sale?  What do you have your eye on?

Today we're off to look at a few more furniture stores...I'm looking for a new sofa with a chaise lounge on the end of it for our family room.  I didn't know it would be so hard to find just what I want!  We went to about 4 or 5 stores yesterday and came up empty handed in the sofa department, although I found a few possibilities for a corner chair and dressers for my boys.  Baby steps, right?!  Hopefully we can find something today...I'd love to get it ordered soon!

Alright...better get my day started.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Welcome to the mid-west! Hopefully your time in Ohio has already been full of excitement. I'm in Indy so not too far from you now :)
    Best wishes for the house closing tomorrow. I'm sure it will be exciting to get settled in your new home!

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Leah! =) We are pretty darn close!!

  2. Glad you made it to your destination! Hope all goes well with the closing/move in madness. You picked up some great deals this past week! Love that flounce tee. I had my attention turned to jcrew, and other sales so I had to pass on anthro this week. But I picked up that striped blouse from jcrew as well. Love it! Just wanted to add that Nordstrom sale is tempting me too. :) I am also on the hunt for black riding boots, but ones that have a narrow calf. If you find anything, I'd love to know. Good luck!

    1. That's always my problem too Kristine! I have total chicken legs so always look for narrow shafted boots. If I find some I'll share! =)

  3. HI Jenni, I hope the rest of your move goes great. It will be a relief I am sure to be settled, unpacked and to establish a routine. As much as I dreaded the move part it was a good thing and it's fun to explore and new area plus you have great shopping nearby. Good luck and all the best to you in your new home.

  4. Glad to hear that you made it to your new home. Good luck with the unpacking and house shopping. At least you should be settled before school starts for your boys. You're outfit is adorable! I picked up the flounce tee. I'm considering the Stevie's but not sure what shoes I would wear with them. Let me know if you have any great ideas.

  5. Love this outfit! The blouse goes perfectly with your colored denim. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  8. Third time's a charm, hopefully!

    Cute outfit!

    Please enter my giveaway here.

  9. just discovered your blog and I love it!
    I'm your newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well! : )

  10. Yay for closing on your house! Yay for being out of suitcases! Hope all is well in Ohio! I snagged the J.Crew silk bow cami too! Such an awesome price, right?! I caved and snagged the coral polka-dot stevies. I just can't get enough of 'em!

  11. Furniture shopping is not nearly as fun as clothes shopping. I never know where to look, so I consider all possibilities and end up exhausted. I hope you find what you're looking for easily. Think of all the little fun touches you can add. Now *that'll* be more like clothes shopping. lol