Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Favorite Summer colors plus an OOTD!

On the last day of school last week it was pretty hot out so I went for something in my closet that would be lightweight and cool up top.  I loved the Sprightly Top from Anthro the minute I tried it on in the fitting room and knew it'd be coming home with me once it hit sale.  The mix of colors and pattern are so fun for summer!  

What I Wore:
Sprightly Top-Anthropologie
Artist Crops-American Eagle
Lemon Stick Wedges-Anthropologie
Beaconed Treasure Necklace-Anthropologie
Frutta Earrings-Anthropologie
Bracelet-Gap Outlet
Ring-Forever 21

For some reason I can't seem to get enough orange, coral or bright/light pink lately...I'm so drawn to these summer colors! I should throw in yellow into that list as well...love me some yellow!  

What colors are you drawn to this season?  Do you find yourself wearing these colors non-stop like me?  I just realized the last post I did includes an outfit with orange and the same yellow shoes...obsessed much? =)

Here are a few more fab items that would fall into my favorite summer colors list:

So many pretties...how to choose?  One of each, please! =)
Did I mention the closet in my bedroom in our new house is much bigger than the one I have now? Hmmm...

Have a great day!


  1. Jenni - I am right there with you - I cannot stop wearing my yellow wedges! And it's the same story with the Beaconed Treasure necklace - both pieces go with so much in my closet. I absolutely love this look on you - the Sprightly top is adorable. My BR order arrived today with shorts that were way too itty bitty to bend over in - yikes! So since I am returning them, I caved to the pink jeans - I knew I wouldn't be able to resist very long, especially since I can usually only find my size online and it sells out like hotcakes. Your wishlist is full of so many pretties - I really want that Color Swatch Tee - the reviews so far sound very promising. OF COURSE you need to fill up that new closet ;)

  2. love that top on you! I tried it on but it just didn't work out for me. And I really like the color swatch tee too, I need to go try it on to see if I need to pick it up when it hits sale. :)

  3. Love the top on you. I tracked one down and it's on the way. Hopefully it will work out. Some of the tops seem to run so big but I have had luck shrinking them in the wash/dryer.

  4. I just bought that top yesterday. I just don't know if i have to wear something underneath it. With the open back, sometimes my bra shows. Maybe just a cami? Do you wear anything under it?

  5. I love coral and fiery oranges, too. I'm still loving mint greens and all shades of pink :)
    I love that Kulfi strands necklace. Did I read somewhere that people have had problems with it breaking repeatedly? Maybe I am confusing it with another piece. Anyways, it is adorable!

  6. Indeed, hard to choose.:) I wish we all had a way to have expendable wardrobes- pick few thing, wear for a month, return, get new stuff. Would not it be just awesome, lol?